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    Progressive rock band from Poland. Satellite's two albums, "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" (2003) & "Evening Games" (2005), were unanimously acclaimed sensational and got enthusiastic reception worldwide (front cover story in Colossus Magazine, reviews and interviews in Rock Hard, Eclipsed, iO Pages, Dutch Progressive Rock Page, and many, many more!). Their new release, album "Into The Night", proves that the band well deserves these words of praise. And even more!!! Satellite was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski, who wrote and co-wrote nearly all Collage's music and lyrics. Wojtek: "... I wanted to go back to the beginnings, to playing music spontaneously, music which could be played without any barriers, to feel this fresh breeze of creativity again. ... It was like a new beginning for me. I wanted to start from the scratch to feel creative again, and to feel a particular uncertainty, which one can experience only in the beginning of writing new music for a totally new project. I didn't know how it would end up and this was really very fascinating. From the beginning, it was fully my own solo project. When the music became more and more interesting, I decided to record a demo tape. And this is when I came up with a name to this project. I called it Satellite. Suddenly I realized I couldn't escape from myself. Understanding this made much easier for me to work on new compositions. Comparing Satellite's music to Collage, it is much closer to the material from "Moonshine" than from "Safe." Music is supposed to be extremely melodic, and as modern as possible. It was always my ambition to create a perfect connection between modern music and classic progressive rock. Well, I do not want to resurrect progressive rock because it never died. And it does not mean I try to make my music more modern whatever it takes. I just want to create some melodic music. When I almost finished a few songs - meaning I composed vocal lines and arranged some basic background – I tried to sing the demo myself. March 2002 - some songs still required guitar treatment.. . And then I met Sarhan. Sarhan is actually a drummer but I heard him playing some guitars in my friend’s band and I liked it very much. So I let him play on "On The Run". He played beautiful guitars so I let him play "Not afraid". And again it seemed to be bullseye. So the demo was completed and I listened to I over and over again. Some of those 15 songs seemed to be good enough to make an album. I needed a vocalist. Robert Amirian was a natural choice for me. Great, distinctive voice, very fluent English language and outstanding sensitivity. Robert agreed to participate, and with another ex member of Collage – Krzysiek Palczewski on keyboards (he is a genius, no other comments), I was ready to make this first debut album happen. I was going to call the album "Night Flight" but, in the end, I changed the title to "A Street Between Sunset and Sunrise...” Debut album was released on March 10, 2003 by Metal Mind Productions. It's follow up, "Evening Games", released in February 2005 reached no. 8 at the top100 best selling records in Poland. At the beginning of June 2005 regular rehearsals started to make Satellite a real band not just Wojtek’s solo studio project. As the results on 22nd September 2005 Satellite recorded live DVD - "Evening Dreams" (2006). 2007 marks the return of Satellite. In March 2007 the band had a privilege to play at the famous Baja Prog Festival in Mexico and today they are working on their new studio album entitled "Into The Night". In the meantime Satellite welcomed Jarek Michalski (bass) as a new band member.

    A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
    (66 ratings)

    Evening Games
    (41 ratings)

    Into The Night
    (44 ratings)

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