Thursday, September 4, 2008

Went to see Deception

    Went to see Deception (Marcel Langenegger, 2008). Silly French title Manipulation. A first movie, apparently. Also the first time Hugh Jackman has produced a movie. Australian Hugh Jackman and Scottish Ewan McGregor do funny things with their accents, but you forgive them, they are so good at what they do. Hugh Jackman is absolutely tremendous in this diabolical role. I can't wait to see him with Nicole in Australia! For once the timing and editing are not excellent for an American thriller. The hotel scene in Madrid notably is too long. There are several little details in the script that bugged me (useless or incoherent bits). But I had a good time. Michelle Williams adequate (Heath RIP Ledger's "estranged widow"), filming adequate.

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Went to see Deception

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