Thursday, August 12, 2010


    Last Sunday went to catch Inception with my darling to break my record as in the past few years, this is the week whereby I've watched the most movies in a week!! Yeah, I know kinda pathetic right? Sigh...

    I don't really go out that much when my gf is not around plus am more to homely person when I am alone. Though there isn't much to be done in my house with no tv, no laptop/computer, no radio and etc. Don't get the wrong idea! I am not anti social!! It's just that after work I just feel like I wanna go rest and laze around that's all.

    And mostly when I wanna go out, either someone won't be free or they don't do the same thing as me or they go do something that I so don't wanna do that day or at that time lor.... So obviously I won't be going, no? *wink wink*

    Anyways coming back to the movie, We guys managed to catch Inception. After trying to convince my gf that it was a nice movie, I practically gave up wanting to watch it in the cinema already as I don't go to cinema alot unless am with her. Luckily some people managed to convince her that the movie was good!  Mad love whoever that was.... XD

    This was the kinda movie that I really love so much! As I personally love things that involves psychology and this was an ideal movie to watch! And all in all how the characters actually got the movie rolling was really delightful!

    I actually loved the way Leonardo brought the character of Cobb in this movie. As splendid as ever with alot of intense and how he lead the movie. I would say another impressive performance by Leo. Kudos to him!!

    Kinda got carried away with all the pictures. LOL. 

    Well overall this movie was awesome. And yesterday my gf told me she did research and people were saying about this was the story and that was the story due to research and so on. No matter how much research or what is being done, only the writer knows. 

    The ending of the movie was brilliant though. Leaving the audience craving for more and wondering what has happened is really the best ending 1 could ever ask for. It certainly filled my cravings for sure!! =)

    Soon to come my vote for the "suckiest" movie as well as the "overated" movie of the year.

    So stay tuned guys!! XD

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