Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • gconmymind
    04-30 01:25 PM
    Your wife's status should not be an issue if you are on H1, whether with your current employer or new employer. Do not use EAD until your wife has filed for 485 or is on her independent visa like H1, L1, F1, etc.

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-16 02:51 PM
    USCIS refuses to give this data to anybody. They are not willing to give any break up.

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  • Jaime
    09-20 01:42 PM
    Hey Jaime you seem to be all charged up!!
    Great energy, will inspire many!!
    Hope we have one more rally soon!

    You bet rajsand! We saw the strength of our unity in DC and we learned many things, one of which is we MUST educate people and Congress! It's amazing how little they actually know about us, in spite of HOW MUCH we contribute! That is JUST NOT FAIR!

    Another thing we learned is: WE CAN MAKE CHANGES!!! WE CAN AND DO AND WILL SUCCEED!!!

    Let's keep going with this!!!! IDEAS????

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  • suavesandeep
    01-08 02:51 PM
    Even for my wife early last year we had issues in the PA DMV, As some others mentioned not all officers are aware of the rules. We did take the PA Fact sheet print out which clearly mentions that people with EAD should get a 1 yr license extension.

    After showing the same, the officer consulted with his senior and did extend the licence. I am guessing even CT should have some official document as above which you should be able to use.

    Dont worry i am sure you will get it extended soon.. As others mentioned just your bad luck.


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  • sw33t
    11-04 11:52 PM
    Alright folks:

    I need your help. We have 87 registered members in the Texas State Chapter and we have decided to shoot for 100 by the end of this week.

    If you are from Texas or know someone living in Texas, I request you to urge them to sign-up with the Texas State Chapter.

    We have some exciting events coming up and please use this opportunity to get notified of local events, critical updates and action items.

    Existing texas members, please keep this thread alive!

    GO OPERATION 100!!!!

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  • skynet2500
    11-24 12:19 PM
    Gurus, can you please let me know your opinion on my below situation? thanks a lot.


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  • eb3India
    11-30 11:44 AM

    I am new to Indiana, letz join here to discuss and promote IV in Indiana area, I am currently in Indianapolis, please post if you are in Indiana state and interested in IV

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  • lermitthefrog
    06-07 03:06 PM
    TGG Team is a team that makes games. It stands for "that game guy", which is the nickname of the team leader. It has only started a few weeks ago. So far the team is just a forum, working on a story. I hope you will join the site later on.


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  • ragz4u
    02-17 11:30 PM
    If you are on H1B visa and hoping for a green card, get ready to walk to work.

    A lot of people do not know that certain states like Pennsylvania will not issue a driver's licence if your H1B is about to expire in less than one year.
    This is not the case in all states, but on inquiring, I learned that most states are going towards this as part of their move to make drivers licenses unavailable to illegals http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A45651-2004Sep23.html

    If you are on H1B visa and applying for a green card, as described in this post (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=74), you WILL end up in your sixth year of H1 visa if the current situation does not improve. Then you will be able to extend your visa only ONE year at a time. Which means if you end up in a state like PA, you will have to walk to work or use public transport (if your city has public transport).

    But by then many would be married/with kids. In that case, they have to make sure their kids can walk to their school too!
    And do not forget the grocery store.....make sure its nearby...
    The list is endless.

    And just because you are not from PA, do not rejoice. What if your company relocates or gets bought over by another firm and you move to a state which enforces such rules?

    And though this is applicable to a certain states right now, it will come to YOUR state very soon....I know a person in PA who is going through this now and I'm sure no one wants to be in his shoes!

    <Sarcasm>So why not have a proposal to modify the H1B application form and add a question

    Are you aware that your permission to drive a vehicle in USA on H1B visa is valid only for five years? along with the other questions that we already have like 'have you ever been convicted/felon' etc?

    Join, volunteer and contribute to ImmigrationVoice. This is your only chance to do something about retrogression while its possible. If we miss the boat this time, be ready to walk to work....

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  • nixstor
    12-09 11:57 PM
    Now where are the members in IL? Repeated requests passed to members returns no response!

    They are all in Valley lake dr in schaumburg... Devon Ave in downtown.. just kidding. 50% of people who live in valley lake dr (apt community) is H1b folks working for SBC/Motorola.


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  • jonty_11
    02-05 11:59 AM
    I have a old EB3 PD Sept 2003 with Company A , and a new EB2 and I140 approved from Company B.
    Can I ask my old company to file for I140 so that I may use the Old PD.

    How can I bear the expenses of the USCIS and attorney's fees, given I am not working at company A.

    Any clues would help.

