Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • rainydays
    Nov 7, 12:27 PM
    Well, yes and no. The title of the page reads 'Core 2 Duo'. The page also states it's available to pre order, with a release date of the 13th.

    Sure, but it has obviously nothing to do with the specs of the new macbook.

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 6, 08:49 AM
    I assume you mean headless tower since all the iMacs and the MAC Mini are desktops......... Oh wait, isn't the MAC Pro a headless tower?

    It's a workstation, not a desktop. Yes there is a difference.

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  • gnasher729
    Nov 8, 09:14 AM
    Anyone tell me what good is a 64-bit processor other than being able to address more RAM. I know a 64-bit address bus alone doesn't make a 64-bit processor.

    I also heard these are not "true" 64-bit processors, just the same old x86 processors w/ 64-bitty goodness added on. Any truth to this?

    See the MacRumors guide that explains about ten major differences in the architecture between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. 64 bit-ness is a very minor part of the difference. You get three quarters of the improvements even with 32 bit code.

    And Formula 1 cars are not really Formula 1 cars, they are just normal cars with stronger engine, revved higher, less weight, optimised for good airflow at high speed and so on and so on and so on... Not at all different from the car you drive.

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  • cleanup
    Sep 4, 07:21 AM
    Awww and I haven't even gotten tired of my first generation nano yet...

    But if the metal enclosure is as good as those on the minis then I might just have to upgrade. :p

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  • rabella
    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    I got my black 16gb wifi iPad today at the radio shack in jersey city. I got there at 9 and no one was there. They opened at 10 and I got 1 of the 4 they had in stock. I did not have to buy the AppleCare but they made me buy an accessory. I didn't mind since I wanted a smart cover.

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  • aswitcher
    Aug 3, 11:41 PM
    why would u really need a better resolution for the iSight?

    Use it as a video/security/iChat/Games camera.
    Use it for higher quality still shots.
    Have improved video chat quality when real broadband speeds available. I have 1meg up 8meg down, that should be fast enough for some decent video.

    its stupid


    all most people do is take funny pics of them-selves and do iChat

    Because the current quality is so low...
    And I think you'll find that people do more than that.
    And even if thats all they do why not have a higher resolution? Seems plenty of people are doing these things.

    if u increase the quality of the iSight for iChat, then it slows the video down
    it also will be jerky because the file is large

    If you have average machines and broadband yep it does. Whereas if you have more potent dual intel machines, mpeg4 and decent ADSL2+ etc, then you can get better quality video...iChat can already support 4 people communicating now, so 2 communicating with higher bandwidth should be easy *sigh*

    and a wireless iSight will just make iChat even slower

    Really? How fast is wireless...mmm...up to fast is decent broadband...1-2mbps up stream...gee wireless is like 25x faster than it needs to be to keep the frame rate up for broadband. Even at range it should be faster.

    And there are PLENTY of high end (Axis etc) wireless security cameras out there right now using G to pump back MPEG4 video wirelesly. I even have one.

    Maybe you should do some research first before calling people stupid ;)

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  • micahR
    Oct 20, 07:11 AM
    Firefight is great fun, especially Score Attack. I play the crap out of that. There was another playlist update today, tweaking Firefight, along with some other things. They have bumped regular Firefight up from 1 round to a full set, so that is nice. Also, Bungie mentioned in an update recently that they were going to probably down the road add in a "Firefight Classic" mode to Matchmaking. That would be like it was in ODST, where your team has a limited number of lives for the team. They also said they will probably be adding a Legendary difficulty option as well, so that will bump up the challenge quite a lot.

    I played the updated firefight last night and it was 10 times better with the new tweaks. I love the fact that if you don't kill all of the covies with the allotted time, the game is over. I just need sniperfight and rocketfight to be moved into their own category.
    If they add in a limited number of lives, then I will definitely have to change my play style.

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  • benthewraith
    Aug 2, 10:27 PM
    Here (

    I found it, though it was rather tricky. :S

    This is shocking how? Who is going to use a third party usb key for wireless when the notebook has it built in? Meaning, yes, it can be done, but the circumstances are almost impossible. :rolleyes:

    Even then, it's difficult to prove due to things such as Remote Desktop, etc.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 05:33 PM
    erm is there a way to go back to iTunes 6 without a complete re-install. Using this thing is giving me a headache

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 29, 01:26 AM
    Usually one person will get in a tank and if he is able to take out the other tank theres no real way to stop them.
    4 or 5 Sniper shots will destroy a tank. 2 or 3 if you are precise and can hit either the driver compartment, or the exhaust vent. Just FYI.

