Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • GenesisST
    Apr 2, 07:14 AM
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    This MP war reminds me of this:

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Apr 26, 04:41 PM
    Yes, I know that some places (e.g. Texas), black people are provided with retarded attourneys who show up intoxicated in court - if showing up at all.

    This is the first I've ever heard of this. Do you have a source? Usually the situation is that public defenders have too many cases.

    You do realize there are plenty of other minorities who are not black right? They don't seem to be having the same problem. By your logic Asians, Indians, and even Jews should be having the same problems. But they're not. I have no bias in my OP, just cold hard facts. You choose to continue to sugarcoat the issue and be politically correct, but you're wrong.

    The influx of Russians into parts of the U.S. is bringing more crime.

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  • muire
    Nov 27, 10:47 AM
    I predicted this a year ago... :)

    Wow. Here's a cookie.

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  • Ugg
    Mar 29, 10:14 AM
    War should be avoided wherever possible, and when the congress declares war under a viable threat to the country or our interests, the war should be hard fought, swift, and over.

    Can you point out any war in history that meets your ivory tower qualifications?

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 16, 07:54 PM
    1. My statement made perfect sense. Apple builds excellent hardware that competes very well with other expensive hardware, the build quality is better than what anyone else produces, and Apple's Macintosh computers often have unique design that you cannot find elsewhere. Anybody who needs to run Windows and is willing to pay for top quality hardware is well advised to consider buying a Macintosh.

    2. You are in LOVE with an ASUS board? I'm in love with my wife. If my MacBook was stolen or damaged I wouldn't shed one tear; I would just wait for the insurance money and buy a new one. You seem to have a strange irrational emotional attachment here.

    Apple does not have the best have a build quality better then everyone else. They have some very good computers, but their are companies who build much better computers you have no evidence to back up your statement. Macs use the same hardware as everyone else.

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  • iJawn108
    Sep 12, 07:14 PM
    I wanted a silver 8GB one. Now I'm torn :(

    EDIT: Made up my mind. 4GB silver and the extra �40 in my pocket. Besides, silver'll look better in my Bose SoundDock :)

    Anyone know if the black is... comepletely black? if not I will go Silver 4gig.

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  • e-coli
    Aug 8, 08:30 PM
    The one thing to remember is that this is a Developer's Conference so there is not going to be a lot of pizazz with flashy announcements. There was not a whole lot of new mind-blowing things announced so he could have been a little bit bored with it.

    Bored with such trivial things as THE OPERATING SYSTEM that runs his entire corporation! I highly doubt that's the case.

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  • thewhitehart
    Aug 29, 12:32 PM
    Wow, all of these vista versions, which one do I pick? I think I'm going to end up going with the Windows Really Good Edition� (

    (Yes, I know it's been posted before, but I had to do it.)

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  • tigress666
    Apr 14, 09:20 AM
    My mom got her iphone last year. She loves it so much she's been totally into apple stuff (bought herself an ipod touch when it came out - don't ask me when she already has an iphone - and even bought me the new nano).

    She says she's probably going to buy a Mac next time (and she used to snub the mac when I was a kid).

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 17, 05:14 PM
    I thought Toys R Us sold cheap plastic toys for kids. I'm obviously mistaken.

    Times have changed. Then again, They've always sold electronics. I remember getting stuff there for my Commodore64 back in the 80s.

    I think we're a bit fooled by the "Toys" in Toys R US.

    "Toy" is also a pretty subjective term.

    This was my winter "toy" when I was younger:

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  • whatever
    Sep 6, 10:18 AM
    May I be the first to say: Where's our desktop?
    If you're referring to a Mac Pro, I know that mine shipped last night from CA and is currently in East Boston. Should be here this afternoon and then I can finally connect up my 30" ACD.

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  • Ageostrophic
    Jun 27, 09:07 PM
    It could be cool if they implemented touch into iOS (or whatever). When I first heard about it, I was imagining they'd have some dashboard like space for the iOS apps. Not so sure I'd want to keep my arms and hands in the air for while I'm surfing, though. I'm really hoping that this rumor turns into some sort of cool implementation of AppleTV, taking it out of the hobby category. I just love the concept of AppleTV. I hope that architecture of watching TV wins out. I'd rather take Comcast out of the equation somehow, at least for the TV part.

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  • DYER
    Mar 28, 01:19 PM
    The closest apple store to my town (population 48k) is over a hour away - we have two radio shacks. How is this low? an elitist much? This is great! - Ipad 2's are the same price everywhere, except AAFES where its $10 cheaper and tax free. - Now many people can save their hard earned money as gas approaches $4 a gallon under this administration. Besides some people have radio shack credit cards -and earn rewards. They may prefer to buy from there.

