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  • mbartosik
    06-14 12:33 AM
    If you are on speaking terms, and she is in USA, then consider extending an olive branch to her. You can always extend the olive branch after you get a receipt notice for your I485.

    I think that she can file as a dependant separately, using your receipt notice, so you don't have to decide before filing. It would be unusual, but I think possible. That approach may have several advantages.

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  • asanghi
    06-22 02:18 PM
    If both I-94s belong to the same person then I think it is normal.

    I entered country last time in 2005. After that I have my H1 renewed twice both times I-94 number stayed the same. Same also goes for my wife. The renewed I-94 always carries the same number as the one you got while entering the country.

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  • superdude
    07-19 12:46 AM
    Hi Friends,

    I just want to say, I just contributed $100 (Confirmation Number: 2XJ23352J19006734) and this is my first contribution ever and have done it just for IV. And am very proud about this.

    I came to know about IV, 2 weeks ago when I heard of the flower campaign from my friend . We are very fortunate to have IV with us and thousands of users in IV helping each other.

    I am sure with out IV initiative , it would have been very hard to achieve what we got now. Thousands of people benefited as per yesterdays USCIS bulletin and thousands of people visiting IV every day for help. So please, lets show our gratitude to IV by contributing either one time payment or recurring. If atleast who ever benefited by July 17th bulletin contributes to IV, we can easily make $100k in July.

    Lets celebrate our success by contrubuting to IV and making July2007 as the highest contributed month in IV history.

    If I can do it, you can do it .

    WE already have thread for this. Pls visit

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  • webm
    05-22 09:14 AM
    i have to travel outside the country next month, what do i need to get back? --- AP

    Congrats!! on your GC approval..


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  • geve
    03-02 11:22 PM
    Can we file H4 to H1 under premium process?

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    01-25 06:29 AM
    As far as I know, he/she will be eligible only if Labor and 140 are approved or labor is pending for 365 days.


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  • immigrationvoice1
    02-25 10:36 AM
    I do not have the URL to the USCIS document but know for sure that this requirement has been discontinued from Nov 2007.

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  • mdb1776
    06-23 06:13 PM
    Hello All,

    Need you guys expert advise on a problem that I have just found.

    I was on L1 since 2007 and in 2008 got my H1B visa done. Since I was in the US during september and october 2008, I changed my company who held my H1B as of 1st October,2008. I dont have an H1B stamp on my passport as I have not been out of the US.

    It was only yesterday that I realised I had a I-797B approval notice, which from what I read yesterday, means that I have a petition approved but without I-94.

    Now my L1 I-94 on my passport is valid till November 2010.

    Need your help to understand if I have an issue here for the fact that I have worked with my employer who holds my H1B for the past 9 months.

    If so what are the challenges that I have and the solutions for them.

    Also has anyone been in the same situation.

    Would greatly appretiate your help in this.


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  • anilsal
    01-11 11:42 AM
    do not worry about the middle name.

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  • lost
    10-27 09:05 AM
    In what stage is the background check done? and are we notified of its completion?


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    02-17 02:58 PM
    Can you please specify process to donate miles. I have 21,000 miles with Delta that will expire soon and I don't intend to use it.

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  • aarzoo
    01-14 01:19 PM
    Yes without original PERM approval, USCIS does not accept cases for PP


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  • indian
    12-14 03:16 PM
    Well, the 109th congress already passed part-I of the whole process: changing the US laws to allow special exception for India.

    Once the President signs this, they have to negotiate the so called "123 agreement" that is a bilateral *binding* agreement between US and India. It will again have to be approved by congress.

    I don't think anyone here knows how long will it take for the "123 agreement" to be concluded and presented to congress for approval. But once it does, expect desi resources on capitol hill to be again busy with it as their top priority. And that would shut us out for the period this stuff is pending in congress.

    So what I am saying is that the window between now and when the "123 agreement" shows up in congress for approval is important and we should not miss it. At the very least we should be aware that this is coming and plan accordingly.


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  • gc_on_demand
    01-08 02:47 PM
    Nothing positive? Check this out:

    There were those who got their I-140 cleared under EB2 and were practically jumping with joy at the door closing behind them. Some were even taking credit for the move :)

    Generally it doesnot help to stop line behind you. But here in USCIS world that may help as people from 2006 got GC before people from 2004-5 . If no people from 2006 were there may be 2004- 05 people may have got their card.

    but if new administration makes USCIS to more productive ,closing door behind any one will not help.


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  • krustycat
    01-09 04:50 PM
    Did you contact them?What did they say?Did you receive any EAD or AP because some people receive those even before getting receipt numbers???

    Yes, I contacted them several times. They only ask you to wait more.
    I also have sent two emails to DHS, CIS Ombudsman's office. They asked me to use a Form 7001.
    I sent the Form 7001 to CIS Ombudsman on Nov/07. I didn't even get a receipt confirmation from Ombudsman's office.
    I was able to open a service request after 5 months of waiting, on Dec/07. I'm still waiting for a reply about the SR.
    I faxed a letter to the service center.
    Nothing so far.
    It's seems like the package got lost (as well as my lawyer :p ).

    I just wanted to show you that there is more people in the same situation from July.
    Hang in there!

    Best of luck.

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  • mjdup
    02-26 08:14 PM
    As MerciesOfInjustices said - thanks to the core team ! you guys are the best, I wish participants in future will refrain from using cell phones, if possible. Looks like it causes lot of static - either way the mute and un-mute option should resolve this.

    Topics covered and time management was absolutely great ! Hardwork pays off.


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  • aranya
    06-02 05:11 PM

    One may enjoy only one status (either H4 or H1) at any point of time. So if your wife is on H4 there is no "still valid H1". That said,

    1] The COS from H4 to H1 will not be counted against the annual cap in this case - see Dec 2005 (or 2006) memo.
    2] I am not sure what your trying to ask but COS from H4 to H1 will not be counted against for next year's annual cap.
    3] See Processing Center dates

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  • kartik2912
    10-16 12:51 PM

    I just want to know as to will the Green Card process happen faster if the State of GA were to sponsor it?

    Request you to reply soon.


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  • visa_reval
    03-14 02:31 PM
    Guys I need your expertise and valuable answers on this:

    I have an approved labor and approved I-140. Based on this I've got extension for 3 more years. I have a contract-hire opportunity which requires me to be a consultant for "X" months. I know I can transfer my H1 to another company. But my question is, can I transfer my h1 again to join the client after "X" months.

    04-28 08:17 AM
    could you be a little more specific as to what "a" and "b" or "h" are addressing.

    07-29 02:51 PM
    hello, I am in a F1 status for about 3 years, I have been working and filing taxes. I am going to get married to a USC and apply for a green card through it. I want to know if I can have any problem in the aplication since I've been working without authorization.

    Once you entered legally you should be able to get permanent residence even if you worked without authorization. Please see this blog post: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: My spouse is "illegal" - what can we do? (

    Second in concern to the affidavit support how much should I show and who has to fill these forms since my future wife is unemployed.

    Another common querstion so I blogged about this also: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: affidavit of support (

    Third in case my wife file for bankruptcy in the future that could affect me and if it does how can avoid this. By the way I live in florida.

    This is not an immigration question. You should check with a family or bankruptcy lawyer in Florida.

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