    But also, you will only have to deal with that for a about another week. The October update to playlists and maps is coming next week, and the Tank is being swapped for a Wraith, along with a host of other fixes and tweaks that people have noticed in this first couple weeks of playing.

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  • Earendil
    Sep 22, 01:15 PM
    FYI, for those that say "who cares about Walmart" there is this little fact (of which I'm not going to sight a source because I'm busy at work).
    Walmart sells 40% of all DVDs sold in the US.
    Think about that. Of all the places that sell DVDs, of all the places people go, 4 of every 10 is bought at walmart. That is ridicules power, and not something the studios will just gloss over. They will make sure they know what they are doing before making steps forward. Maybe it won't matter at all, but it isn't a number to just ignore.

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 8, 02:06 PM
    I can offer a reason as to why some Mac Pro models don't have BT or Airport Extreme, a great deal of the corporate market don't want their machines to be equipped with them.

    The company I work for will not purchase any machine with Bluetooth as it represents a risk to our highly confidential data. We could not allow a security vulnerability in a Bluetooth stack to allow security to be compormised or indeed just a rogue employee using BT to transfer data to a cell phone or other device.

    Same goes for WiFi, although for some reason we don't see that as being that high a threat (Hey I don't make the rules I just have to follow them!)

    This could be why the top end model is sans Bluetooth and WiFi, to keep the Corporate market sweet.

    Just my 2 cents anyways:D

    I've worked with several companies in this same situation.

    It's the same reason I doubt we'll see Cinema Displays with built-in iSights.

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  • pwfletcher
    Jan 11, 05:40 PM
    See the following link for a two year old Patent App for a Nike / Mac cell phone:

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Sep 22, 02:24 PM
    I was wondering how many hillbillies and other country folk have an iPod. maybe Walmart is afraid that even Billy bob wants to download instead of buying from crappy WM.

    You'd be surprised how many people are willing to live in a trailer in order to be able to afford $300 cell phones and "designer" clothes. There's an apartment building not too far from my house which is an utter dump, and in one of the parking slots is a vintage Corvette.

    Apple needs to take a page from Snapper's book regarding Wal-Mart -- give them the big fat finger. For those of you who aren't aware, Wal-Mart approached Snapper a few years ago, wanting them to make a cheap quality build of mower, put the Snapper name on it, be paid WM's crap supplier prices, and sell them exclusively in Wal-Mart stores. Long story short, Snapper didn't want poor quality (or WM for that matter) to be associated with the Snapper brand, and told WM what it could go do with itself.

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  • mac-er
    Jul 23, 07:19 AM
    Fake. Apple "ordered" a company to send all its manuscripts to it?

    Companies don't "order" each other around....that wouldn't get very far in the business world.

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  • azzurri000
    Sep 6, 09:36 AM
    The Mac Pro does come standard with 1GB of RAM. You can't configure a model with any less than 1GB of RAM.

    Oops, my bad.

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  • Skoal
    Mar 25, 09:31 PM
    I'm sick of scrolling past these guys that have nothing better to do than mock those who mock others.

    Me thinks you do not understand what the word 'mock' is used for.

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  • spicyapple
    Aug 24, 12:49 PM
    Is it 1.1, 1.3 or 1.8 million laptop batteries?

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  • kansaigaijin
    Oct 15, 09:22 PM
    Thx for info, I'm about to switch and gotta know that in case crap happens. lol :rolleyes:

    crap never happens!

    Aug 29, 10:37 AM
    Sounds like a good system. A person can buy a dummy pc if they want, a linux box, or a Mac.
    What if they don't have any choice but to buy your product? All of the Windows OEMs are instant customers for Vista, whether they like it or not. This is how the system works for Microsoft.

    Sep 12, 03:14 PM
    The new iPod is just a size bump of the 5G, the new features are just software updates.

    So the 60% brighter display is just a software update? :rolleyes:

    Nov 13, 03:51 AM
    Let see the fanboys defend this:

    Rogue Amoeba has said they will no longer develop iPhone apps and will concentrate on the Mac. It had taken three months for Apple to release a bug fix. Does Rogue Amoeba suck too?

    Nov 2, 06:49 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Flash wouldn't even work on an iPhone. It uses 100% CPU on my MBP and video still lags!

    This is probably the reason that Apple doesn't even want to let Adobe make Flash, because they know they would fsck it up somehow.

    And, since iPhones overheat, CPU usage at 100% for any length of time could cause the battery to explode!

    Don't just blame Adobe...blame apple too. It's a code/OS issue. It's works perfectly on PCs.

    Aug 29, 11:17 AM
    Yeah, only take that portion of my statement and :rolleyes: to it.:rolleyes:
    I had a response all typed up and decided your original statement says more than I ever could to support my side of the argument.

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