Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watched TV: Saw Prime

    Watched TV: Saw Prime (Ben Younger, 2006). Silly French title Petites Confidences (à ma psy). Saw it at the movies back then. Not so good on second viewing, but still entertaining. And it's got Meryl Streep, so of course it's worth watching. She's convincing as a Jewish shrink. Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg are not bad either (never recovered from Kill Bill I & II myself).
    My main problem with that movie is that it's basically sexist. The message is, it's not OK for a 38 year old woman to shack up with a 23 year old man (implying that it wouldn't matter the other way round). We're not out of the woods yet. I just heard a young American woman declare on TV that a woman would not make a trustworthy President of the USA, because women are too emotional!

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Watched TV: Saw Prime

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