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map of asia minor

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 15, 12:55 PM
    To all those cutting military by huge percentages, what are your plans to deal with the millions of unemployed that would produce?

    What were the plans with dealing with the millions of other Americans who've lost their jobs in this last recession?

    Oh, that's right, there were no plans. All those people were expected to figure it out for themselves.

    I'd suggest that those who's careers are based on maintaining our military can file for unemployment and search the want ads just like everybody else.

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  • in Greece and Asia Minor

  • StokeLee
    Sep 12, 02:27 PM
    I think its fantastic, I like how it looks, I love the cover flow, and the ability to get the covers, and it gets the whole album, not just the one song. The movies/videos Ive got in my library now play flawlessly.

    I love it, now all i need is a new iPod, If the iPod photo as it was called. I presume I cant play games on that one?

    Edit. Just connected my iPod to my iMac, I love the new screen that itunes comes up with showing your iPod.

    map of asia minor. map of asia minor.
  • map of asia minor.

  • rdowns
    Apr 26, 05:16 PM
    The influx of Russians into parts of the U.S. is bringing more crime.

    Not to mention the Asian gangs buying up all the iPad 2s. :rolleyes:

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  • (Turkey and Asia Minor)*:

  • ilovethisgame
    Mar 28, 11:00 PM
    Working in a retail shop (photo goods); I can say that margins on hard goods is so razor thin, requiring ad-ons makes sense. It also keeps scalpers away for the likes of the iPad 2.

    Thats fine and good - my only point was that I couldn't believe Apple was allowing this. They are very protective of their image and allowing Radio Shack to REQUIRE applecare and a case probably won't sit well with customers. This is why I think it is store managers or maybe regional managers pushing this? I would have to say I would really be surprised if Apple knew this and allowed it. I mean it's not like Apple needs Radio Shack here. It's more the other way around.

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  • mkjj
    Aug 4, 05:20 AM
    Don't forget the iSight has been discontinued altogether in Europe due to the fact it contains some matertial that will kill you if you eat one or something like that! Maybe its days are numbered?

    Now some said no ACD on the banner, new ACD with built in iSight anyone?

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  • Maps of Asia Minor

  • timuster
    Mar 15, 03:07 PM
    Please, elaborate on how one he would have "used it properly" in reference to an OS.

    It's an OS. It should get the hell out of your way and let you worry about actually *doing* stuff with your computer. About the best thing I can say about Windows 7 is that it doesn't require me to care about it in the least, so in that, it's a success, although I still far prefer OS X.

    Well one can use an OS "properly" if he doesn't have a preconception that it sux before he has even used it. All I wanted to point out is that Windows 7 is more problem-free when you compare it to Vista. Believe it or not but Windows actually *does stuff* for the majority of the computer using population out there.

    And if you had read my post "properly" you'd have understood that even I prefer OSX to Windows. I hope I have made myself clear "properly".

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 06:55 AM
    the 12" PB had a full sized keyboard...and I'm holding on to my 1.33 version till a 12" MBP shows up.

    You'll be waiting for a while!

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  • Return to Asia Minor Map

  • TorontoLRT
    Nov 23, 04:27 PM
    That's actually pretty impressive.

    map of asia minor. Map of Asia
  • Map of Asia

  • mccldwll
    Mar 28, 01:59 PM
    They can't come up with a million sales yet because they were not able to produce the units before they launch it. That's why there is short supply on stores and people can't have it ASAP.

    It's like apple is "testing the water before they cross the river".

    They made the supply low so it will look like it is really on demand. and make the people drooling waiting.

    If they will come up with the number, probably it's made up!

    Silly Samsung newbie.

    map of asia minor. La Brugere Map of Asia Minor
  • La Brugere Map of Asia Minor

  • jholzner
    Aug 4, 09:38 AM
    I think you are right. Didn't it just get axed in europe? That may lend some credence to the iSight in the Cinema Displays.

    If they put an iSight in the Cinema Displays and axe the stand alone iSight that would mean you would have to buy an ACD just to use the video stuff with the Powermac/Mac pro AND the mini. I wouldn't put it past them to do that but it would kinda suck. There have also been rumors of the IR reciever for Front Row being put in the ACD. If they didn't also put one on the Mac Pro, Front Row would be useless without an ACD hooked up. I agree with the above poster that we are all reading too much into the poster but oh well, it's fun. We'll all find out soon enough.

    map of asia minor. map asia minor
  • map asia minor

  • hamholio
    Nov 27, 10:41 AM
    I think what is being referenced is what used to be called "ping-pong stereo," the very wide and complete separation of channels -- which in the Beatles catalog is heard mainly on the Rubber Soul and Revolver albums, the two best they ever made IMO. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but mess with these recordings at your peril!

