Monday, October 13, 2008

Camp rules: Dynasty and Desperate Housewives

    Camp rules: Dynasty, 1981.
    (About Blake marrying Krystle)
    Fallon: Well, that's what I mean. He used to be a fair judge of women. I think he's suffered irreversible brain damage from breathing too much dimestore perfume.
    Steven: She's got some nice qualities.
    Fallon: So does a cocker spaniel, but I wouldn't want my father to marry one.

    Camp rules 2: Dynasty, 1981
    (About homosexuals)
    Steven: Well, you wouldn't want your brother to marry one.
    Jeff: Well, not a poor one!

    Camp rules 3: Desperate Housewives, 2008.
    (To a man in a wheelchair)
    Gabrielle: Oh don't play victim with me. I have to walk in heels all day long. You can just sit in a chair and roll.

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Camp rules: Dynasty and Desperate Housewives

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