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  • dummgelauft
    06-15 12:40 PM
    Dear Friends,
    Please advise me for the following relating to my birth certificate that I have to use for Immigration purposes.
    One or two alphabets of my name on birth certificate are different from my passport and secondary school. In addition, my family name is not included in the certificate. Rest of the information is all fine and matching with my passport and secondary school certificates( like DOB, Parents, Place etc)
    I have some questions
    1. Does the birth certificate issued by Indian consulate in foreign country is deemed acceptable?
    2. Do I need to furnish any kind of affidavit along with original birth certificate, if yes, please share the format for those, who is writing these affidavit and any specific stamp paper/value etc?
    3. Any guidelines in order to correct the information in my original certificate.
    4. Any other vital information in this regard

    Thanks you all.

    Hey, What you really mean is that one or two LETTERS in your name do not match your name on the passport. An ALPHABET is made up of ALL the letters in a languge. The neglish ALPHABET is made up of LETTERS from A to Z.


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  • EdenMN
    06-12 07:17 PM
    Sorry to hear your situation. Not yet got GC ,inspite of your PD is current ..... consult senators and congraswoman Lofgren.

    BTW sorry to ask ,why your login id Refugee... You are not REFUGEE, you are highly skilled professional , paying heavy tax ....

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  • sapota
    10-26 05:05 PM
    In part 4 where it asks info about proposed travel; my form had the following :

    "Business travel as needed; personal travel - visit family and friends abroad."

    So something generic like this should work as well.


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  • Ramba
    06-24 10:54 AM
    Thanks janilsal.

    We got married in a temple and returned the license to the County Clerk's office.
    We can't mention martial status as married due to family reasons.
    We are fine applying with martial status as single independently since both of our PD is current now.
    Will they find this discrepancy martial status during background check? I'm unsure whether these will appear in the background check in the first place.
    Please advice.

    Thank you!

    It is better to contact a attorney or other relavent family/marraiage law counsulars. It is very important. USCIS treats if vigorosly this issue, as marriage realted fraud is very high in immigration benefits, particularly in FB catagory.

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  • sp0
    09-18 10:31 PM
    What if a person has active TB and is currently being treated? Doctors are saying it will take 9 months to complete the medication.

    Q1. Do we need to wait till 9 months to apply for I140 and 485?
    Q2. When will the medical records be opened and monitored? is it when my 485 is being processed or before giving EAD?
    Q3. If doctor says we have TB on the form, will i be queried by govt to get it checked again, or will i be rejected?


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  • Eb3Pro
    01-25 11:03 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I went online to check the status of my I-485 and it displayed me the following message


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On December 19, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    What does it mean? Does it mean that I-485 is approved.

    Pls guide.


    I got similar message on my 485. in my case they resent response to SR to my new address. This is more likely change of address issue.
    if you(or lawyer) have not changed address then contact USCIS.

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  • rbalaji5
    07-17 07:55 PM
    Really Thank and Appreciate Mr Gonzales.

    Thank you so much Mr. Emilio Gonzalez

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  • deardar
    09-29 01:39 PM
    Thank you

    02-09 02:19 PM
    Some paras from Complaints Rise Against Immigration Lawyers (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/06/AR2007010601214.html). There was a nearby link that had telephone numbers. I could not find it. I had posted the numbers in a Lawyers thread. I could not find the thread.

    Complaints against immigration lawyers working in and around the nation's capital are rising, say officials who investigate allegations of attorney misconduct.

    Last year, the D.C. Office of Bar Counsel received 59 complaints about immigration lawyers, up from 49 in 2005 -- when, for the first time, immigration law drew more complaints than any other specialized practice area.

    Bolivian immigrants Rene and Fanny Saavedra of Gaithersburg with son Alexis. Rene Saavedra won permanent U.S. residency in 2000, but his wife was mistakenly told by their attorney that she would have to wait for her green card. (By Lucian Perkins -- The Washington Post)

    The bar counsel office is finalizing 2006 totals for other categories, but complaints about immigration law appear likely to rank near the top again.

    Federal sanctions have been rising in recent years. Established in 2000, the bar counsel at the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the Justice Department branch that oversees U.S. immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals, disciplined 47 immigration lawyers last year and 54 the previous year -- up from 22 in 2000.

    03-30 12:57 PM
    Guys....stop getting into wrong conclusions from my question....If you read my question carefully....you will see I started the question as a "case"...so it was a "case scenario" and not a state where my GC was approved.

    To quench your confusion......my GC is still pending.....Hope that calms you guys down....the answer to my question has also been answered.....

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