Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • sixteen2
    Sep 12, 02:56 PM
    Does anyone know what the greyed out 'itunes phone driver' is on the custom install option?

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  • craig1410
    Oct 19, 02:48 AM
    I like that desk. Who is it by?

    What calderone said ^^^^^^ ( thanks calderone ) :)

    It's a pretty sturdy table and beautiful when all nicely cleaned and oiled. Yes I use mild detergent to clean it and then apply a very light coat of baby oil or similar to give it a nice finish. The oil is applied and then wiped back off with a cloth so doesn't stain clothes etc. Only downside is that it tends to scratch quite easily so make sure you have rubber feet on everything. Also, carbonated drinks cause a nasty stain if left on the surface. I had a drop of cola on mine once and it almost seemed to eat into the surface slightly. Makes you think twice about drinking the stuff!!


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  • MattG
    Nov 8, 09:33 AM
    Still glossy-display only apparently. That sucks.

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  • hob
    Aug 24, 04:28 PM
    MY GOD

    I just woke up from a nap and have at least a DOZEN e-mails from PC-owning friends and famailies saying stuff like "What's up with your boys?!?!?!"

    I kindly link them to the 4.1 million Dell's being recalled. :D
    My girlfriend is having a field-day. Being a Dell fan-girl, I was like nyahhhh your laptop's gonna explode.

    Now she's getting her own back ( :(

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  • jegbook
    Mar 25, 02:47 PM
    I've seen some 3G models that work great w/ 4.2.1 and some that don't. One was jailbroken, so I wrote that one off. The one thing I've seen that helped a s l o w non-jailbroken one was a double reset (force the phone to reboot, load, then force reboot once more). You could also do a complete wipe and see if it performs well before restoring your backup -and then do a piece by piece restore if that solved the issue.

    I don't think 4.x is that bad for everyone on a 3G, but I have seen it in "slow mode"- and the people experiencing this are not making it up. It's -bad-. I wish there were a definitive fix other than trial and error as above and hoping you don't put something on your phone to cause it again...

    Yeah, I think a freshly restored 3G with iOS 4.2.1 is okay. Something in the restore from backup part is where it gets s - l - o - w. I've seen it, too, and having a 3Gs which is quick (but not FAST) for most stuff, using the s - l - o -w 3G was like running Win XP on an old computer that hasn't had an OS rebuild in years with 1GB free hard drive space, high fragmentation, and 512MB of RAM. Usable, but one could justifiably argue against that. ;)

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  • amjustice
    Mar 11, 04:45 PM
    So 9to5's retraction is because a bunch of you guys were giving him fraudulent tips?

    That's shameful, I thought we were better than that.

    I was just coming on to see what was up with that. Did someone from here really send in a tip? What good does that do? Its not like Apple is going to go on MacRumors and say "Well there is a rumor we are going to release, lets just do it".....Stupid!

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  • e-coli
    Aug 8, 08:30 PM
    The one thing to remember is that this is a Developer's Conference so there is not going to be a lot of pizazz with flashy announcements. There was not a whole lot of new mind-blowing things announced so he could have been a little bit bored with it.

    Bored with such trivial things as THE OPERATING SYSTEM that runs his entire corporation! I highly doubt that's the case.

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  • cal6n
    Aug 24, 05:08 PM
    This Apple page shows much shorter serial number ranges that the original MacRumors article.

    So which is it? The Apple page has to be considered official, but the MacRumors article would get me a brand new battery. :confused: :p

    Charleson Mambo

    Good question. The FAQ you've linked to quotes:

    While the actual recall site, (which is linked from the FAQ site) quotes:

    I expect the dust will settle, eventually.

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  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 22, 08:11 PM
    I've always loved the look of those iSight cameras, do they work well? (If that's whats on top of your monitor, I think it is anyway)

    Yeah, thats what it is, I have one too:

    They work well, but can be grainy by todays standards. They don't do well in low light.

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  • aaronsullivan
    May 4, 11:56 PM
    I do not understand half the comments in this thread.

