Monday, November 17, 2008

Went to see The Visitor

    Went to see The Visitor (Thomas McCarthy, 2007). Absolutely indispensable. Excellent intelligent independent film. Great writing, great acting. Moving without ever being sentimental. Interesting political implications. No Hollywood happy ending. Striking faces: Haaz Sleiman (he was in 2006's Paul Weitz's American Dreamz) and Hiam Abbass. Tremendous starring role for Richard Jenkins, at last (he was in Six Feet Under -- why did I think he was Australian?). Professor Walter Vale teaches ONE course a week. Has taught the same course for 20 years. Gets sabbaticals all the time to write a book (he never writes). Makes a fortune every month. And US academics complain? Let them come and see what slaves we are over here in Frogland. Not only are we overworked, we are despised by our government that treats us like dirt (cf. below).

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Went to see The Visitor

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