Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Market in Havre

    The Saturday Market in Havre begins on July 12 and ends September 20. It just seems to get better each week! The first few weeks I found those tiny, tiny red potatoes that I just loved. (Click here for a recipe) Well, they've grown up since then and aren't so tiny, but I'm sure they'll be just as tender and yummy.

    There's something new each week at the Market, depending on the crops that are being harvested. Today was the first week there was sweet corn, so we got a dozen ears. B will put 1/2 dozen on the grill tonight. Oh, we won't eat all 6 tonight, but I love cold corn!

    When I was a kid, my Portuguese grandfather, Voo-Voo, grew sweet corn. Needless to say, we had sweet corn galore during the summer. Vo-Vo (my grandmother) would cook up pots and pots of corn during the summer. After she'd cook it, we'd eat it hot with butter melting all over it and sprinkled with a good amount of salt! Next day, though, she'd just give us a cob of cold corn out of the refrigerator. We'd still slather it with butter and salt and to this day I prefer cold corn-on-the-cob to hot!

    When B grills corn I always shuck mine first, to give it a chance to cool off. Then I put butter on it (but just one "mouth-width's" row at at time!) and sprinkle it with Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning. Look at the label... it says it's "great on everything!"
    B doesn't salt his food -- not even corn-on-the-cob! (But lately I've even seen him putting the creole seasoning on his corn!! Shhh!)
    Here are the other veggies we got at the Market today. Don't give a second thought to the date stamp on this picture... I really took it today and not in January of 2003!I'd never seen a Buttercup Squash, but there it is right there in the picture! I'll have to look up some recipes for it, but I think it might be good just halved and roasted with a little brown sugar on top of it!
    There are those grown-up red potatoes! Since clam digging isn't allowed in Montana, I bought some canned clams today and will use the red potatoes to make some New England Clam Chowder soon.
    The little yellow peppers are Banana Peppers. B will grill some of those tonight too - just for something to munch on!
    And last, but not least, we found some beets, (which you can see I've already roasted here). My cousin Jeffrey has a great salad that he invented using roasted beets. I'll ask him to send it to me and we'll feature it on the blog one of these days!
    Just two more weekends for the Market here in Havre. Can't wait to see what grows between now and then! Do you have a Farmers Market where you live? Tell me about it!

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Saturday Market in Havre

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