Friday, July 2, 2010

Totally FML

    I was on the phone with my baby at 4am and she asks me to go sleep cz worried that i might not be able to wake up at 6am to go work. But eventually i ended up waking by 6am and got bus finally at 8am! And when i thought that yet still i could make it to work early, I sat in relax and suddenly as the bus was moving into Federal Highway, it stops with the engine smoking!

    0.0!!! I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Cz i already had few times when due to stupid public transport, being late to work and thats really upsetting. So I waited for taxi while frantically dialing my colleague's numbers as well as trying to reach my boss to tell them of the situation!!

    That's when people tend not to pick up your call!! I was like why the fuck these people need to have phone and ended up getting through to 1 of my colleague at 8.45am. Mind you was trying to call since 8.15am. Plus due to the strategic place of my bus' stop, there wasn't any cabs who was willing to stop. I was already pissed, depressed, tired, and heartbroken, and panicking! So I called my another boss, Ms Yen. Tell her my problem as I started to walk towards Subang Parade and she eventually told me it's ok.

    Yet still I was very disappointed in myself and worst was the attitude of taxi drivers as they eventually either put a price tag of RM30 or they say that area not convenient! So with my heart racing I caught a cab nearby subang parade and I felt so relieved as I was gonna pass out due to out off breathe!

    Thank god he was kind and friendly atleast something after such a struggle and I eventually only paid like RM15! Half the price that was even put out by the other cab drivers!! Damn wtf?!

    Is there any way that those irresponsible cab drivers to be punished for their behavior? Plus its like cab drivers call the shot on the price and which way they want to go rather than the customer. Unless this is being sorted out, we are certainly going to fall back on public transportation side as even most the cabs that are running around are like gonna break down anytime while they charge like mad! Sigh really FML day today....

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Totally FML

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