Saturday, August 2, 2008

Watched DVD: Danny in the Sky

    Watched DVD: Danny in the Sky (Denis Langlois, 2001). Not every day you get to watch French Canadian movies. This one is alright. With model Thierry P├ępin. Often very esthetic and sexy, but the plot is slightly boring. "Danny is a romantic young man looking for love, the son of a gay dad and a top model mom who died of an overdose when he was still young. He wants to become [...] a model. He embarks on a quest to find his real identity in a world that would make him gay because of his work, because of his paternal heritage, or simply because of his looks. He takes modeling to its extreme by becoming a stripper and finally finds the love he was looking for on the set of a porno shoot, with Karine, a photographer who's as voyeuristic as he is exhibitionnist. But destiny soon catches up with him." (Anonymous, IMDB) Quite. All right for a rainy Saturday afternoon. The dad & son strip club scene is quite striking.

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Watched DVD: Danny in the Sky

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