Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • iLias
    Sep 4, 08:39 AM
    It would be great if they will introduce a 23" iMac with a built in TV-tuner and a revision of Front Row :)

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  • ipedro
    Sep 12, 04:40 PM
    Did nobody not notice that the Nano ad shows the clickwheel glowing along with the screen? Looking at photos of the new Nano kind of kicks down that prospect, but it's a little of a let down when you realize the click wheel does not glow like in the ad.

    It would be sweet though. :rolleyes:

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Apr 26, 02:45 AM
    Do you have any idea of how racist and xenophobic that sounds?

    Why is it racist and/or xenophobic to point out unpleasant trends?

    In the US, black offenders make up nearly 30% of all arrests despite comprising only 12.5% of the general population. What's interesting is that if we break it down into pre-and post age 18, the percentages are roughly the same. (sources from 2008-9 data - wiki and FBI (

    The trend continues if we go across the pond - (source - BBC ( I had trouble finding figures for adults, but:
    Black people make up 2.7% of the UK population aged 10 to 17, but represent 8.5% of those in that age group arrested in England and Wales, the report said.

    Now, let's look at Sweden. It's difficult to get precise statistics because of the way Sweden records criminal activity, but this article ( extrapolates the crime rate attributable to immigrants in Sweden. To wit:
    The over-representation is even higher for middle eastern citizens, who are 6.6 as likely as Swedish citizens to be in prison.
    Lastly African citizens are 10.9 times as likely as Swedish citizens to be in prison.

    We see the same pattern in three different countries. It doesn't behoove us to simply cry "racism" when confronted with something we don't want to see. We do better for everyone, not just the affected group, to attempt to find the root of the problem and properly address it.

    Britain is very class based, and is probably racist too. Black people here are generally poor and don't do particularly well at school as well.
    While I appreciate the correlation between poverty and crime, that doesn't adequately explain why Sweden with its incredibly generous welfare system trends the same way as countries with less extensive benefits.

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  • revelated
    Mar 29, 08:52 PM
    There are still more than 500 Radio Shack's left? Can't believe they're not out of business yet lol!

    I've been asking that question for years. I have NO idea how they're pulling it off. They're not growing, in fact they're shrinking. I remember when they actually sold TVs and receivers and all sorts of stuff. Now, yeah, I go there for the odd connector or cable or electrical tools...or on occasion, specialty batteries like CMOS batteries. That's it and only then because Frys is too far away for such a small purchase.

    Them selling iPad 2 makes me wonder who approached whom. Was Radio Shack desperate to carry it or is Apple trying to offload the management from its own stores?

    So Walmart is full of obese hillbillies?

    Just sayin. Feature Creature dude.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 24, 01:20 PM
    there goes some of sony's good brand quality image.

    one the good side. I once had to swap out a battery from apple before.

    it was quick and easy. honestly i am a power user, travel tons.

    could use a new fresh pair of batteries anyway. i am checking to see if any of my 3 are swapable.

    hey not a bad thing. this is preventative. my batteries have been fine, aside from losing life after tons of charges.

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  • wnurse
    Aug 8, 10:26 PM
    The exploit is apparently in the device driver, and so its more of an issue with Atheros than with Apple. I mean, a vulnerability is a vulnerability, and it still needs to be fixed, but the compromised code is most likely not Apple's at least.

    Many windows exploits deals with third party software.. what's your point?.
    Actually, the hackers were very nice to let microsoft and apple plus the device drivers know about the problem.

    Still, Apple is ultimately responsible for putting the software in their machines and in advertisements, they never say "macs are safe except for third party software". Actually, even with this, macs are a lot safer than windows but i predict the assualt is coming. It's really only a matter of time.

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  • Peace
    Sep 12, 05:11 PM
    If you're looking for your music videos they have been placed in a playlist called music videos and you need to download Front Row 1.3 to have them show up under Front Row.

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  • electric
    Apr 18, 01:13 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games!?

    They do

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  • morespce54
    Aug 4, 12:33 PM
    In addition to my promise to run around naked and post the video to the Internet if iMac gets Conroe, I will do the same if they introduce a phone at WWDC.

    Not happening.

    Enjoy being clean for a while

    If the iMac gets Conroe it will be worth waiting for, especially as it looks likely (from what I read about here) Conroe will be released in July.

    If the iMac gets Conroe, I will run naked across my apartment parking lot, film it and post it on the net.

    Gotcha !!! :D ;)

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  • SwiftLives
    Mar 18, 03:03 PM
    I think they'll keep the Classic around until the iPod Touch exceeds 100GB. And I'm guessing that will happen in September.

    Of course, I've been guessing that will happen "in September" for about 3 years running now.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 12, 11:51 AM
    How about, "we want to invest in the US!"


    There should be a law that states anytime a US company chooses to manufacture something outside the US, the company must post a clearly-articulated-less-than-25-page document stating AND COMPARING why the US is unable to manufacture said product.

