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  • GC08
    08-26 11:04 AM
    Have to agree that it appears to be the case. Look at I140... there is a 4 month difference between the 2 centers. How could that happen?! How come they did not balance the workload to ensure work is done in an orderly way? Probably it is pure mismanagement and incompetence???

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  • Dj-Studios
    05-25 04:07 PM
    I'll have to load some stuff onto and finish something for a client, but it will be finished tonight.

    Umm...... :-/

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  • capriol
    02-11 10:46 AM
    G-joe are you kidding--this looks like a vision to be accomplished in 5 years.


    Eb1 - C
    Eb2 - Dec2006
    EB3 - Jan2003


    EB1 -C
    EB2 - Jun2006
    EB3 - Dec2005


    EB1 - C
    EB2 - C
    EB3 - Jan2007

    EB4 , EB5 - C for all

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  • BharatPremi
    07-11 11:00 PM,,id=96304,00.html

    I think Acceptance agents are different than the IRS authorized banks. Agents would merely accept W-7 forms... Where as bank would accept W-7 froms to open a chacking a/c or savvings a/c. More light on acceptance agents would be appreciated.


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  • Sirisian
    03-19 12:43 AM
    Okay I liked code, contagious, and serif. Serif has my favorite palette of colors. Love the detail in the contagious one. Background is a little bland though. I voted for code though. Has the same colors I like.

    All I got to say is Timmy Tots would have won. I can picture it now. Pixel font in the middle of a canvas. Can't compete with that. Maybe even a neon font on a black background. I should have competed in this.

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  • honest123
    01-27 07:59 PM
    Personally I do think giving this 55,000 annual quota green cards to employment-based Science & Medicine immigrants is better than giving DV-lottery to other lucky people just win the lottery but without any high educational qualification. Also, since international students have stayed in US for long years and they have documents such as social security no. and driver licenses' to run the comprehensive background check. Therefore, it minimizes a lot of the risk to invite the criminals to immigrate.

    However, I am curious whether this bill will be beneficial to all US advanced graduates in Science & Medicine or not. I know some new H-1B workers in those advanced degrees may NOT be the EB-type and they need to wait for certain years and then the employers will sponsor them green cards as the EB-category. And if the employers don't sponsor them green cards due to companies' merging different departments or for other accidental reason, they will lose their green cards.

    Also, some advanced graduates in Science & Medicine cannot get the H-1B working visa smoothly due to H-1B quota is full and need to leave US and some of them can't get the
    H-1B extension and need to leave US. Or some of them got laid off during their employment period due to merge of 2 companies and if they can't find another employer, they need to leave US too.

    Therefore, if they can't get into the EB category, this bill cannot help them out!! Personally I do think if to allow all those advanced graduates in Science & Medicine to enroll online by "first come, first served basis" and once the 55,000 quota is filled, then they need to wait for the next year to immigrate. This will be fair and can retain all those US advanced gradudates in Science & Medicine who are graduated in different years with different luck to get the H-1B working visa.


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  • eb3retro
    04-05 06:27 PM
    My I485 is pending, recently I have changed my address online. I also recieved confirmation letters for this address change.

    After 2 weeks of address change, USCIS issued an RFE. I have not yet received it, but I just want to prepare for this.

    What could be the reason for this RFE? Is it common?

    seriously dude..whats urgent about this? why do people create new threads with words like urgent, please help, etc etc, when the matter is not even urgent. This is a public forum, if its really urgent case, i have seen lots of people including myself, pitching in and giving their advices. And also, if it is really an urgent issue that you can't wait for responses, you need to be talking to the lawyer.

    now coming to your case, i have no reason to believe that your case / question is urgent. You changed address and you got an RFE. you can respond to RFE as long as you are in the same/ simlar job description or whatever the RFE is for. You do not even have the actual RFE with u yet. Tell me whats the urgency about this. Infact if you just follow my posts, i have also posted to a thread that deals with responses to RFE's. I am wondering whats the need to open a new thread with URGENT as the thread name.