    Data caps for 3G download (if it is allowed)? What else would the negotiations be about? Downloading over wifi?

    Unavoidable, uncontrollable, and unexpected iOS upgrades? Seriously?

    How could Apple possibly solve the issue of backing up data for users of iOS 5... the version of iOS strongly rumored to include support for Apple's revamped cloud stroage solution.

    This development just strengthens the other rumors. It fits together rather nicely. Hopefully there's some validity to it. Tying it to a single computer's iTunes has been a nuisance from time to time.

    It's late. Sorry for the snark.

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  • revjay
    Nov 7, 04:07 PM
    You mean rhetorical, as opposed to redundant?

    If you're gonna try to use big words, at least act like you know what they mean.

    I did intend to use the word redundant instead of that other big word you used (what does that one mean anyway?). :rolleyes:

    Perhaps I used the word incorectly, now that I look at my sentence. The feeling I was going for is that there is never a shortage of posters who state and restate the redundantly obvious.

    BTW...what was your point? Surely you had something critical or insightful to say about what I wrote about Macs or Apple?

    Anyhooo... (I know that is not really a word)

    ...A MB with new Intel goodies sounds alright to me...I am in the middle of a trip and I borrowed a friends PC notebook to use while travelling on boats and trains and such...I feel much more productive, though, I feel like I have been ignoring people, running the risk of looking like a snob;) .

    I'll most surely be adding a new MB after they are upgraded. Apple can take a few more weeks if they wish...I need it to gather the funds anyway.

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 6, 03:12 AM
    ? ... This what? I'm confused.

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  • MacFreak2011
    Mar 25, 02:08 PM
    Is anyone else having the issue with the double vibrate when you get a text?? I had this issue with 4.3 and I have heard no complaining about it. Everyone I know who has 4.3 has the double vibrate so it's not just my phone, but I haven't heard anyone else say anything. It's pretty annoying. Anyway, I was just wondering if this fixed that issue or not.

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  • MattyMac
    Oct 15, 05:08 PM
    Hmm...5 year anniversary! Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? An anniversary iPod or better yet, the much anticipated real iPod video! It's a possibility.

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  • RebootD
    Apr 13, 05:16 PM
    It was the way you stated it plus your tone. My point, and response, was that all this anti-professional bs from people is getting out of hand. I'm a professional graphic designer who is getting more into editing/animation but just because I own Premiere/AE CS5 doesn't make me a pro editor! I guarantee the real pros aren't worried I will be a threat to them any time soon.

    Also I had dental work done today so I'm a wee bit cranky ;)

    I'm not necessarily referring to the responses on this thread, just some of the general backlash that Final Cut Pro X has received for looking like iMovie by people claiming to be industry professionals. I use the term loosely because I'm makIng a point about the meaninglessness of the word "professional". Why am I getting such bitter responses from people who seem to agree with my point?

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  • balamw
    Sep 6, 01:51 AM
    Cost aside for the moment, it's Microsoft's decision to sell such a bewildering number of versions that I find so remarkable.
    I agree, though this (if true) makes that less of a real issue.
    The three retail editions (Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate) of Windows Vista will ship on the same DVD. The features of the Home Premium and Ultimate editions may be "unlocked" at any time by purchasing a one-time upgrade license through a Control Panel tool called Windows Anytime Upgrade. The Business edition will also be upgradable to Ultimate. Such licenses will be sold by Microsoft's partners and OEMs, but not directly by Microsoft.
    This is a change from XP where there was no good way to go "pro" if you already had "Home" installed, even though they had promised such a path during the beta.


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  • pindkaas
    Nov 8, 06:19 AM
    i think these things are sold out within the minute they get online! :)

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  • grassland
    Mar 2, 04:16 PM
    making sure everything is good:)

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  • yellow
    Aug 3, 02:01 PM
    Does anyone know the answer to this?

    There's precious little details on what the actual exploit is, so no.. I don't think anyone here knows, yet.