    Does the 25 pages include the cover and back? :p

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  • Cybergypsy
    Nov 8, 07:56 AM
    Keeping my "no issues" macbook and will hope for the red......think I will wait till the next bump.

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  • starlabs
    Oct 26, 06:14 PM
    That's my concern too... Mine developed random shutdowns a week ago and it is truly random - it's happened on occasions when I wasn't even pushing the cpu much. I'm afraid the Mac will shutdown as I'm applying the firmware fix...

    I have an appt at a genius bar later tonight to send my MacBook in for the random shutdown issue. I'll install this first and see how it goes. And if I brick it... well that's another thing I can tell the Apple employee :rolleyes:

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  • GeekOFComedy
    Oct 12, 05:04 PM
    On my Flickr I have them tagged!


    Entertainment Setup:

    Desk From Front:

    Desk setup:

    FLICKR Set with Tags:

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  • iPhonedHome
    May 5, 08:41 AM
    Hey Apple, way to leave your initial customers with AT&T in the dark. Great thinking! Why would they implement this with Verizon before AT&T? How about just do it at the same time!


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  • longofest
    Aug 24, 05:44 PM
    Update 2: Apple appears to have updated the battery model numbers listed on its site. The new models affected are as follows:

    12-inch iBook G4 A1061
    ZZ338 - ZZ427
    3K429 - 3K611
    6C519 - 6C552

    12-inch PowerBook G4 A1079
    ZZ411 - ZZ427
    3K428 - 3K611

    15-inch PowerBook G4 A1078 and A1148
    3K425 - 3K601
    6N530 - 6N551

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  • mmd
    Nov 7, 04:10 PM
    I was talking about the new ones aswell :rolleyes: the refurb shop also sells stock they want to get rid of and that includes old macbooks.

    How do you know that you are going to get a new one and not a refurbished one. And what old macbooks are you talking about, they didnt release any new ones yet. Thanks for the help.

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  • lcseds
    Mar 28, 05:35 PM
    I guess if her main criteria for car choice is killing people in small cars then she has picked the right car.

    Yep. Hear it all the time. "Protect my family", "Keep my family safe". In other words, kill the other party so that your offspring may live. The attitude needs to change. Yugo's for everyone.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Nov 14, 02:52 AM
    Anyone complaining about Apple's app approval process has clearly not developed for other mobile devices for the US Carriers. Even with its faults, the App Store is a walk in the park compared to Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

    Blah blah blah full of miss infomation and comparing Dumb phones to the iPhone

    Please compare the iPhone to other smart phones before you go your standard bashing crap and miss information.

    I got all those point you made on how to get in to the Carriers apps store. Guess what the US carriers do not block you from downloading 3rd party apps from other location or even installing your own ring tones on the phone. Google offered its apps on multiple phones NOT threw the apps store.

    On my old LG CU 400 AT&T labeled and locked I downloaded multiple apps from third parties. Yeah very few worked but that is not the point.

    Also all the crap you listed other failing is it it compared iPhone to dumb phones which are VERY different ball parks. In the smart phone world guess what those phones have never had the restrictions you are trying to put on them.

    People would not be so up in arms about the crap apple is doing for the apps store if people would install apps from places other than the App store. Then apple can be as hard as they want on what gets in THEIR app store since others can make there own or load them off there own site.

    Aug 24, 05:43 PM
    Yeah, my A1078 battery from my 15" PB with serial 3K509 clearly lies in the problematic range (3K425 - 3K601) but is not being accepted by the web application... I'm gonna call Apple support tomorrow instead cause it looks like a buggy web app to me.

    I was already on the phone with Apple and they said the page is bogged down and to give it some time to cool off. My battery was in the range, Apple told me it was, and the app still doesn't work. Save some time and try again tomorrow or later tonight when people should be asleep.

    Mar 13, 11:44 AM
    Honestly? I think the ENTIRE desktop line (iMac, Mac Mini, etc.) would probably get this before a laptop would get it. :(

    And P.S. - Apple, your laptop line is already to expensive. :eek: Don't release a consumer product that only rich companies can buy. :(

    Well the iMac has already got an i5 and i7. The Mac Mini used notebook components, so it may be updated when the portabes get updated. As fore the Mac Pro, it is rumored to be updated this Tuesday, although, it really could be someday with in 4 months.

    Mar 28, 05:24 AM
    I love Apple's new smartcover and don't intend on wrapping my iPad 2 baby in anything else.

    Aug 2, 08:51 PM
    so is a paperweight with drivers a computer?

    how do you install drivers on a paperweight?

    Mar 14, 10:44 PM
    The sort of money you put down on a Mac you shouldn't expect anything less than USB 3.0 from here on out. Core 2 Duo in 2010 leaves a lot to be desired.

    This is pretty academic, since you've always paid a premium for the Apple logo. Rarely does a Mac laptop have cutting edge hardware across the board (see the graphics cards in laptops for an example of something that seems always a generation or more behind). The sad reality is that even though you're right, they'll continue to sell those laptops at a prodigious rate. Most people don't care about technical specs as much as they do the overall user experience.

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