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  • felix31
    04-09 04:18 PM
    First of all, ethnicity has nothing to do with hard cap.

    Today, the soft cap exists, and the numbers are retrogressed only for India and China. REST of the world is current. Hard cap would make things worse for only those countries that have higher demand and WASTE the visa numbers.


    please be more accurate. Rest of the world in EB1 and 2 are the only categories that are current ..

    Rest of the world EB3 folks are heavily retrogressed to 2001 as everyone else..

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  • mikrupee
    03-27 10:42 AM
    Before going to senate STRIVE BILL has to pass in congress. When this is going to happen?

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  • indianindian2006
    01-23 04:49 PM
    "Representative Elton Gallegly (R-CA) introduced H.R. 133, Citizenship Reform Act of 2007, which would limit citizenship by birth to children born to at least one permanent resident or citizen parent."

    Does this mean that if we do not have green cards our childern born here are not citizens. Am I understanding it right..
    This is just a proposal still and I fell will not become law anytime soon.

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  • telekinesis
    05-21 03:18 AM
    I am not happy with my volley, but here it is. About 30 minutes worth. Next volley should be better quality.


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  • amitjoey
    05-09 02:32 PM
    Does any one know how mant days it takes to get denail notive .I-140 denied on April 22 and says notice mailed but didnt recieve yet .Both emploter and attorney havent recieved any thing yet .Is this Normal ?

    Talash, this is not normal. Your notice could have been lost in the mail. Ask your attorney to contact USCIS and explain. Also employers can request a courtesy copy. So also ask your employer to request one. USCIS will not entertain any request from you, since I140 is a employer filed petition.

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  • BharatPremi
    03-29 10:26 PM
    Though this can be the case but this is relief to those who have been stuck in NC for years ,so in that retrospect six months is far far better . I think many people can see the things to their interpretation , my take is that you never get everything right on the first time, u revisit and make changes and correct special situations that were not taken care of intially. It is a start atleast now we dont have poeple who are waiting in NC for years and asking about WOM.

    Yes, agree and that is why I have already mentioned "improved" word in my first post. But clarity need to be established. I am giving USCIS a fair chance by using words "Doubt" and I have tried to research the subject but am not getting much authentic articles on net for the same. If somebody (Authentic article/lawyer/Sr. IV member) is saying that "Yes 6 months is from 485 receipt date".. Then I am fine otherwise it will be a missed oppertunity as we had a chance to have more clarified text from USCIS while it was writing a new memo w.r.t that law suite.

    Why I opened this thread? Because I understand the seriousness of this process. After fighting out this, still we will be screwed on this interpretation then again we will be seeing million stuck in a queue (perhaps that may not be a NC queue but different queue.. for an example "processing" queue) And that will be a very darn serious situation...


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    07-12 01:05 PM
    In my opinion the USCIS did this to get the 485 cases to be filed after July 30 when their new fee schedule kicks in. They have just created a mess.

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  • qesehmk
    05-11 04:54 PM
    Below is data of PD from last four years for EB2-I - only for Jun, Jul & Aug.
    Except July Fiasco , I don't see dates ever moving forward in July VB; but they do move in August VB.
    Has anything changed in spillover laws in last 1 year - which will explain this no movement in July but in August?

    Jun 06 : 01JAN03 | July 06 : 01JAN03 | August 06 : U ---> No change in July. Aug backward
    Jun 07 : 01APR04 | July 07 : C | August 07 : U ---> July Fiasco
    Jun 08 : 01APR04 | July 08 : 01APR04 | August 08 : 01JUN06 ---> No change in July. Aug forward
    Jun 09 : 01JAN00 | July 09 : 01JAN00 | August 09 : 01OCT03 ---> No change in July. Aug forward
    Jun 10 : 01FEB05 | July 10 : ?????? | August 10 : ???? ---> Do your really expect forward movement in July?



