Friday, October 24, 2008

Went to see Le Crime est notre affaire

    Went to see Le Crime est notre affaire (Pascal Thomas, 2008). [Not really] from Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime (the Beresfords, you know). Spelt in the
    titles Partner's in Crime(!) When you look at what the French government is doing to our schools and universities (methodically destroying every element that was still tolerable in foreign language teaching while claiming to want to prepare new bilingual generations), it's hard to imagine that things will improve. We'll have even more "pin's" [sic] on our lapels and "modern' cordonnerie" [sic] shops.
    The acting is alright (lots of hamming though -- even Catherine Frot), some of the lines are reasonably amusing, but as always with French movies, the timing is atrocious. The worst thing is the mix of periods and nationalities.
    I was moved, however, by the sight of Christian Vadim and Chiara Mastroianni acting side by side, brother and sister on screen and in life, children of the absolutely forever divine Catherine Deneuve and their genius-fathers.

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Went to see Le Crime est notre affaire

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