Friday, June 20, 2008

Went to see Made of Honor (2008)

    Went to see Made of Honor (Paul Weiland, 2008).
    [Silly French title Le Témoin amoureux]
    A perfectly American romantic comedy, just like so many of them, perfectly predictable and perfectly entertaining. Good timing, as usual, good editing. Every possible Scottish cliché has been crammed into it. Its one bonus is that is boasts Patrick Dempsey as Tom the maid of honor. Yes, Dr. McDreamy in person. For once they actually used a Scotsman to play a Scotsman (Kevin McKidd, tremendous, also in Dog Soldiers). Michelle Monaghan pretty, in a generic sort of way. A few interesting bits for the Gender Studies specialist. Totally feelgood movie.

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Went to see Made of Honor (2008)

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