Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Woo Hoo! I Won! (Truly Grateful Series)

    Today is Veteran's Day, so the library was closed. However, instead of having the day off, we "dedicated" library employees (not really, we were required to be there) showed up at the library anyway for an in-service training day. I was signed up to attend four different meetings. We were to be at the library at 7:30 this morning, and the program ran until 2:00 this afternoon.

    Before the meetings began, flu shots were available for free to anyone of the staff who wanted one. I got my shot (which didn't hurt at all, AND I got a Bugs Bunny bandage with the deal!!) and then sat down with a doughnut, (a powdered sugar-covered, jelly-filled delight that, if you eat too many of, will cause you to end up looking like a doughnut, and which was a mistake to choose because I was wearing black pants which don't go well with white powdered sugar, which, of course, sifts off into your lap with every bite you take), a cup of strawberry yogurt, and a bottle of water from the provided refreshment table to wait for the meetings to begin. (Well, that was probably a run-on sentence, but I'm pushing forward in spite of it! HA!)

    The first was about the policies and procedures at the library. (yawn) Yes, I'm afraid this one was about as dry as it sounds. I was thinking throughout this meeting that I probably should have had a cup of tea (for the caffeine), instead of bottled water, earlier, to help keep me awake during it.

    The second one was about reader advisories. This one was more interesting. It was held in our computer lab, and we learned about some websites that we can use to help our patrons look for the books they are asking about. One website I wanted to mention here is Fantastic Fiction. At the Fantastic Fiction site, you can find out what are the newest and forthcoming books written by your favorite authors. This is also a great site to help you find the next book in a series that you are reading by a certain author and to find recommended reading lists as suggested by your favorite authors.

    The third meeting I attended was about the Dewey Decimal system.

    (YAWN) Oh golly! When's lunch? As you can probably guess, this one was not overly exciting. We did play a couple of games of sorts, though, so that helped keep us awake till the next item on the agenda---LUNCH! Hurray!

    Lunch was very good and filling. We had bread bowls filled with our choice of either potato soup or chicken soup (I had the chicken! :D ) along with a spinach salad with mandarin oranges and pecans in it and a pasta salad and cookies and brownies and beverages.

    The last meeting was the most exciting of all. No, not because of the subject matter, I'm afraid. It was about various money matters and issues (taxes, insurance, retirement plans, sick days, vacation and personal days, etc.). The reason it was exciting was that there was a drawing for a door prize, and I WON! WOO HOO!

    I won a DVD/Audio CD/Photo CD player as you can see in the photo below.

    My dog, Max, who always wants to have my undivided attention, saw me taking a picture of my prize. He brought his plastic hot dog toy over and put it on top of the box.

    Then he looked up at me and said, "Please put the camera down and play fetch with me with my hot dog instead." (you can see where he put the hot dog down on top of the box in an attempt to get my attention)
    Well, you know, you just can't say "No" to a face like that!

    Lord, for opportunities to learn and grow, for free flu shots and free food, for unexpected surprise gifts, and for puppy dog faces saying "please," let me be truly grateful.

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Woo Hoo! I Won! (Truly Grateful Series)

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