Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

    LOL kinda abit late for Day 01 post right? I know. Well there is nothing to hide anymore as now I know exactly what my status is. I am SINGLE! Probably that might have got a few eyes popped out big, cause a lot of people that knew me gave the exact same reactions.

    I finally got myself out of my previous relationship of 2 and half years. Though a lot of people thought it was a bad relationship, in my point of view, I think that was 1 of my best memories in my life. Probably you might wonder than why end it right? Sometimes, you have to let go to be able to learn to move forward.

    I think the previous relationship really made me a whole new person in so many ways. How my temper is under control, how I try to read a situation, how I think and act and etc. I wouldn't deny the fact that I still miss her, love her but I had to let go.

    I am selfish. I couldn't get what I wanted and that got me frustrated. What I wanted so badly that I got frustrated? You might wonder but I ain't telling... *wink wink* Get to know me better than you will get the answer. Deal?

    Nobody can actually comprehend the bond we shared, even us. Because regardless of what happened, we ended up going back to each other all the time. We had a huge load of hurdles to pass and I would say we came through quite well most of the time.

    Now, after the whole issue I find things are very different. Life is like a whole new experience to me. Meeting new people, going out on random dates (friendly dates), doing crazy things and all seems to be whole new thing for me. I don't remember the time when I last felt I wasn't exactly off a relationship as I was always in 1.

    At this point of time, I ain't gonna rush into a relationship. I am going to take things at my own pace this time around. If I meet someone who is suitable, or that someone comes back with what I want maybe it might change my mind. Is that a hint? I seriously don't know.

    I know the fact that walking away from this relationship was the biggest ever move I've ever made in my life in 23 years! Might sound ridiculous to most but that's the truth. Yet still, I think I had 1 of the best moments in my life with her and I ought to thank her for it.

    Thank you sayang! I had the best time with you and I will cherish those memories! *hugs*

    Wait! I am supose to be talking about my single life right? LOL ok coming back to the topic!

    Single life, hmm.... Let me see, I've been on and off work, sleep, yum cha, random dates, and 2 photoshoots! Basically that's all I been doing! And the dates, was merely anything close to romantic. I'd say too friendly to have anything going on. And I am actually looking for more as meeting new people gives new things for me talk about, new experiences, and I don't know what else. LOL

    So if you think you wanna know me, then buzz me up and we shall arrange for a meet up! =)

    Sorry for this backdated post guys. And not to forget, I am really sorry as I am unable to update as much recently with work, being sick, and a lot more other stuffs. Once settled with things, I am sure you can hope for more doses from me! =)

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Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

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