Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • telekinesis
    05-24 12:51 PM
    Sounds good. Almost done with mine!

    By the way, the title at the top of the browser assumes I'm graphicslash.

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  • sbind_77
    10-18 01:47 PM
    The time frame depends your infopass location. I went to DC USCIS Service center. I get appointment in 2 weeks.

    select option 2 (You are a new Permanent Resident and have not yet received your Permanent Resident Card)

    Infopass appointment letter, 485 approval notice and your passport is enough to get the stamp.

    It takes hardly 15 mts for me to get the stamping in the passport.

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  • angelfire76
    12-14 01:49 PM
    I did not like the idea of getting a red dot inspite of contributing $500 to IV. This is not a good idea of IV to flag members. I will take this up with my state chapter.

    Member of North California

    Speak about buying reputation. I'm sure your 1st Amendment rights are not being violated. The other members are just exercising their rights too. :D

    Maverick1 asked a very simple question: Why "upgrade" to EB1 when you think your country is all so hunky dory?

    It's a good alternative but the question is : Is it the best alternative? I think the least we can do is be honest with ourselves. :rolleyes:

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  • aj1234567
    09-21 01:22 PM
    Hi Adusumilli-
    do you also reviced same suspense notice,because i also recived yesterday same finger frint fee rejected,case is in suspense notice.



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  • JunRN
    09-22 01:53 PM
    I hope that since they're starting late (1 pm), they be able to touch our bill before the day ends.

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  • corba
    05-07 07:41 PM
    I am working in IT field. Technology or field does not matter. I have seen people who did MS in US also got 221g.

    My only understanding is If it's a big company, then they are issuing visa, But not guranteed ...

    But for small companies / consultants, There will be a definite query / admin process is waiting for you.

    My case is very genuine... I am working for this company since 2005 and I am the only one H1B employee.

    I got my eb-3 140 approved from this employer only ...

    And my wage is always above the determineed wages in Labor / LCA ...No gap in paychecks ...

    Compnay also in profit mode always ...

    So they approved my h1 extn 2 times in the past and approved my 140 also. Now what the heck they got doubt in the employer ...


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  • chanduv23
    09-19 01:04 AM
    I could have rallied all night..
    And still have begged for more
    I could have spread my wings
    And done a thousand things
    I've never done before
    I never know what made it so

    Nice meeting u and ur kid is so sweet :)

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  • Pagal
    02-24 08:48 PM

    In all the stories of INS, USCIS, DHS that I've read here, the lack of visibility, customer service and accountability seem to be the common theme.

    However, I was pleasantly surprized by a call from IO a few weeks back in local office asking me for extra documents (Current employment letter as the original one was from 2007, 2007 tax returns and 2007/08 W-2).

    He told me that though he had sent a letter, the letter would take a few days to reach and hence he wanted to call me up. He also told me that as my original fingerprints are expiring on 26th Feb, I should send the response as soon as possible to enable him to process the application.

    Though I still don't have any extra hope that the application will be processed soon, it was nice to see a change in USCIS approach.

    Hope this was not an exception to rule and we see more such behavior from USCIS that helps in clearing us from this awkward limbo situation.


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  • bekugc
    04-18 03:23 PM
    when did u apply or ur 485? im asking for ur RD/ND on the 485.
    also which service center.


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  • Nikith77
    02-23 09:50 AM
    did any one got 2 year by calling USCIS. after they got 1 year EAD


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  • ss_col
    04-04 12:30 PM
    Hi everybody,

    I fail to understand how L1's are getting Green cards in 6-8 months. I have done my masters here and am waiting forever for my GC and here I met someone who has come here as a BPO devlpt manager for an Indian company and in 1 year after coming to the US gets his GC after 6 months of application. He is just a BCOM from India. On top of it he told me many of his friends in the same company and other Indian companies have got GC's in less than 6 months. I dont get it. On top of it his wife can work here on L2. How can they file under EB1 - isnt that meant for doctors and Phds? He is not even intelligent which is the saddest part. Here we are with education and exp and contributed much more to the govt here than they have and we wait for bulletins every month hoping it would move at least 15 days, getting our h1's extended everytime and dreading to go to India because of visa stamping each year. This is such a sad situation. Should not the DOL do something about this.


