Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • ssteve
    Aug 24, 06:16 PM
    My battery serial number was in the 3K437 range, but the website accepted my computers serial number, but not the battery...

    So i changed the last letter of my battery serial number from an A to a C (B diden't work)

    And it went thru.....

    :D sweet

    Wow, I have already replied to this one above, but below is his brother apparently.

    I have a battery that seems to be on the recall list, I have a PB G4 - Model No. A1148 - Serial No. 3K542...A. But it says that the serial number is invalid. I did try to see if I could switch the last part of the number which is an "A" to "B" or "C" and while it did not take "B", it did take "C" as a valid serial number. I have had my battery for 10 months and it has worked fine and charges up to 100% with no problem and I have had no heating issues to date.

    Anyway, I don't know what's up with their site. Just thought I'd contribute my two cents.

    So even though I have a MBP and not a PB I can probably get a new battery as well by changing the serial numbers despite what is really on my battery.


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  • eastercat
    Mar 25, 01:22 PM
    I'd say that Verizon maybe blocking the update because they want to make sure that all hell doesn't break loose once it is released. It would be interesting to see what the justification is, maybe 5.0 will be the 'big change' for iOS on AT&T and Verizon phones?It'd be ironic if it's really Verizon that's iOS blocking. Or it's simply not worth Apple's effort to support only a miniscule number of customers with a minor upgrade.

    yes, what's up with 666 MB... :(It's just a set of repeating numbers. :rolleyes: Personally, I think it's awesome; if it was deliberate, it's a great indicator of their humor.

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  • techy298
    May 2, 08:18 PM
    :cool: = :apple:

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 6, 09:32 AM
    Here is what I suspect...

    1) If no major case changes, a quiet introduction like today's iMac
    2) If a major case and feature change, a "One More Thing"� next week...
    3) Perhaps the reason for the delay in introduction is the Meroms are still constrained and Apple wanted them in the iMacs first.

    Either way, I'm anticipating them to be introduced soon and I'll be in line as quickly as possible along with many here to buy one.

    I agree with 1 definitely. A simple chip upgrade woudn't qualify 2. 3, could be. And I'll be right there in line with you.

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  • Alvin777
    Jun 29, 10:07 PM
    It'll just have a Retina Display with graphics higher than the current 4870 and faster hardware. It's only 22" because it doesn't need to be big at such pixel density. If you remove it's aluminum stand, it'll be light enough to be tolerable for your lap but it's gonna' be too hot.

    The whole screen can't be a big iPad that you put on a low table with virtual keyboard and pressure sensitivity (I expect the iPad to have Retina Display with pressure sensitivity and front camera) because that would be too tiring and the smudges are gonna' ruin photo editing sessions because nowadays you also use an iMac for professional jobs.

    The current iMac are already multi-touch with the multi-touch mouse. I just think it's the Retina display and the wireless keyboard will have iOS capabilities for things like Dashboard which is rarely used coz' it gets in the way of the your work.


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  • partyBoy
    Oct 16, 06:12 PM
    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

    I said where did you "buy" not "put":confused:

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  • thiagorariz
    Apr 12, 02:01 PM
    I think the MacRumors posters have solved this problem with their insightful comments.

    Now to the most important thing:

    Will the iphone and ipad get less expensive when produced in Brazil? LOL

    great question.,..

    the answer: for brazilian people? yes, between 10% and 20%

    for other countries? No.

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  • A is jump
    Nov 27, 01:59 PM
    Led Zepplin has never appeared on iTunes. However, Radio Head was on for a short time, but everyone who like Radio Head has already bought their one good album, The Bends.

    yes, and Vanilla ice cream is the only good flavor.

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  • mlblacy
    Apr 12, 07:33 AM
    God, I hope so. I have been looking for a Dreamweaver replacement, not found anything yet. I have been using Pages to make epub books, like it for that more than I do InDesign. All of Adobe software is bloated, the new versions barely bring anything I need to the table, case in point...

    I hated Dreamweaver every single second I used it, and made the switch to RapidWeaver instead. A lot cheaper, a lot easier to pick up, and will grow with you as your knowledge deepens. There is a huge community of third party developers that make themes, plug-ins & extensions, and the community of users & developers are pretty open-source about sharing information and providing trouble shooting when things go awry. You can download a working demo for free...

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  • See Flat
    Apr 14, 01:05 AM
    Why isn�t anyone talking about how ugly this interface looks? White on Dark backgrounds = not fun on the eyes. Please tell me this isn�t how it will look. The background rendering and all that stuff is great, but I HOPE this interface is customizable and has the ability to look a little like the final cut of yesteryear.

    Dont agree. Not ugly. I've heard of people not liking white text on black backgrounds. I have no problem at all with that, and in fact prefer that in darker rooms. Blasting white screens tire me more in a dimly lit room.

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  • Websnapx2
    Aug 3, 05:15 PM
    Although they did give all the developers who 'rented' the 'Intel Development Kit' from WWDC '05 a Intel iMac when they were released in January. ;)

    Also, kids, this is what we should be discussing:

    True, but I think that was because it was the only shipping intel machine apple was shipping. Not for any other reason.

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  • utwarreng
    May 5, 06:55 AM
    I wouldn't mind this, but definitely want the option to turn it off.

    1.) 3G in my area is spotty at best, and often is under 100kbps downstream. I have no desire to sit around and have my phone be useless while this downloads/installs.

    2.) If it installs automatically, I've lost all interest. Stay away from my jailbreak!

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  • gauchogolfer
    Aug 2, 07:11 PM
    I haven't seen the video. But if the description of the vulnerability says "seize control" or "aribtrary code execution", it's the real thing. They can do whatever they want, although sometimes restricted by the privileges of the user that the compromised process is running as.

