Monday, October 6, 2008

Reborn Fashion with Harvey Nichols

    Watching almost every ad campaign as they unfold right in front of our own eyes, we can say that a great ad campaign is one that captures the interest and curiosity of the viewers without resorting to needless sex, violence, blood or aimless shock-advertising.

    Their latest ads by Concept, Turkey shows shoppers as newborns with the delivery doctor holding them upsidedown. The ads use the tagline, "Are you ready to be reborn?" The ads relays a message that experiencing the Harvey Nichols fashion line is unlike any other fashion experience you’ve had before. Once you put the clothes on, it’ll be as if you were reborn.

    Nowadays, we can rarely see ads that are genuinely clever and witty and Harvey Nichols belong to one of the few brands who create ads with essence. I can still remember my first post about their Fashion Statements ads, the models are with big balloons that knocked down all the people around them.

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Reborn Fashion with Harvey Nichols

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