Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • Parkin Pig
    Mar 15, 07:26 AM
    New York - facing east from the Empire State Building.
    I know most MacRumors members are our Stateside friends, so I apologise if you get fed up seeing pictures of New York, but for us Brits such tall buildings are beyond anything we have here.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Mar 15, 01:13 PM
    If there's one thing that exercise shows, it's that the one thing that would have the biggest impact on balancing the budget isn't cuts, but raising taxes.

    Yet if we're supposedly in some life and death emergency like Rand Paul says, how come the GOP doesn't even want to consider raising taxes? After all, if both rich and poor would inevitably be screwed otherwise, the fiscal health of the nation would mandate shared sacrifice, and that would include taxes on the rich.

    Here's my theory why (

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  • Jacqui83
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    The Store is still down, hell my credit card is itching and anxious to be used! Come on already go back up!

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  • iDutchman
    Oct 16, 12:57 PM
    I updated the wife's room a bit. Cinema Display against the wall.

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  • TorontoLRT
    Jun 25, 01:50 PM
    I'm just going to throw this very quick (and shoddy) rendering I made into the mix, portraying a possible "tabletop" iMac.

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  • mrblah
    Aug 2, 08:51 PM
    so is a paperweight with drivers a computer?

    how do you install drivers on a paperweight?

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  • Sanctus Irae
    Nov 6, 10:55 PM
    I mainly hope that they go up to 1GB of RAM with this. Maybe a minor hard-drive upgrade too. Either way, I'm buying.

    But it looks that it'll be soon, and I'm freakin' excited.

    Although I hate to say... Intel will keep updating and within a few months there'll be a new "best processor". I'm mainly hoping that I won't regret buying this as it's instantly upgraded.

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  • benjs
    Apr 13, 05:55 PM
    Funny how they claim it's supposed to be nowhere near final software, yet it's releasing in a month and a half. I would think this is on bug ironing stage right?

    To set the record straight, read that paragraph from Larry Jordan very carefully:

    "While the slide show was identical to the February meeting, the demo was not. Randy Ubillos, who did the demo, added more features and additional explanations on effects (see the screen shot above). However, I was told later that the build that was demoed was the same build that was shown in February - and that the application has moved significantly forward since that time.

    In other words, what we saw tonight was nowhere near the final form of the application."

    So, assume that this build is from February 23rd, the exact date MacRumors reported this invitation-only showing of FCP X. Also assume that FCP X is released on June 1st (which seems overly optimistic to me). That's still roughly a three month period between beta and final release, with a distribution model whereby Apple is capable of making tweaks as late as... well... June 1st. In addition, I would imagine the February showing was earlier than the 23rd, and the release date will be later than the 1st. Oh... there's also the fact that since this is a ground-up reinterpretation of FCP, this has probably been worked on for quite some time.

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  • shannonbrooke
    May 5, 03:35 AM
    This would be a cool feature for if you're watching 3D movies on your iPad, but otherwise, I dunno. It would probably hurt my eyes after a while.

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  • roland.g
    Sep 6, 09:30 AM
    My debate begins - but to be decided by this time next week (all prices edu)

    New iMac 24" 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo
    2GB RAM
    500GB HDD
    GeForce 7600 256MB
    Wireless Keyboard & BT MM


    Mac Mini 1.83 Core Duo
    2GB RAM
    Wireless Keyboard & BT MM
    23" Apple Cinema HD Display


    Add $149 to both orders for Final Cut Express HD.
    I really like the look of the ACD. The white iMac is not as sexy.
    I understand the ACD has no iSight and the Mini has integrated graphics and you can see I am getting FCE HD. I would also be spending another $299 on an IDE (not SATA) 500GB MiniStack which brings the price up to $2,400.
    The Mini gives me the ability to upgrade in 18-30 months and turn it into a multimedia server at my tv, but by buying the ACD, I'm either looking at another Mini, a yet-to-be-released mid-tower, or a MacPro.

    Anyone notice the 23" ACD and 24" iMac both have 1920x1200. Isn't that odd?