    I hate to tell this, due to posts and threads like this, people who really require help with some urgent issues, their posts gets ignored. Please understand that this is a public forum and understand that I am just using your thread to send this message to everyone who does this. Nothing personal against you. Hoping you will understand..


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  • onemorecame
    07-13 02:01 PM
    i'm just putting my opinion in my way. that's what this forum is for. atleast not talking BS, just staying on the main topic.

    btw u answered for ur urself, i'll just repeat with a change "why are you replying to this!" go see a doctor, is my advise.

    Sir with High Regard,
    My request is that if you are starting something like personal discussion then
    Please don't put message which look like something is confirmed like your topic �Secret news! Per country limit would be removed�.
    this sense like something confirmed and people will come and read.

    don't feel bad if people are pointing you for something good for everybody.

    Thanks with high regard again :)


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 02:29 PM
    Chandu, here I found the LINK (

    "When explaining the risk of potentially stricter AC21 regulations to I-485 applicants, we are frequently asked, "If I change jobs under AC21 and the regulations are released after that, they won't apply to me, right?" Unfortunately, this is not correct. While it is not possible to predict the content or effective date of any future regulations, they will likely apply at the time of adjudicating the I-485 application, and not just when the job change occurs. In a hypothetical example, if new regulations were to limit the percentage of acceptable salary difference, or prevent multiple portings, the officer adjudicating the I-485 could decide that the job change violates the regulations, even if the change occurred months or years before the new regulations were issued."

    Redgreen, please read :)

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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-06 03:34 PM
    interesting that you created an account just to post this...

    HOUSTON: A federal jury has found five people guilty of conspiring to obtain fraudulent work visas for nearly 90 Indian nationals in exchange for at
    least $20,000 per visa, the US Attorney's Office said.

    Mahendrakumar "Mack" Patel, 55, Rakesh Patel, 36, Alberto Pena, 38, Bernardo Pena, 38, and Marte Othon Villar Sr, 48, encouraged and induced the illegal immigration of Indian nationals in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars per visa, a statement from the US Attorney's Office said yesterday.

    The jury found that Alberto and Bernardo Pena, twin brothers from Brownsville, along with co-defendants had encouraged and induced 87 individuals from Gujarat to unlawfully enter US on temporary H-2B visas, knowing that the Indian nationals did not intend to work for the company that was used to get visas for them.

    The brothers also knew that the visa-seekers did not intend to return to India when their 10-month visas expired, a statement said.

    Pena twins also travelled to India to assist the Indian nationals with the application process and visited and corresponded with the US Consulate in Mumbai.

    Two other co-defendants -- Mack Patel of Ft Worth and Rakesh Patel, a Houston pharmacist -- pleaded guilty for recruiting Indian citizens who were willing to pay $20,000 to $60,000 in exchange for visas to enter the United States

    Link :


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  • genscn
    01-24 04:03 PM
    Send school the copy of EAD and I-485 for her and that should be it. After that, they can report to whoever they want (ofcourse they won't because there is nothing to report since your wife can continue with the school on EAD without registering for cradit hours)

    I need urgent advice from you. As you know my wife is on F1 visa and completed most of her credit hours needed by school. She has get only 1 credit hr to complete the course. However, that�s below 9 hr full time student status. She has been asked to register for additional 8 hrs..and pay tuition fee accordingly ( > 8K). Which I think is unreasonable. They told her that if she doesn�t register by tomorrow they have to report it to INS. She told them that she has EAD..there answer doesn�t matter in order to remain in school and F1 visa she has to register.

    My questions is:
    1) Can she continue working on her Thesis on her EAD and AP ?
    2) What will happen to her f1 if she use EAD

    In response to these questions my Lawyer said

    1.) yes, she can continue to be a student as an adjustment applicant � she can work using the EAD and travel using the AP.