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  • andy garcia
    09-27 10:57 AM
    This is the list:

    1. Switzerland
    2. Finland
    3. Sweden
    4. Denmark
    5. Singapore
    6. US

    Do you know of anybody that wants to go to the first 4 countries. I don't think so. They are toooo cold for me :cool:


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  • franklin
    09-21 11:00 AM
    Go ahead Paskal, close the thread.

    1 last congrats to the singer though :)

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  • sanju_dba
    06-25 02:08 PM
    Your 797 approval notice will have updated I94 which will supercede your previous I94. The new attached referes to your 797 number starting with "RAC" or "WAC" like that.
    You need to submit this one too along with any old ones you have when you leave the country.


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  • jsb
    07-23 10:56 AM
    Someone posted a link describing I-485 Standard Operating Procedures. It is very detailed and interesting to read. It even described color of paperclip to use, place it on left or right corner, how to fold papers, how to form group family cases, how to shelve and label them, etc. It also has a very detailed description on where to click on screen while working on cases. The link is:

    The document is dated year 2001 but may have been revised since. Contents of this doc suggest that cases are first reviewed following some work distribution method, original mailroom RD is used wherever receive date is to be entered (automatically generated RD might be different though). PD is not part of initial data entry. Cases are placed in order of PD ONLY after they have been pre-adjudicated (shelved as 'waiting for visa number availablity'). etc. etc.

    There is also a expedite procedure for cases with children between 20 and 21 years, where files are hand transferred from desk to desk.

    Very interesting to read.

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  • rbharol
    08-07 04:23 PM
    How to find jobs in canada.
    It seems very hard.
    I have been trying through workopolis but no success.

    Can somebody help?

    I am in US with Masters degree and 10 years of exp in the field of firmware and embedded software.


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  • damialok
    06-13 07:02 PM
    As long as you show that your job is atleast 50% different from the previous within the same company, you can use the experience from the current employer. You dont need to be promoted or move to business development.

    You can use the 5 years exp from current employer. But the new position itself should require 5 years exp to qualify for EB2. File your PERM then when you file you 140, include your previous approved EB3 140 with the older PD and ask to port the PD. Then when USCIS will approve your 140, it should have the correct EB2 cat and older PD(from EB3 app).

    Thats all. I was able to recapture my PD but I had a Master's degree. The only issue was that I graduated AFTER I joined my long time employer. So in the old RIR world you could not use that but PERM relaxed/cleared up the 'graduation' issue and we filed for a new EB2 application. In your case you will use your 5 years exp to qualify for EB2 rather than Masters.

    The process is tedious but rewarding at the end. Hopefully your corporate lawyers will help you in this. A lot depends on your company and your supervisor, they need to be motivated.

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  • sk.aggarwal
    11-12 01:01 PM
    Completely agreee with hari_baby22. Couple of days back I posted that immigration voice could get a lot more donations if they publish there earnings/expenses report online and make everything transparent. Lot of people including myself, do not contribute because they dont know how funds are getting used. My post was deleted by administrator and I got following message -->

    Here is the message that has just been posted:
    We don't think you are for real. We believe you are an agent of a for profit immigration website.

    This time my user account itself might get deleted....

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  • RandyK
    07-18 05:19 PM

    Don't you think it's a good idea to post:

    Total Contributions Received:
    Total Expenses:
    Efforts Undertaken:

    On a weekly or monthly basis by the IV Core?

    I think that would motivate fellow members to contribute more (or less in some cases).


    This will expose on what IV core is working on.

    12-17 07:58 AM
    can I accept my salalry through 1099
    or do still need to be paisd by W2

    1099 for independent contractors/consultants, it is considered as self employment. You should be getting paid through W2.

    08-04 12:13 PM
    Does mumbai consulate still require you to submit documents in advance (4-5 days) of the interview date ?


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