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  • mdavis
    Mar 12, 10:17 PM
    Regarding the new MacBooks... I think one of the more important aspects of the new processors is that they support USB 3.0, so without any historical speculation I would assume that USB 3.0 would be included in the next update -- USB 2.0 would seem rather silly, since I bet the bus would have to be wired in some sort of "legacy" mode that would be pointless (probably comperably complex to implement) besides the additional expense of 3.0 ports etc.

    I know for me that the show-stopper on buying a current MBP is the hope for USB 3.0 and a faster discrete GPU in the future.

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  • LouieSamman
    Oct 17, 02:41 AM
    After checking out many of these photos and from previous threads I learned that simplicity and lighting really introduce a really nice setup.

    Tip 1: If you have an iMac get back lighting to have the back of the iMac glow. This is very cheap to be done.

    Tip 2: Get a modern wooden table/ glass table. Here is a link to the desk I have that is really modern.

    Or for the same one for cheaper

    Tip 3: Have stands for your i Devices such as the iPad and iPhone 4 with the dock that apple sells & have them side by side with the iMac or desktop.

    Tip 4: Dark Walnut or lightwood are the modern colored wood that people like to choose. Redwood is a fancy type color and is not clarified modern so don't get that color if you are looking to having a modern setup.

    Tip 5: As I said from Tip 1 for your iMac but this is towards the whole setup. Get a modern light that really lights up your whole setup.

    Tip 6: Modern framless paintings on the wall of your setup is a great ad-on. Here is a great website to find some modern paintings for cheap.

    Tip 7: Rather than selling your old iMac use it as a second monitor side by side with the new iMac that you purchased. (The more displays, the more productivity and real-estate you get).

    Tip 8: get a modern computer chair. Here is a nice one.

    Thats about it.

    I actually have the glass desk I linked you to but my setup isn't ready yet so I won't be posting my iMac,iPad, iPhone setup yet.

    Need the backlighting iMac and more overall lighting on my setup.

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  • NightFox
    Nov 9, 05:08 AM
    I think it's ironic all this Apple not liking Flash business when the iPod/Nike+ pages are some of the most Flash-heavy sites I've seen. :confused:

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  • Sky Blue
    Jan 11, 12:21 PM
    The Beatles "Something"

    Thunderclap Newman - "Something in the Air"

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  • NT1440
    Mar 10, 10:53 PM
    No it will not as I do not support cutting back on the Military ... we could use less freakin politicians and their waste than less Military personal

    This shows you clearly don't understand how the military funds are used.

    The troops cost $152.4 Billion....out of the $685.1 Billion 2010 military budget (which I don't think accounts for the massive CIA and so called "black budget).

    Cutting military funding doesn't mean eliminating troops.

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  • MacFly123
    Nov 2, 04:29 PM

    Apple does not care to support flash on their devices because it is horribly inefficient and has been holding back progression of the internet for over a decade. Instead of using much more efficient open standards that the world wide web is founded upon, companies like Adobe and Microsoft are more interested in locking you into their inferior technologies in order to maintain revenue! Until Flash dies Apple will continue to support the progression of the internet using approved standards!


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  • corrado7
    Nov 12, 06:00 PM
    I wouldn't know who Joe Hewitt is without the iPhone app. Enjoy this final moment of attention Joe, you are now nearly irrelevant. I wonder how many Twitter followers he's lost in the last 24 hours...

    because having a ton of twitter followers is completely relevant to this discussion. That has to be one of the stupidest comments today.

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  • Superdelphinus
    Mar 21, 06:25 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Obviously total bollocks

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  • JonB3Z
    Nov 2, 06:27 PM
    What Adobe is saying is the simple truth: They can't provide Flash due to Apple's app restrictions. If that's "pointing the finger," it's pointing it accurately.

    Whether it is good or bad that Apple has those restrictions is a separate debate, but Adobe is just explaining to users who might want Flash on the iPhone why it isn't available, something that MR readers probably already know but that a lot of iPhone users may not.

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  • priceshirley
    Mar 9, 05:20 AM (

    Very creative. Nice color too.

    Nothing nearly as amazing as some of the pictures in the thread, but it's what I have. First attempt at HDR.

    Well spotted! Very good attempt! I really liked it.

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  • WWDC Lurker
    Aug 4, 09:43 AM
    Sorry if this has been posted before, but Digg has the following for an apple source on new products at WDDC:

    the direct article is at:�s-media-center-strategy-what-to-expect-and-not-to-expect-at-wwdc/

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  • SiliconAddict
    Jul 24, 11:04 PM
    Why would Apple go about doing all this work when Steve Jobs's friend Jeff Bezos has been spending the past several years scanning all of his inventory for the 'Look Inside' feature? And they cover just about every book on Earth. And they've been in the default Safari bookmarks for years. Etc.

    Just because you have the content scanned doesn't mean its ready for e-book format. As I said before Apple would be better off working with e-reader who has something along the lines of 16,000+ books ready to go.

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 11:53 AM
    If this is the theme this year then it looks like wireless is the main product announcements. Unless they want to hide any reference to multi-touch.

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 6, 09:49 AM
    You really are full of crap, aren't you?

