Sunday, August 15, 2010


    Today managed to catch The Expendables just before my baby darling went back to ipoh. We were kinda looking forward to watch this movie hence we "kan cheong" giler wanted to watch before she went back and was kinda shocked that TGV Sunway was kinda empty when we went this afternoon.


    Overall though the storyline was abit weird, and also with all the wrestling like slams, it was quite good. Though it was kinda the "Rocky" feeling to the movie, nevertheless it was still good though not awesome! XD


    Was looking for more action pics but couldn't really find those that really looked nice. The few mins cameo from Arnold was kinda awkward and hilarious at the same time. The sarcasm that was around was awesome though! 

    It was a great idea to get all the heavyweights to be in 1 movie and would say that it kinda pay off though not all great time. 

    The part that really impressed me was Stallone's body!

    After all these years!! He still has it!! I was really admiring this particularly thing cz most of the stars with kinda good figure always lose by either gaining weight or having all sagged till so freaking disgusting.

    I know it seems as if I am such a movie freak that I watch so many movies right? Well I rarely have this kinda moments and only when my baby is around and this time she was around and so ngam there were quite a number of new movies too... 

    After this I am not sure when I'd see my baby again so till then might be having a movie drought season.... Hehehe...

    Dear readers please dun run away yea... Would find some time to go and watch some movie if can.... 

    There is 1 more coverage to be made of movie that we guys watched to come soon!! Stay tuned guys!!

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