Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hour 5 into the 24-hour Read-a-thon: Show Me Your Books

    Well, it is Hour 5, and I'm hanging in there. I'm not blazing a trail with reading, but holding steady.

    The challenge this hour, hosted by My Reading Room, is to "Show Me Your Books". Well, unfortunately the majority of my existing books are still packed in the garage. However this is what I have on hand inside. Most of these books have been won, some were bought or received for review.

    Firstly this is my TBR for the readathon. I hope to finish The Queen's Pawn, and to put a dent in at least one other...

    This is the shelf in the living room bookcase. These are two deep on the shelf, so there is an equal number of them behind these...

    These are the two shelves in the closet of my master bedroom...

    ...and these are the books in my office closet...
    So that is just a portion of my books. I have probably twice that many books still in boxes in the garage, and two bookcases that need to be assembled still sitting in boxes in said garage.

    Uhhh...I think I may have a lot of books to pass on in my will after I "pass on"!

    Read on, my brethren!

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Hour 5 into the 24-hour Read-a-thon: Show Me Your Books

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