Monday, November 3, 2008

Fashion War: Michelle Obama vs. Cindy McCain

    In just a few hours, American people will go out of their houses and vote for the president who will lead them out of the economic recession problems. While waiting for the results of November 2008 US Presidential Elections, let's shift our minds to a subtle political war. Forget their husbands for a while, a focus on the two candidates for potential First Lady, Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain.

    If you're some kind of fashion-style-watcher, then you already knew that the fashion press and news media have been scrutinizing the outfits worn by the two ladies during their respective national party conventions and speeches. According to ABC News, not since a fresh-faced Jackie Kennedy entered the White House has so much attention been paid to a potential first lady's fashions. But now, Obama's style as well as McCain's style sense were garnering as much attention as their political views.

    Both women are smart, fit and accomplished. Neither lacks fashion sense. Who you will in this political fashion war?

    Casual Wear

    Cindy McCain loves to wear suits for public appearances, but sometimes she let people know that she can go casual in a long-sleeved, dark pink sweater and white pants with a white watch.

    On the other hand, Michelle Obama opted for a casual attire when speaking during campaign rallies. She wore clothing with a neutral color palette, opting for a white sleeveless blouse with tan pants and accessorizing with a light green double strand beaded necklace.


    Suits are Cindy McCain's signature style. She appears comfortable and at ease when wearing them. She favors St. John, the high-end brand that are made from a wool/rayon knit fabric.

    For a suit, Unlike Cindy McCain, Michelle Obama is more likely to be seen in a dress or pants than a suit. When she wore one, she favors strong and bold colors, and those colors makes up her signature style.

    Belted Dresses

    Cindy McCain wears a short-sleeved belted dress and her hairdo here isn't her usual tightly pulled-back style that sometimes draws criticism.

    Michelle Obama wears a purple Maria Pinto dress cinched with a black Azzedine Alaïa belt at her husband's final primary victory rally.

    Michelle Obama often wears sleeveless garments while Cindy McCain seldom goes sleeveless. Both McCain and Obama favor pearls and wear them often.

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Fashion War: Michelle Obama vs. Cindy McCain

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