Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

    Well recently my timing have become bad to worst as I rarely have time to do anything at all. I have enough time to do this and that, when I realize that I have to spare time for someone or something I feel drained out already. Yet still I try my best to make people pleased but often as hard as I try, I fail the same extend. It's depressing to the extend that I feel so tired.

    But this post is supose to be about the moment I was suposed to be satisfied with my life. LOL ok ok, coming back to the topic. I think I have managed to achieve and live a few dreams on my own more than once. I am a person who thinks living the dream is talking the real deal. So I tend to do things that I have dreamed of doing hence I think I've felt satisfied quite some times.

    1 of my proudest moment was a few years back. When I went to Japan with no knowledge of their language while my peers had months and years of learning experience. Hence being the odd 1 left out, I needed a lot of help for translation from friends who spoke english whenever I had an encounter with a Japanese. It made life difficult for me as well anyone who spoke english around me.

    Then surprisingly enough it took me merely 3 months to pick up the language. From understanding, reading, and writing normal daily conversation became almost close to natural to me. I think the time I spend learning the language is kinda blur to me. But my life in Japan is very fresh in my memories.

    1 thing that I think I miss the most is those times and probably a part where I was satisfied with my life until everything came crumbling on me. I've felt that regardless of whatever that I feel is working out for me, crumbled on me eventually. At some point I even felt I was cursed or a big failure.

    Yet still, ever since I think I've grown a lot and matured to see the positive side of these things. So now reminiscing those times, I don't feel depressed or regrets but only glad that I actually went through with all of those. Because the experience that I've got of life, is way more than most people of my age group. Due to this probably the way I see life is different compared to others. This kinda makes people to misunderstand me most the time maybe because of the differences of our point of views.

    Confusing? Alright then I rather not confuse you all no more. Plus this lappie I hijacked to blog is running outa battery. So sorry guys for the M.I.A. state but I am working on it. Thanks for the support once again to my readers.

    Looking forward for more time to blog out more interesting stuffs that's been happening in my life! So till then, bye bye!

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Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

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