Monday, July 5, 2010

FML over and over again

    I feel so lethargic and tired after a long day. I was already feeling unwell when I woke up not to forget the feeling of emptiness and deprived that I've had since waking. Came to office hoping things are okay and kinda took my mind of my warning from my boss already.

    As i walked pass his door to get my punch card, he called me and started saying that I am taking things for granted and giving excuses as I have been going out to party and have problem waking up in the morning!!

    I was like wtf?! I couldn't believe what was actually being said as it was really unexpected. To make things worst he actually throws me a documented paper saying that I was late and I had to sign it. T___T

    So pissed I was that I really felt like breaking his face for saying it. So I asked him where he heard it from and he just go like I made a research about your background last saturday! I couldn't help but to start laughing and though he had a puzzled face he still wanted to have the last laugh by saying that 1 more lateness and I need a new job ady.

    So I just said that he'd got the wrong person as the last I went club was during my bday which is in Feb!! And the last I drank was with my gf and thomaz!! He was like don't give me all those stories so I said I am heading to go do my work as I realized he ain't listening.

    As if that's not enough, been sick and doctor doesn't seem to know what's wrong with me. T___T

    Took my blood samples and report out tomorrow oni. He checked me and except for a mild fever, he said am fine! But i complained saying am having body ache and feeling weird. He then just gave me some meds and asked me to come back tomorrow as he doesn't know what's wrong with me!!! T_____T

    Lucky it's covered with insurance!! If not sure dead as that little visit's bill was about RM60!! Damn fuck expensive though he didn't really do anything!!! Beh-song-ness to the max!!!!

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FML over and over again

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