Monday, October 13, 2008

Concert From the Lily Pads

    Gabcast! Dancing With Daisy #37 - Concert From the Lily Pads

    Click the play button above to hear me read this poem.

    This poem was inspired by some beautiful photos of lily pads that I saw recently.

    Concert From the Lily Pads

    On warm summer evenings,
    backyard bullfrogs sit on their lily pad patios
    under jutting flower umbrellas
    in bright colors of purple and pink.

    They dine on moths, lightning bugs, and dragonflies,
    visit with their neighbors,
    and watch the pollywogs play a darting game of tag.

    As the sun goes down and twilight creeps in,
    the backyard bullfrogs tune up and settle in,
    croaking and crooning in rhythmic cadence.
    Crickets and katydids join in the chorus.

    They perform a concert of contentment
    in the spotlight of the moon.
    Angel fans gather in the concert hall skies
    and light the stars,
    holding them up high

    in appreciation of the music.

    A peaceful calm settles over the pond
    where the backyard bullfrogs

    sit and sing under flower umbrellas
    on their lily pad patios.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Just in case there is someone reading this who has never heard the song of a bullfrog, here's a sample of what it sounds like.

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Concert From the Lily Pads

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