    Oh you poor people paying $4 a gallon � We pay over DOUBLE that in the UK.
    I do agree with saving money where possible though , and I don't think it matters where you buy a product as long as you are happy!

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  • dwd3885
    Apr 14, 09:13 AM
    So there is more room for growth with Mac sales. Of course this is true because the market % is so low that it's easier to go up. This is like how Android skyrocketed, just more room to grow when nobody has your products.

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  • thedonga
    Sep 6, 09:42 AM
    I am sure someone has a 24" S-IPS panel.LGs doesnt say if it is or not.

    It would be nice to see Apple make it 24" though, but if the current panels dont permit them to do it at the same quality, I am fine with it staying the same.

    I am basing my "insight" on
    A very good source for lcd panel specs. There is no 24" IPS panel in use, only PVAs

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  • machewcoy
    Oct 26, 11:24 PM
    Yep. That is the subwoofer for the Harman Kardon Soundsticks. :)

    AH! Thank you! Hahaha, it was kinda bugging me.. I was entranced by it hahaha. So how are you liking those? I've been researching them and trying to save up, but I've heard mixed things about them

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  • pmz
    Apr 17, 08:58 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Agreed. Recipe for sucess:

    Enter credit card information.
    Get on with life.
    Sign for package when it arrives in about three weeks.
    Enjoy your new device.

    The delays were actually a good thing for me. Gave me time to "cool off"
    I'm with you on every point, except the cooling off period.

    Now that Apple's quality control had tanked, I know that there's a great likelihood ill get a bad one and the return game will begin.

    Even though I have an Apple store nearby, I buy BTO, so I'm stuck with what has become "The Crap Shoot, Gambling The Apple Way".

    Yea ok, keep dreaming fantasy boy. The stories you read online dont actually count as a measure of Apples quality control.

    I've never had to return any of a dozen Apple devices.

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  • neoelectronaut
    Oct 5, 10:26 AM
    Sometimes I have as much fun taking screenshots as I do just playing the damn game.

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  • mi5moav
    Jul 23, 06:45 AM
    I guess we'll see the second coming of the ibook shortly. This will probably be a small tablet size. Is it possible to use two different kind of screen technology on the same screen. OLED and TFT. The only thing is that when I was in Japan earlier this year I saw and used the Sony ereader with eInk it was really a very nice device and the screen feels like a paperback book, it isn't true white and doesn't strain the eyes. I guess, this new device is going to use text recognition and voice over, I don't know if this is going to work since Agnes is not really that great wih expressions, but we'll see. I really have no clue how this is going to pan out, I really would rather have Apple release a gread digital video camera with HD/HD but they have some sort of deal with sony or panasonic that they won't what gives!!!!

    Mar 25, 04:08 PM
    I just downloaded the update, it told me something failed and I need to restore my iPhone. I am on try 3 and it is still failing every time it tries to restore. It's giving me error code 1013. I would stay away from this update for at least a day or two until others give feedback. It doesn't seem to be that critical of an update anyways.

    Mar 15, 03:05 PM
    Has fivepoint even commented once on his own thread? :confused:

    Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

    Be grateful for small mercies.

    Count your blessings.

    The grenade-tosser rarely hangs about.

    Oct 13, 07:47 PM
    I have better things to do than rehash a situation that I have no control over. Especially a situation that gets rehashed on a biweekly basis by generally the same individuals.

    Still, four options await:

    complain; then buy a PC
    complain; but wait for what-ever-it-is-that-your-waiting-for
    don't complain; then buy a PC
    don't complain; and wait for what-ever-it-is-that-your-waiting-for

    In the mean time, I suggest that we all prepare ourselves for the reality of faster machines by mastering all of the software that we already have in our toolboxes.

    I'm done...

    Major Reeves
    Oct 20, 10:24 PM

    Ultimate usage of my Apple stuff: iPad as excellent calculator during making my homework for math, in a perfect viewing angle thanks the Apple iPad case (I own since today, excellent case). MBP used as music player for the relaxing during making homework thanks to iTunes. iPhone used as camera. Love my Apple stuff!

    iPad as an excellent calculator? Only if you're doing 4th, 5th, 6th grade maths and even so, shame on you. Ho there's spacetime and pocket cas, well they're crap.


    Want a real calculator?
    Install matlab/mathematica on your laptop.

    Oh the iPad...
    Well trow it away.

    Nov 8, 08:20 AM
    As stated by many prior to me, I think the update is a solid one but really wish it had a better way to handle the graphics.

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