Friday, August 13, 2010

Stomp The Yard :- Homecoming

    The other day went to the dvd shop to look for some new movie and that's when I came across this Stomp the Yard 2 :- Homecoming. Since the 1st 1 was so awesome, Me and my gf hoping that it would be good bought the DVD


    As I love dance movies so much had really quite an expectation for this movie. But then... It was a total let down and eventually felt like wanna break the dvd just after watching the 1st 20 mins!!

    Acted by this guy, I don't know what the fuck he was trying to do as he seemed to be trying to dance all the time however can't eventually make out what he was trying to do. Since normally dance movie's main character is like damn freaking good dancer, this 1 was very upsetting as his solos was horrible! It was like how it is when you got to all the Clubs in M'sia like MOS or Coco Banana watching those wanabees dance. 


    And finally here comes the villain....

    The most boring villain ever. I was like wth the whole time I was watching this movie. No cool moves, no hot chicks that can dance, no story line, and fucked up actors and actresses. FML


    This 2 were the only ok ones in the movie with their actings and also dance. 

    Overall this movie seems like it was just created just for the sake of having a homecoming version of this movie. Waste of time and money. Would say suckiest movie so far...

    Soon to come is another movie which was overated so much that I felt like sleeping while watching it. LOL!!

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Stomp The Yard :- Homecoming

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