    Any suggestions.

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  • Andronicus
    May 5, 12:18 AM
    iPad 3 - iPad 3D

    I could really see that, with the iPhone 3G (it was actually the 3rd phone) and had 3G.

    The iPhone 3G was the 2nd iPhone.

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  • lmalave
    Nov 7, 12:13 AM
    You have to consider the problems that Apple has had with heat and portables of late. There would likely be heat issues with such a portable, which makes it even more plausible that Apple won't make such a portable.

    That's why I suggested sometime in 2007 after Santa Rosa.

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  • Tronic
    Mar 29, 09:24 AM
    As much as I hate my 3G these days (SLOW) i'd rather wait a few extra months for an LTE iPhone to last me another 2 years instead of having LTE in 2012 and feeling the need to upgrade so soon.

    Hopefully iPhone 5 will be both 3G/LTE and GSM/CDMA

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  • lostngone
    Mar 29, 01:10 AM
    Event sells out when there are fewer seats. it could just be another strategy to create news. When you have too many empty seats, it does not look good for the the press nor the attendees.

    A company would rather have a news that says "sold out" than too many left overs.


    I don't understand what you are saying?

    Are you trying to say Apple may have undersold WWDC?

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  • monsterinawc
    Aug 4, 10:30 AM
    sorry bout the post about the iSight post
    my brother in law wanted to try out the forums so i let him use my account
    he thinks he know what he talking about when it comes to macs
    i just now read what he wrote

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  • MasterHowl
    Mar 25, 01:23 PM
    so I see we're back to iOS Rumours again...

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  • brepublican
    Sep 13, 09:44 AM
    really. that's awesome! If you don't mind me asking how much did the 8GB come out to after the education discount?
    Yes please do tell. The online edu store is not showing the usual discount...

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  • Peace
    Sep 12, 05:41 PM
    That's what I'm wondering. I have tons of music videos and now there is no listing of them for me to look through.

    It's now a PLAYLIST

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  • GGJstudios
    Nov 24, 12:07 PM
    Thats a good point! I know Jacko had out bid McCartney on the rights to the Beatles songs but i too wonder who owns them now?
    Michael Jackson bought ATV, which owns the Beatles catalog, in 1985, and 10 years later, merged with Sony, creating Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Jackson and Sony co-owned the Beatles catalog. Following Jackson's death, Sony/ATV keeps control of the Beatles' songs.
    Plus (i could be wrong) Simon "Money Whore" Cowell has his fingers in Sony who co-own the rights to The Beatles catalogue!?
    Simon Cowell has nothing whatsoever to do with the Beatles catalog. He's involved with Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment, which are separate and distinct companies from Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which owns the catalog.
    Don't quote me on that.
    Too late! I already did! :D

    Mar 10, 10:25 PM

    Best use of selective color I've seen. Love it.

    Apr 4, 05:45 AM
    And they're going implement this to good effect on a phone camera?

    No. See my earlier reply to fertilised-egg, post #185.

    I was querying the statement:
    "You are limited by the focal length, which is dictated by the thickness of the device. There is no magic way around this."

    I was under the impression that using a negative or positive element behind a lens was the 'magic way around' accommodating less-than-ideal focal lengths/registration distances.

    So... if you weren't in fact limited by either the the focal length or thickness of the device wouldn't it be possible to employ a larger sensor and thus pacify all the people earlier in this thread would felt 8mp on the current sized sensor was a retrograde step?

    Mar 25, 03:13 PM
    if you have turned it off in the setting its off. otherwise its on by default

    makes sense, but the PING setting being on IS the battery problem.

    Aug 24, 12:31 PM
    I for one salute Apple in its efforts to ensure a safe computing environment.

    And, my salute has NOTHING to do with the fact that my 18 month old and very used iBook battery currently only holds a 10 minutes charge.

    :) :) :)

    Crossing my fingers I have an unsafe battery...

    Nov 13, 08:53 AM
    at last somebody criticizes apple for the right reasons

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