    "Most powerful desktop". Ha!

    I will leave your personally offensive remarks aside, suggesting instead that you get a transvestite, oops, Dell PC, dude. I am sure you can find a better desktop in their highly confusing webshop. As for Gisele Buendchen, she stays on our side, thanks a lot... :rolleyes:

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  • mkjj
    Aug 4, 05:20 AM
    Don't forget the iSight has been discontinued altogether in Europe due to the fact it contains some matertial that will kill you if you eat one or something like that! Maybe its days are numbered?

    Now some said no ACD on the banner, new ACD with built in iSight anyone?

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  • kiwi_the_iwik
    Apr 14, 02:31 AM
    Even though I've worked in the broadcast industry for over 25 years, as a cameraman I don't consider myself to be a professional editor at all. In fact, I probably know how to use only about 1% of the full potential of Final Cut Pro.

    However, we as operators are sometimes required to send either edited track and rushes or complete edited packages from locations either locally or abroad, and in broadcast quality.

    The ease of use in acquiring footage using a tapeless medium via Log & Transfer (in our case, P2 @ DVCPRO HD), editing on a native timeline and then transferring back to a card with no loss from transcoding is phenomenal. But FCP 6 & 7 had some caveats which I'd hoped would be addressed - especially with our codec of choice.

    Our network decided to go with P2 because it was the most solid and diverse codec available for news, current affairs, sports and documentary use - being MPEG-4 native with an Intra-base (with no GOP). Metadata is an important aspect of our workflow, and older versions of FCP relied on third party applications in order to import metadata fields along with our clips.

    So far, there's not been much noise as to whether Apple have addressed further P2 support for:

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Mar 21, 02:27 PM
    Last year a girl from the UK (if i remember correctly) wrote a letter to Jack Sparrow that she would love to meet him as she wanted him to lead a mutiny against her teachers.

    ...and so he did

    Funny, I'll bet PeeWee Herman would also do it for free.

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  • diotav
    Oct 11, 12:55 PM

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  • neoelectronaut
    Oct 5, 10:26 AM
    Sometimes I have as much fun taking screenshots as I do just playing the damn game.

    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    I could cause the antenna to lose all its bars by placing my one finger on the antenna... Thats ridiculous. And anyone who has one, on the At&T network and says "I've never dropped a call" is a fanboi in the worst way and flat out lying. All my iPhones, - and even non-iPhones - on AT&T's network drop calls period, all the time. Even if the antenna design was perfect on the iPhone 4, it would drop calls because of At&T's network, so yea... I don't believe that in a second.

    Not to mention all the problems people were having with the screen, and the proximity sensors... and thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there is/was more. Also, I refused to buy another iPhone that didn't have more than 32 GB of space, since I'm currently maxing out the capacity on my current 32 GB iPhone. Thus, I decided not to upgrade to avoid dealing with all that. Really, the 4 was just problems and a few spec increases. The increased resolution of the display means nothing to me without a larger screen, and the 3GS was fast enough at the time. The one and only thing that I would have enjoyed is the bump in RAM.

    Also, design-wise, I'd take the original iPhone over any of the others. It's too bad the AL causes havoc with radio signals. I would think someone who supposedly had all the iPhones would agree. And at least not think it looked like a "toy".

    Good thing your not a designer, since when you designed crap and people called you out on it you'd be offended. :rolleyes: You'd probably not be able to emotionally handle it.

    And I 100% know what I'm talking about. Because I have an Anti-Apple opinion doesn't mean I'm ill-informed and I don't know what I'm talking about. I've worked on and dealt with enough electronics to have an informed opinion.

    So what electronic has ZERO problems??
    The more features that are packed into something, the more chances of issues. Doesn't make the iPhone 4 a "POS".

    You've never owned one, so you wouldn't know.

    Mar 12, 01:51 AM
    Interesting.... and what is your prediction for International (Int) since we won't get the iPad before the end of April ? I also believed that once, but with different date for the iPad release (US vs Int) and knowing that about 50% of the sales are Int, I'm not sure about that anymore. End of April will be a shame for Apple... Friends around me already have there i7 laptop... but of course, they had to pay the ultimate price... being on Windows :eek:

    May, at the earliest; June ?

    Aug 3, 11:54 AM
    OK, so their inital aim was implicitly to get in-the-face of smug Mac users. And then Apple "leans" on them, so they go all nicey-nice and 'decide' to a USB wifi card instead? Doesn't this seem slightly odd to anyone else?

    Nov 3, 06:51 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iphone: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7D11 Safari/528.16)

    Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

    People don't care about Flash Player itself, they just want the ability to play video in the browser, which the iPhone is perfectly capable of doing. So instead of lobbying Apple for Flash support we should be lobbying web developers for video tag support.

    I support this idea. I believe this is the same way Apple looks at it.

    Apr 10, 07:54 PM
    Only specific Radio Shack's are selling them, and fast.
    Most of them can take your number and call you when they are placing more orders.
    They will call you and ask for you to either come to the store now and pay or pay at the store when the iPad comes in. If you pay in advance they will ship the iPad to your door. It would take 2-3 days for delivery, faster than Apple's website.

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