    Here's the link to the main blog page, with video: link (http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/)

    What do you think?

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  • macfan881
    Sep 7, 08:38 PM
    Cant wait found my old copy of Halo for Mac gonna play that as soon as i play through this and get 2 eventually I really hope they put 2 on On-Demand, Since 1 and 3 are on there.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 5, 01:14 PM
    I say iTunes Movie Store and new iPod nanos. Possibly a rev of the iMacs, since they were the first ones to go Intel.

    And hopefully updated MBP's with C2D.

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  • msavwah
    Mar 20, 12:57 PM
    I had my 160gb classic ripped off. I would have been pissed if I couldn't replace it with a new one, which I promptly did.

    I also still have my 20gb from 2002. It's like a priceless artifact. Survived a year of combat and it still rocks.

    I bought an 80gb when they came out, then gave it to a friend when I got the first 160gb.

    I will always own the highest capacity iPod.
    Hoping the classic sticks around until at least it can be replaced by the touch model. Still, I love the classic. It's rugged and holds everything I have, and it's also simple. No wifi, app store safari, etc.
    Just iPod. Classic!

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  • quagmire
    Mar 10, 09:05 PM
    I would have a $97 billion surplus.

    Raised the budget of NASA to $30 billion( I do believe manned space flight is important).

    Made some small cuts to other organizations up until Defense. Reduced our Defense budget to $471 billion.

    Pretty much halted any foreign military aid.

    Reduced Education a bit.

    Cut Justice a bit.

    Cut housing programs a bit

    Increased our transportation budget.

    Increased taxes 5% for people making $30K to $100K. Raised taxes 10% for $100K to $500K. Increased taxes by 30% for making above $500K.

    Increased the corporate income tax by 10%.

    Create a Carbon tax that will increase energy cost by $6 a month. Increase alcohol tax to 25 cents per ounce and tax sugary drinks 1 cent per ounce.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 26, 05:16 PM
    The influx of Russians into parts of the U.S. is bringing more crime.

    Not to mention the Asian gangs buying up all the iPad 2s. :rolleyes:

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  • Warbrain
    Aug 24, 01:33 PM
    There seem to be varying reports of the serial numbers affected, and Apple's site seems dead right now. I'm hoping my battery IS affected, because I was getting close to ordering a new battery, as my year-and three month old battery is down to 25% of it's original capacity after 440 load cycles.

    The site was up briefly and claimed 4-6 weeks for the new battery to ship. That's a LONG time to go without a battery.

    Yea, but they send you the new one while you use the old one. And considering the capacity of your old battery, you probably live off the power adapter a lot anyway.

    And they've probably got to manufacture a bunch of new batteries for this.

    Mar 28, 07:21 PM
    Maybe it had nothing to do with money at all. Maybe "wife said no" because hubby is obsessed with gadgets and the Internet, and therefore pays no attention to wife, kids, dog or fish.

    That said, Apple may not have necessarily helped with family by sending it back to hubby for free. All they did was undermine the wife's better judgment.

    Nov 9, 05:08 AM
    I think it's ironic all this Apple not liking Flash business when the iPod/Nike+ pages are some of the most Flash-heavy sites I've seen. :confused:

    sierra oscar
    Nov 7, 01:44 AM
    I Think C2D MacBook Tomorrow But Election May Delay A Day.

    Nothing different except C2D at same speeds, 3GB option, 160GB and 200GB HD Offerings.

    Fair thought - but aren't Apple a Global company with a global product? I would have thought anything local wouldn't impact on a worldwide strategy...but then again...

    Nov 12, 10:54 AM
    I respect the fact that he and any developer can do what ever they wish, and move on to do other things, but to use the review process as your excuse is lame. Sure, everyone knows and agrees it's a bit harsh of a process, but he's leaving exactly why? Because it's a 2 week wait for approval? Because Apple polices content to make sure it won't hinder performance on the device? The developers all know the rules, and not much has changed from day one. I understand frustration, but this is a bit extreme to prove a point. There are better ways to go about it.

    Just my opinion...

    I think he did a great job on the app, and I'm disappointed he's walking away from it.

    I can totally understand his frustration. His job is to make his application better. When there is a big bug that sneaks into the application but isn't caught before the release of the app. You discover it after several people complain (and several in FB terms is probably thousands) but you can fix the problem in an hour. But then you need to wait 2-3 weeks for the application to be approved by apple. In the mean time you can't do jack **** because the app store is completely controlled by Apple. Oh and the user has to deal with the bug until Apple approves the update which at the current rate can be anywhere from a week to three weeks (or more as noted below).

    His job is made harder because of Apple's BS. Why would you want your job to be harder than it needs to be? Of course you don't want your job to be harder. So why say that his job should be any different than your own.

    Nevermind the other developers out there like Cerulean Studio's who haven't heard a single peep from Apple about their Trillian app for the iPhone for over 3 months. THREE MONTHS.

    It's pretty clear that while one developer has the capability to be reassigned to better things, not all developers are. As a result he chose to make his life easier. Others can't, but my guess is that if they had the choice they too would switch away from the App Store.

    Look at Steven Frank (from Panic) who tried to ditch the iPhone for philosophical reasons as well. He wasn't able to leave. But my guess is his success rate would be higher now with the newer Android devices (Droid and Droid Eris/Hero).

    This isn't just one developer having problems. It's a LOT of big developers who are seeing issues. meanwhile more fart apps, flashlight apps and trash are loaded up on the store for no good reason. But those who actually want to make your life easier are getting nothing but grief (or in the case of Cerulean Studios' NOTHING).

    Look at the bigger picture is what I'm saying.

    Mar 28, 12:32 PM
    I'm not american. Am I meant to know what RadioaShack is?

    If you have any devices that still take D batteries thats your place to go

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