    2) she is basically no longer an F-1 because she has demonstrated immigrant intent by filing the adjustment. Which is fine � she has valid legal status as an adjustment applicant and can work with the EAD and travel with the AP.

    What do pro�s think..:)

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  • chanduv23
    11-12 02:24 PM
    This is encouraging. chandu, I read somewhere (mostly on murhty) that CIS will be publishing new AC21 soon and it is expected to be more stricter. Is this just the speculation or any other indications are received?? any idea? I am afraid that what will happen to people who already have used AC21 by following what currently exists???????

    Please post any link where it says it is stricter or any new stuff USCIS wants to implement


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  • ksiddaba
    07-05 12:18 AM
    I have already written to her asking for more reports in this matter. Here is the email I sent her:

    Hello Ms. Miriam:

    As a long time subscriber to the WSJ and one of the victims of the "bait and switch" by the USCIS and Department of State, I would like to thank you for covering the article in the WSJ. I would like to kindly direct your attention to the stand taken by AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Assoc.) and Immigration Voice (a non profit organization representing skilled immigrants). I feel it is necessary that the impact and the behind the scenes maneuvering at DOS be covered by a respectable publication such as the WSJ. May I point you to some of the links on the internet. Some are yet-unverified rumors. I hope that you will use your journalistic discretion and power to bring more light to this issue -- Congresswoman Lofgren's response Mr. Siskind is a respected lawyer in the immigration field. -- AILA website and potential class action lawsuit against USCIS



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  • WeShallOvercome
    09-21 12:20 PM
    EAD card production email for my wife received yesterday 9/20.

    I did not apply for EAD for myself.

    I'm a 'NSC only' case

    EB2, India PD : 12/2003
    I-485, EAD/AP RD :7/2/2007


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  • austingc
    07-08 05:25 PM
    [QUOTE=austingc;1967464][[I]QUOTE=sammas;1967354]Probably the RFE might be related to photos not being sent. A friend of mine received a RFE for not sending the photos eventhough they are not required to be sent but he did not get any Biometrics notice.

    What do you mean by lost in the email? What are you referring to here? I am sorry, I did not get what you are trying to mention here.

    The RFE was to send the photographs. Online status also was changed to Request For Evidence and then once the photos were sent the status was changed back to resumed processing and after that the status was changed to Approved. Hope it is clear now.
    Didn't you mention your friend did not receive biometrics notice? What I meant was he might not have received the biometrics notice to appear for finger print and photos. Thatswhy I said may be lost in the mail, since he did not appear for biometrics, USCIS issued an RFE to send photographs. Are you clear now?

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  • alethos
    01-03 11:46 AM
    Originally posted by Kitiara
    Grrr... Watch what you say young man. I'm packing trout here... :evil:

    First off, young man? I may sound twelve, but I'm almost 14 and a half!!!

    Second, I have a skillet lined with butter all set for a fresh trout. Now, where'd I put that lemon wedge and the spices? Would you be so kind as to clean and gut that beauty of a trout you have? I'll preheat the skillet...



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  • doubleyou
    03-01 02:46 PM
    (1)I agree that the non availability has to be from the place of jurisdiction of birth, but how about the letter from the registrar of muncipal office does this also need to be from the place of birth or it can be from the city the parents are presently residing.

    (2) If affidavit signed in presence of registrar, does the registrar give a letter or he also endorses the affidavit.

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  • Prophet
    05-19 05:51 PM
    hows that for spelling?! ;)
    lol j/k also :P


    Edit:- btw shouldnt it be grammar? ;)

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  • I_need_GC
    07-11 10:28 AM
    You are way more qualified than me. I only have 2 masters, research work, research papers. My attorney was able to get my EB1 approved without sponsorship. You will definitely get EB1

    10-19 08:50 AM
    it means its a long wait

    03-31 04:55 PM

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