Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Custom M1Go Dada by LASH "Toxic Glow!"

    I sent LASH an unpainted glow-in-the-dark Dada (ダダ) by the company M1Go...

    I got back a Toxic Glow Dada!

    I've had this for awhile (a few months! gah!), but I have obviously been very lazy about posting anything at all on my little blog here.

    Dada is an Ultraman character... actually I believe an entire race of aliens that appeared in several Ultraman shows over the years. They look different at times, but always have white faces and black-and-white striped bodies. Dadas have the ability to teleport and can become invisible for short amounts of time. They can also fly and I have seen them with large laser gun looking weapons.

    I have to admit, Dada was initially one of my favorite kaiju because he is so strange and different from the standard dinosaur themed monster of Japanese TV and films, but I have never actually seen an episode of Ultraman with Dada in it.

    While my adoration of Dada has faded somewhat lately, I still really like the M1Go takes on this figure which seem to be all unpainted and ripe for customizing. I have a few that I will try my best to ruin too!

    LASH took this one in a different direction than the stark black and white, obviously, with subtle green spray all over the body as well as some beady, red rat-looking eyes. We can pretend that this Dada has been infected with a strange, outer space radiation, enhancing his strength and giving him the ability to fire beams from his tiny red eyes. There is a black light photo at the bottom.

    Check it out:

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Custom M1Go Dada by LASH "Toxic Glow!"

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