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  • sumansk
    10-05 01:06 PM
    Husband is still pending ?????:D:D:D

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  • janey6152
    June 8th, 2004, 06:41 PM
    Thanks all
    I think i'll get the Nikon D70


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  • pappu
    08-16 08:59 AM

    Do I need to post my question on this thread or I can pass it on before in time to StarSun or you? B'cause posting my GC issue with personal information would not look appropriate on a public forum.

    Let me know.

    If you have privacy concerns (you should not be as everyone is identified only by their usernames on IV forum) you can email starsun and then be available to ask it yourself in the call

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  • tabletpc
    09-19 03:26 PM

    When I look at my PD, I feel I am going to have some US citizen grand sons/daughters too. Anti-immigration groups call this "Anchor Child".


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  • virens
    09-26 01:05 PM
    I got an email saying "we mailed the document to the applicant" and it says the same thing on my uscis protfolio.

    I would like to know if this means the case was approved or is it some other document being sent.

    When they approved my EAD, it clearly said "Approval notice sent".

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  • gene77
    03-03 10:01 PM
    My 2nd I-140 which I wanted to use for interfiling was denied based on A2P - it is under Appeals now which will take forever; so I'm not a candidate for interfiling for the time being.


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  • abh
    07-31 05:29 PM
    Please help me with USCIS Phone Key Pad Entry Sequence to talk to USCIS. I need to know why my case was transferred to Local Office.

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  • la6470
    10-17 01:24 PM
    Is it too much to ask Google to put a Diwali logo like it does for Hanukkah or Christmas .. at least if not in but in

    Also is it too much to expect American mainstream media to totally NOT ignore Diwali which has significance for the second largest population in the world and instead publish significantly less significant story of the balloon boy?

    Is it too much to ask for to include Diwali in the spell check for this editor? (Not wailing or Gwalior ...)

    It is this mentality of deliberately ignoring the feeling of majority of the world population that is getting the western civilization more and more isolated and retracted.

    Well it doesn't really matter. And I am visiting India now and I can see that this country and China will definitely kick ass of Western civilization .. as it is already doing. The people here are hungry for more and in spite of seemingly unsurmountable problems it will succeed and once again India will be the "Sone Ke Chiriya".

    With this thoughts and wishing peace .. happy and prosperous diwali to everyone.

    May Lord Rama bless the world.


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  • summitpointe
    04-22 08:03 AM
    You have used EB2 substitution labor. For EB2 you should have Masters degree or min 5yrs of work experience. Talk with your Attorney and try to get atleast 5 years of work experience certificate from your previous employers and try to match up with the labor. Open an MTR and it may help you. When you open an MTR your case will be in pending status and you can get a H1B extension based on approved labor. After getting your H1B extesnion apply for PERM labor ASAP. Then you will not have any problem.

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  • guyfromsg
    07-18 09:18 PM
    Based on the response to the rallies and the funds drive there are very few contributing memebers .Shall we restict the site for a one time registartion fee .So that people wont create memberIds on the fly ?

    A token amount of 20 bucks one time registartion works good

    Today If I look around this is the most useful site for legal immigants. I think one time fee of 20 bucks is a very good idea.

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  • GCWhru
    03-25 09:49 AM
    I applied on Dec 21st and case is still pending.

    I wonder why they are not updating the processing times page lately, it is still shows Feb 15th as the updated date rather it should have updated on mid March.

    09-19 03:42 PM
    Your wife/husband/girl friend/boy friend must have already voted on the poll. Yes, this poll is that duplicates...we(dont ask who the we is) want the exact count. Apparently the exact count is very critical for watever it's intended. :)

    Voters: 155. You may not vote on this poll

    09-28 07:44 PM
    I have filed 140 and 485 in July 2006, EB2 file concurrent at Nebraska service center. So far no word yet.

    I would like to know anyone get approve either 140 or 485 from Nebraska service center to get an idea the time frame on my case.


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