Friday, July 9, 2010

FML gao gao~

    Gosh I thought I could finally get some extra rest when I finally managed to get back early around almost 9pm. Then talked to my baby awhile and since she was going out soon after that didn't really get much chance to talk much so I just headed to bed.

    My wish of wanting to have atleast a proper sleep was halted as I had dreams of dead zombies, dead people, murders and so on. Obviously I got scared and woke up. Thought wanna check if my baby was around or not since it was 4am and past few days she's been awake that timing.

    Tried sms no reply, tried calling no answer. So i was left there sitting alone in my dark cold room too scared to sleep as I do have a habit of having re-occurrence or continue-ing dreams. That's one thing that was very disturbing as images of my dream was always around me.

    Though i did feel tired was kinda too awake till it was already starting to become bright! Then I realised it was already 7.30am! Fuck! Too late even if I wanted to sleep so i just got up took a super duper 45 mins long shower to soothe myself.

    Then was already on the way to work. Yet still, the images are hunting me. Hated it so so much. Want some pampering to soothe my feelings... T___T

    Where is my baby? T___T Want ma baby~

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FML gao gao~

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