Friday, July 2, 2010

~We are humans too~

    I've been wondering lately, is there any NGO or Government Bodies that actually provide a certain kinda protection for Customer Service agents. By the way, I am a customer service rep for FedEx.

    Even when I just joined in, nobody actually said it's a good choice as they said the job is terrible. But after coming here, I realized that the job is a wonderful job but the treatments that we are given is what I rather call as terrible.

    I bitterly disappointed with how things are. I mean customer service agents are humans too. Eventually when a customer is abusive, the most a customer service rep could do is end the call and yet still they'd get into trouble and the best of all is even when they don't end the call they'd still get into trouble for having complains coming againts them.

    People eventually treat customer service reps worst than dogs sometimes. Then how are we supose to expect to receive a good treatment from customer service reps when we call in? This is logical enough for anyone to understand. But still some might say that they didn't do anything wrong but imagine, customer service reps answer a whole lot of calls a day and whether good or bad customers they still provide their service.

    Yet still yea i agree its still their job to do so, but think about it. Some people eventually call into customer service because they are bored!! WTF?! That's not it, customer can simply call and use abusive language or whatsoever and go off without anything. While the customer service agents have suck up to it and continue on as if nothing happened.

    Why is there no campaigns or atleast a group that acutally fights for customer service rights? Even my company which eventually says employees come 1st, don't even have anything to protect us. All they say is deal with it because they are customers. I mean the saying "customer is always right" could be rational at times but not all the time.

    As i see it, am worried that in the next 5 years, customer service agents would not even be given a normal human rights. I know i might sound dramatic but the way things are seems like that right? So i was telling my boss about my experience with 1 customer who eventually hurt me with what he said, and all he said was,
    "oh he ar, He is always like that. You can't say anything about it."

    And i was like, WTF?! What's with that reply? I know customer service rep means dealing with all sorts of people but still abusive behavior is not supose to be supported right?

    I am really disappointed that we are in such a modern world at the moment but people are still not educated about customer service. As when you want a good service, you have to be provide a good service 1st right? Same like the saying goes, "give respect to earn respect" and isn't that true enough?

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~We are humans too~

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