Friday, August 13, 2010


    With all the movie reviews that I am posting out at the moment seems like I am in such a movie marathon or this blog was meant for Movie Reviews. LOL.

    Well It's just that recently I have been watching quite alot of movies and this is a rare occasion that I get to do so. Most the time I miss out the movies that I crazily madly wanna watch and some of them I am still yet to watch. FML.

    Anyways coming back to the topic, me and my gf were like so hyper wanted to watch "SALT" as everyone was kinda telling the movie was nice and blah blah. Though personally I always thought and felt that Angelina Jolie is no big deal is totally overrated, I was kinda looking forward to watch the movie. Hence we bought the tickets and walked in feeling excited.


    We were kinda kena " potong stim" already when we walked in as the cashier guy gave us seats differently from our request and that kinda blew our mood. But still watching all the trailers and all come and go, I was anticipating an explosive opening to the movie. Instead.....

    I don't know if it was my fault to have too much expectation for this movie but I was utterly disappointed as the make up on Angelina was so heavy she looked like a old hooker! *smack head*


    The 1st half of the movie was mostly running and that was enough to make me sleepy and most irritating was that expecting this to be an interesting movie ended up more to a normal predictable standard US Agent movie as well as normal Angelina movie. 

    I totally felt so frustrated that I just told myself that I would only watch any other Angelina movie after getting a thorough research been done. I eventually was falling asleep from time to time while the entire movie was going on!! Especially the action scenes!! FML gao gao!!

    Therefore, I vote this as the most "overated" movie of the year.

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