Monday, June 2, 2008

Giant Mekaru Kun by BountyXHunter

    Here's an old entry I started and never got around to finishing--

    There have been several Mekaru Kuns made by Bounty Hunter in silver, black and even blue, but the two huge Mekaru Kuns that came out are just awesome, standout pieces of vinyl! I had a smaller, silver Mekarukun and let it go, but I see this one staying with me for quite some time. It is impressive.

    This is another BxH on the Skull Kun which is based sort of on Frankenberry. Just as Godzilla and King Kong both at one point had mechanical versions of themselves in Japanese movies, I imagine this is what a giant Kun would look like if he was a robot..... and his skin was removed somehow... :)

    Header //N/A//:
    Not sure what this figure came in as it is so large. I imagine it would have been a BxH bag just like the rest of the Bounty Hunter toys I have seen.

    Sculpt //4.5 out of 5//:
    This is a solid, clean, mean looking machine. It takes elements of the original Kun and does a great job at making them look vintage robot style. The head still has the signature humps on the top, but in profile it has been elongated and almost appears wing-like.

    It has some neat touches like the spikes on the shoulders and wrists (punk rocker jewelry?) and the indentions in lines that are like rivets or bolts. I like the robotic skeletal fingers as well.

    The figure is cast in somewhat hard, matte surfaced vinyl that unfortunately shows scuffs, so be careful with handling if that is something you are concerned with.

    The figure is articulated fairly well for a toy this size... it has a huge joint at the waist that allows the toy to really torn around for some poses. the arms swing at the shoulder and also rotate at the elbow which is a nice touch. The head and feet do not move.

    I suppose the size of this can be a hindrance as well, as you will need quite a bit of shelf space to store him. It is tough to display all my Bounty Hunter toys together in my Detolf with this guy in the center.

    Paint //5 out of 5//:
    There is hardly any! Only the eyes are painted, but I am giving it a perfect score because the paint that is there is applied perfectly from what I can tell haha. Given what it is, I think this figure works best with this paint application. I mean, could you imagine the Terminator as anything but an all-steel body with those glowing eyes? Awesome

    Coolness //5 out of 5//:
    It's fucking gigantic! The only toy I really have that is equivalent in mass is my huge Stay Puft Marshmallow man made by Neca. This fact alone is reason enough to make it a great toy. Add on the fact that you can pose it a lot more than toys this size usually can be, and it it just one of the coolest figures I own.

    Also, I was lucky enough with this figure to score the BxH store-exclusive towers that Mekaru Kun can lift and destroy. These are a very nice little bonus for this big guy.

    Value //3.5 out of 5//:
    I think at this point this toy is going to set you back quite a bit if you can actually find it anywhere, but I imagine that it still costs less than Kid Hunter. For that reason, I will say you'll be getting more bang for your buck here.

    Overall //5 out of 5//:
    Positives: Huge, decent articulation for a toy this shape and size, attitude and personality despite being a robot.

    Negatives: Expensive, bulky to display

    If you can find it and you like big big toys, this Giant Kun is for you

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Giant Mekaru Kun by BountyXHunter

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