Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Pancakes

    Gabcast! Dancing With Daisy #38 - Sunday Morning Pancakes

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    Sunday Morning Pancakes

    no jangling alarm clocks

    church not till 10
    plenty of time for rising

    sunlight filters through white curtains
    all is still and quiet

    stretching while in bed
    slowly sitting up
    easing out of covers
    into robe and slippers
    gently entering the day

    hold the handrail
    going down

    morning knees
    complain about the stairs
    creaking with each step

    poodle dog at the bottom
    waiting patiently
    wags his tail
    leads me to the door

    cool air swirls in
    as he slips out

    air smelling fresh
    embraces me

    dog comes back in
    goes back to his bed

    I pad to the kitchen alone

    a bowl with flour, eggs, milk, oil
    on the counter
    me stirring

    waiting for the skillet to heat

    waiting for the others

    still no noise
    save the scraping of the spoon
    against the side of the bowl

    batter poured in neat circles
    time to flip
    golden brown

    butter and syrup
    plates and forks
    at the ready

    stirring of a different sort
    begins in other rooms

    sleepy faces appear
    the others shuffle in

    slow smiles
    gentle hugs

    "mornin', Mom"

    pouring milk
    orange juice
    cup of tea

    chairs pulled up to the table

    sharing the peace
    sharing a prayer

    sharing the joy
    Sunday morning pancakes

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Sunday Morning Pancakes

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