    I don't think either of those albums exhibit that -- the first four British albums in stereo do, but they've never been available on CD in stereo, just mono. Rubber Soul has a few songs that don't work well in headphones (eg Girl) but Revolver is mixed well!

    map of asia minor. Map of Asia Minor
  • Map of Asia Minor

  • eugarps
    Nov 2, 07:10 PM
    Oh, come on! Who here loves to so the [? Blue Lego] show up? :confused:

    map of asia minor. Asia Minor
  • Asia Minor

  • AidenShaw
    Aug 29, 08:51 AM
    (and no, after the DLhell from doing an upgrade from 98 to XP, I would never go the upgrade route again)
    Note that the Windows 98 -> Windows XP "upgrade" was roughly the same as upgrading from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS 10.1. XP was a completely different codebase and layout from Win9x.

    An XP -> Vista upgrade is an upgrade from one version of NT to the next version of NT. Microsoft has a much better track record at NT upgrades.

    (The system that I'm on now started life in 1997 as a Windows NT 4 SP3 system. It's been upgraded to NT4 SPs, Win2K beta, Win2K RCs, Win2K SPs, WinXP betas, WinXP RCs, WinXP SPs, and soon I'll put the Vista RC on it... Never re-installed, never re-formatted.)

    map of asia minor. the Asia Minor coastline.
  • the Asia Minor coastline.

  • paz117
    Jul 24, 08:52 AM
    If apple does this right, it would be awesome. A screen similar to the sony ereader for reading and widescreen for movies.

    map of asia minor. (FC) Charming map of Asia
  • (FC) Charming map of Asia

  • extraextra
    Aug 24, 01:06 PM
    Oh good, the 14" iBook isn't affected! I should tell some of my friends who have older PB's/iBooks about this recall.

    map of asia minor. regions (Asia Minor,
  • regions (Asia Minor,

  • Treq
    Nov 2, 08:33 PM
    It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of the technology personally. It's FACTUALLY an integrated part of the web these days. It needs support on iPhone. Period.

    Damn right it does! I wish Adobe would get off their butts and make one for the iPhone that Apple could approve. Until then, we're all out of luck.

    map of asia minor. peninsula (Asia Minor),
  • peninsula (Asia Minor),

  • durvivor
    Aug 24, 12:37 PM
    Inaccurate title it's not the whole laptop only batteries here is the link to apple's website for the recall. http://www.apple.com/support/batteryexchange/faq/

    When I go there, it says "These batteries were manufactured by LG Chem, Ltd. of South Korea." Is LG related to Sony? Or, is this a different older recall?

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  • See map for geographical

  • Laird Knox
    Mar 18, 09:09 PM
    The space/price point was nice but my iPod Video HD sure didn't like being cliped to the tank of my motorcycle. ;)

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  • Europe and Asia Minor,

  • Koodauw
    Sep 6, 08:24 AM
    Anyone else notice that the low end iMac (1.83 Ghz) now has the 950 chipset for a graphics card?

    Apr 18, 04:46 AM
    I am a Transplant Physician at a University Hospital. I, and several others at my Medical Center use the iPad to access our Electronic Medical Record at the patients bedside, take notes and access reference material.

    The most recent issue of the Mayo Alumni Newsletter focussed on that institution's implementation of mobile technology (specifically iPhones & iPads) in delivering more efficient patient care.

    sounds amazing, we still use windows xp here which yet most can't even work properly lol and write down everything on paper. hell they still forbid cellphones to be used in the hospital.

    Nov 8, 09:42 AM
    They only come in glossy screens now? Damn... im a photojournalist and need color accuracy on screen and it would NOT be good if things looked to have more contrast then they actually do. :(

    Matte has never been an option in the MacBook -- that died with the iBook.

    You can still choose beween matte and glossy in the MacBook Pro.

    Sep 12, 03:21 PM
    Is it just me, or does the new iTunes logo look horrible in the dock? It doesnt seem to match anything, and it just doesnt look as "clean" as the typical dock logos have been/should be. When i went to click iTunes for the first time and it changed from the nice/clean green logo to this blue cheesy looking 1995 icon, I was pretty surprised!
    I think everyone should send massive feedback about how horrid everything in iTunes looks compared to before, even with the new features (which are great). Maybe they'll change it back, at least on OS X.

    Aug 10, 07:40 PM
    I don't think a new computer will come out but I could be wrong. I was thinking, a redesigned iMac utilizing the construction and materials of the Mac Pro would be gorgeous. The only thing is that it would make it much heavier which I doubt they would do. I'm excited to see what is to become of the MacBook Pro.

    Mar 12, 07:38 AM
    the apple website tab bar is all messed up.. and once again. disappointment no.100th. no mbps. back to our wondering lifes

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