Saturday, October 25, 2008

Watching TV: current Flash Gordon episodes

    Watching TV: current Flash Gordon episodes. Flash Gordon used to be called Guy L'Eclair in French. Then they realized it was really stupid and started calling him Flash Gordon. For a while people thought they were two different heroes. I remember someone telling me in 1980 that I was mistaken! I've read / watched countless adaptations (and the 1930s original). Before WW2 Flash Gordon stories were generally and generically sexist and racist. After WW2 they became Cold War racist (Ming = Foreigner = Alien = Yellow = Communist). In the 1980s they became faux Camp. Now they've just lost all edge. Everybody's bland on Earth and on Mongo. The actor is cute and there's some humor. They're selling it as, finally a superhero story without men in tights, but I say, precisely, what's the point of having superheroes if they're not wearing tights?!

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Watching TV: current Flash Gordon episodes

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