Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • fundo14
    04-18 05:10 PM
    my I485

    PD = nov, 2003 , EB2
    RD = 2nd July, 2007
    ND = 6th Oct, 2007
    FP = 1st Nov, 2007
    Name check : still pending
    spouse Name check got cleared.

    latest lud updated : 04/18/2008 ?

    Hi Boogie,

    How do you came to know about the name check status? Is there a way to find out?

    Got a mail from USCIS in nov,2007 stating that our case is transfered to NSC from TSC for faster processing. No update after that except couple of LUD's after FP in Feb, 2008

    EB3 -India
    PD:Dec, 2003
    I-140 approved, apr2007
    485 filed: July 2, 2007
    AP/EAD approved, Sep,2007
    FP done, Feb, 2008

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  • theshiningsun
    03-31 11:35 AM
    done ... thx pappu.

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  • hopefulgc
    08-13 09:55 PM
    possible reason for mysterious rejections :

    You are a mail room guy, you go home friday (06/29) and comeback on monday (06/02).
    You start the monkey business of timestamping incoming mail, but half an hours into the day (around 8 or 9:00 am), you realize "sshhttt: i did not change the date on my stamp, its still read 06-29-2007". In the classical govt. fashion, you do not bother to go back and restamp the applications with the correct datetime. Not because you are evil, but because you simply don't understand the ramifications of early stamping. You think u are doing the guy a favor, putting him/her early in line.. but guess what... the guy's application is gonna get rejected.

    Could this be the case with some apps mysteriously being rejected?

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  • glus
    01-22 12:12 PM
    Consulare processing means, you have to go out of the country to your home country and over there you have an interview for an immigrant visa. If approved you come to the states with that visa and receive GC here. If denied, consular processing CANNOT be appealed. The decision is usually final. When you do I485, whcih is adjustment of status, you stay in the US and if gets denied you CAN appeal the decision. To be eligible for adjustment of status in the U.S. one must show he/she never violated non-immigrant status until the I485 was filed(since last entry).

    If you file I140 while being on F1, that could be taken as "violation of non-immigrant" status. It is advisable to change to a dual intent visa before filing for I485. Such visas are H1 and L1.

    I am not attorney so don't take my answers for granted.



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  • chanduv23
    02-13 09:01 PM
    After some procrastination, finally i will be posting the mails out tomorrow. You guys are doing great jobs. I will talk around to my friends to send out too.:)

    Please please do so :) Lets all join hands and succeed in this campaign

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  • caydee
    03-07 06:00 PM
    I have similar situation - I applied for 140 in July 2006. My daughter will turn 21 in July 2007. As I have applied for 140 before she turns 21, she is safe for GC, but will loose H4 status when she turns 21. As per my lawyer's advice I have applied for her F1 so that she can stay and continue her studies in US. When I become eligible to apply for 485, she can be included in the application - but, not as a dependent of H1B holder.

    Can you apply for AOS for your daughter with your 485 application after she moves from H4 to F1?


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  • ash0210
    08-30 04:57 PM
    I was amused by..."Undocumented is someone who had documents, but lost them"...Bravo...!!

    Are you now on the 'undocumented immigration' thing ? Undocumented is someone who had documents, but lost them. Called them using the correct designation; illegal aliens.

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  • HateIV
    05-30 04:42 PM
    I got this while I tried to login to my account.

    Is it because I did not pay any donations? It seems to me that the admins are after money than anything else and hence I never paid.

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never


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  • adde72
    03-15 09:25 PM
    3 options

    1) file H1 on Apr 1st and if H4 is not approved by then withdraw pending H4

    2) file H1 on Apr 1st before the current H4 expires and hope that H4 is approved before H1. H1 should be approved after H4 to have the H1 status. If H4 is approved later, H1 status will be lost

    3) Request PP of extension and 99.9% of time 539 is approved along with 129.

    I will add more info as I find.

    Hi nixstor,

    Looks like you had done some research in this matter . Can you advise me . i am also in the same situation like yours .

    My current H1 is going to expire on june 07 along with my wife's H4. I applied today for my extension along with the H4 in premium processing. Shall i go ahead with the new H1 for my wife on April 1 in regular processing even without waiting for the extension or wait for the approval?
    Any issues with that approach?

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  • logiclife
    02-14 06:31 PM
    You mean to say CIR will be introduced to the immigration or judiciary senate committee or introduce directly to the senate. If it is introduced directly to the senate floor that will save a lot of time, on the flip side it will become difficult to add or change provisions if it is directly introduced to the senate bypassing the senate judiciary and immigration committee

    Bills almost never go to the floor directly. Especially something as huge as CIR. It will go thru committee again and it will go thru normal rounds of debate and amendments between the 18 people in Judiciary committee.

