Friday, November 7, 2008

Yellow River

    Gabcast! Dancing With Daisy #40 - Yellow River

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    Yellow River

    Leaves rained down for days
    until the front yard was flooded
    drenched in color by a yellow river
    from the thunder cloud trees above

    With each gust of wind
    more leaves lapped at the edges
    of the flower beds and porch steps
    Frothy yellow waves billowed about

    Squirrels and little dogs
    first waded and then swam across it
    struggling not to drown
    not to be pulled under in the eddying swirls

    A rake parted the river
    like the raised rod of Moses
    channeling the leaves
    down to the street

    The curbs of the street,
    breaker walls,
    strain now to hold back the leaves

    The wind persists
    sending them back
    in yellow waves
    over the top
    over the top
    over the top
    of the too small concrete dam

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Yellow River

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