    Nov 8, 08:57 AM
    Actually I like being a consumer with choices. I've only used my powerbook to burn DVDs maybe thrice. If I had to buy another computer. I'd probably go with a Combo drive since I'd have the powerbook to burn DVDs.

    Plus why make everyone's computer more expensive when some people don't want it.

    Can you tell me what the price difference between a ComboDrive and a Superdrive is? ComboDrives are probably more expensive now than a simple Single Layer burner, because nobody makes them anymore...

    Every 599€ Notebook now has a DVD burner. :eek:

    Mar 5, 07:16 AM
    Thanks for the kind words! I've only been really shooting for a year so I've been trying to get out and shoot as much as possible. I try to post a bunch and get as much criticism as possible to help me improve. It's nice when someone really likes a shot!

    That shot is fantastic. outstanding light, nice bokeh, beautiful subject!

    Mine for today.

    no worries man :) thats good, I've only really been shooting a year and a half but the amount of time I get to shoot is nothing! yeah that's the best thing to do, and posting here is a great way to get critique on your shots! haha well I did!

    And thanks :D hope your not just saying that cause I like yours :p

    Here is the EXIF data from the photo.

    EXIF Summary: 1/3000s f/4.0 ISO160 200mm (35mm eq:401mm)

    Camera-Specific Properties:

    Equipment Make: OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP.
    Camera Model: E-5

    Edit: They make some nice lenses for that camera. Nice to see something that didn't turn out to be Nikon of Canon.

    thanks, was on my dads computer so I couldn't look easily! cheers for that, interesting.. never really read into that camera, its a supposed 'professional one'.. interesting 35mm equivalent though, weird sensor size?

    Forgot to mention this was the first shoot with my new speedlight. Decided to get one rather than upgrade to a fullframe (few more months :) ). Still loving this little Rebel XS.
    duuude.. your photos have improved so much! I remember when you first started posting on here I wasn't too keen on your shots (if I'm going to be totally honest) but this is such a major improvement, that is such a damn nice shot! Nice work with the new flash, I really need to get one, shows what messing with light can do! did you bounce the flash off anything? what lens did you use? your getting fantastic shots out of that little camera man, I had one for a year before getting my t2i. Anyway, keep up the good work, your portraiture work is great :)

    Olympus Zuiko 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 at f/4, about 50 yards away (it's a fair amount of crop)

    I was knee deep in the water- the lens w/ body combo E-5 is weather sealed.Does well even with a 2x teleconverter, which on Olympus makes 400mm = 800mm in 35mm equivalent.. perfect surf setup imo. Here's one wide open with the t/c, original resolution after crop.

    click image for large size
    Camera Model: E-3
    Focal Length: 400.0mm
    Exposure Time: 0.0010 s (1/1000)
    Aperture: f/7.0
    ISO Equiv.: 160

    ah right, cool! seems like a good camera! I'm one of these devout canon people though :P as I said, interesting sensor size! good pics though :)

    mine for today.. typical trees and sunset but I like it, nice view out of my dads window in Cheshire, UK. Shame about the crop but the foreground was a trampoline and some bushes :p (
    Last bit of sun ( by TheSVD (, on Flickr

    Mar 28, 05:50 PM
    Yep. Hear it all the time. "Protect my family", "Keep my family safe". In other words, kill the other party so that your offspring may live. The attitude needs to change. Yugo's for everyone.

    I used to hear this all the time from my ex-girlfriend. Whenever she drove her mom's expedition she'd claim that she "felt so safe".

    Compensating for poor driving skills with the consumer equivalent of a tank.

    Aug 3, 06:18 PM
    WWDC is 2 blocks from where I work. And I don't get to see it :(

    Sep 13, 03:55 PM
    wow, what is the point of even advertising a smaller box, the nano box was miniscule as it is. It just makes you wonder what they have cut out of the old box to make this box smaller, maybe they make you buy the dock and ipod-> usb cable, and the ipod plug all seperately.

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