    Its very unusual for a bill to hit the floor directly without going thru the committee that has jurisdiction over it. If it happens all the time, then the committees would be meaningless. The whole point of having a committee is to be able to either kill the entire bill, or a congressional appointment before such a bill / confirmation is debated by all 100 senators. Same thing in the House.

    If it was possible to bypass committees, then people would have floored the SKIL or other bills directly on the floor of the house, therby bypassing Jim Sensenbrenner and his Judiciary committee last year.


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  • ngopalak
    06-14 06:31 PM
    The retrogression is bound to happen again in a few months and it will be YEARS before we get our green card.

    We need to keep the fight up in the senate. Can we have another fax campaign started right away?

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  • singhsa3
    04-27 04:19 PM
    Supporting Documents
    One resource

    Another one

    One more

    Another one


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  • Desertfox
    10-06 07:58 PM
    You mean the 6 bodies found in LA belong to an Indian American family?

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  • chintu25
    07-09 03:15 PM
    I am with you keep mne posted I can volunteer with any help required for the same I am from Canton Cell 405-627-8217


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  • gc_wow
    10-17 07:51 PM
    The media caters to its audience just like any other business nterested in its own customers. When markets worldwide rise or fall in response to election results in India, it gets major media attention everywhere because the audience is interested. Diwali is as unimportant in America as Thanksgiving in the U.K. There is no point fretting over it. Diwali could become newsworthy when people globally start tracking shopping sales in India since their businesses might depend on them. It's better to sharpen our skills so that we can seamlessly join the global highway than to sit on the sides cursing those passing by that they don't care about us.

    Whats the deal with Albania over Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa life has became lessons for kids in text books in INdia.

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  • zCool
    04-02 02:42 PM
    They are requesting contract from a specific client?
    Then I would produce that.. As I mentioned in previous posts, I also attached other offers and contracts I had from before.
    Also lawyer wrote 1 letter specifically addressing the work location and nature point, which had client name, contract, and info about job.
    I don't remember seeing any specific time limit mentioned in that letter.

    End client varification letter will help. In my case, we didn't attach it since it was too much hassle to get one.. but lawyer wanted to add it if we could get it..
    We had total 4 client contracts with my name on it.
    plus 10 other contracts for work without anyone's name on it.. since we do projects not staffing only we could do that..

    Hi zCool,

    I got RFE and summary of text is as below.

    Asking for
    1. Contract from the client in charlotte, nc
    (but after applying h1b extn, i moved to CA)

    2. W-2 for 2006,2007

    I got #2.
    for #1, we are planning to send old contract for charlotte,nc client and new contract in CA client.

    Do we need to send end client 'project verification letter' or something like that ?.

    Thanks a lot.


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  • Prophet
    05-19 01:22 PM
    sorry peeps, im anti database it would seem!! lol
    i just havnt seen the benefits of it yet... for now ill just stick to flashing clients ;) lol (heh i say it like ive had hundreds already as well! :P )
    so wuld u suggest i learn it if im to go into web designing or concentrate more on mastering Flash MX and Fireworks MX (and wen i eventually get it Dreamweaver MX) for now?


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  • eb3India
    04-04 01:46 PM
    whatz wrong with someone who gets GC in 6 months, is'nt it our sole goal to change system to have GC in few months,

    c'mon guys are you jealous, what makes you think just because you did MS here that you are more qualified than a person who has done Bcom from india, he is manager atleast he knows how to grow in a orginzation and get a GC in 6 months, so learn from him,

    get over it this is how the system works if you want to change atleast think positve and call your lawmakers

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  • nromkar
    04-06 09:44 PM
    I too got RFE. I agree "Address Change" triggers for some reason.

    I did Address change and got confirmation. After two weeks I got RFE on my I-693 and asking to fill new I-693.

    03-23 05:43 PM
    Hello Chi,

    I don't think there is any restriction on other income till it is not from a breach of your visa status. You can earn income from a business as a passive partner, but not as an active owner while on H-1B or H-4.

    04-14 10:33 AM
    On one hand I would not use the word "arrogance", on the other, I would be careful when advising who can say what and where. The right of free speech is an essential right, right ? :-)

    So, mutual respect and understanding is a must. We are all in the same boat, tired and frustrated, let's not fight internally and keep our strength for fighting our problems.

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