Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just The Way You Are~

    My gf went back home today after staying together for almost 15 days plus plus. Though it seemed as if I was getting used to the feeling of her going back already, it still seemed weird.

    And worst still, I was sitting at Silva near ma house and eating when this girl walks up and sits infront of me her back facing to me. I stone-ned awhile as she looked exact same size as my baby and not only that piercing same place and same style!!

    Though I knew it wasn't her as this girl took out her dunhill and started puffing and also she didn't have the "aura" of coz! The when she turned around she looked damn freaking similar to my gf and made me miss her......

    BABY if u are reading this, "I MISS YOU BABY!!! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!"

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Just The Way You Are~

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