Friday, June 6, 2008

Watched DVD: When Harry Met Sally

    Watched DVD: When Harry Met Sally (Rob Reiner, 1989).

    I keep talking about the restaurant orgasm scene and I hadn't seen it again in years. It hasn't aged one bit. That one scene justifies my buying the DVD. Brilliant. Written by a woman. Nora Ephron. The acting is tremendous and Meg Ryan is too cute for words (but not I-just-want-to-slap-her-face-cute, really endearingly cute). Romantic comedy at its best. Excellent timing. Of course, this is Hollywood. The one thing that so many national cinemas could imitate to advantage is the timing in Hollywood movies (i.e. the editing, to a large extent). So many French films, for example, are unwatchable because the good bits are too short and the bad bits are too long.

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Watched DVD: When Harry Met Sally

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