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  • quiquincho
    08-29 10:49 AM
    I think the original question could be rephrased as follows:

    Will I get an FP notice if my PD is not current?

    Would someone answer this question, please?

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  • apatel_17
    07-11 02:26 PM

    My parents will be here for more than 184 days this year (on visitors vis) and I want to claim them as dependats on my tax return for next year.I searched through some old threads, but the info seems to be outdated.

    * Can I claim them as dependants on my tax return?
    * Has anybody done this successfuly before?
    * What is the deduction amount per person/dependant?
    * What is the process? I know they will need an ITIN etc.


    You should be able to claim them as dependents in your 2007 taxes if they pass the "substantial presence" test. You can get 2 additional "exemptions" for them in your return. IRS looks to issue new ITINs only during tax filing (so when you mail your return next year, you attach their W7s with your filing). Or your parents can open a savings bank account and if they have any "income" in the US, they are entitled to an ITIN any time of the year.

    I have just applied for ITINs for my parents who spend 6 months every year with me. They pass the substantial presence test and I plan to file amended returns as soon as I obtain their ITINs. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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  • $eeGrEeN
    07-13 12:57 PM

    add-on to autorefresh for all those Firefox users out there ....

    that's what i have ...

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  • franklin
    09-20 06:21 PM
    We are not here illegally. We are proud to be highly skilled, in demand and in America to improve American competitiveness.

    The National Anthem was sung (and thank you Panjak, you brought a tear to my eye) as we are waiting patiently in line.

    It was sung as a mark of respect to the country of which we aspire to eventually become citizens of, and that play host to us. Its the same reason we held the American and State flags up high and proud during the walk.

    It is a powerful statement


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  • sku
    12-26 10:38 AM
    So you mean I should not even think of invoking AC21 EVEN after 180 days ?

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  • belmontboy
    09-18 08:18 PM
    We would like to know the count of GC waiting applicants with US citizen children.



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  • anilkumar0902
    09-14 01:33 AM
    Filed I-485 on July 31,2007. Checks cashed on Sep 10th and received Receipt Notices for me and my wife through the attorney yesterday. I am in the EB-2 category with PD: Oct 2005.
    However, on both of our I-485 receipt notices, the Category shows up as "Unknown" ...Has anyone else faced any such thing...

    Please advice.

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  • psaxena
    06-25 12:39 PM
    what is the deadline for the final letter and when can we start the campaign.

    Also I would really appreciate if someone can post the instruction on how to send the fax.. step by step so that the non IT layman also can do that.

    Please keep bumping this post and put a poll on this thread or start a thread just to get the count on how many did it.

    But...I'm not comfortable with subject, that is starting with a question.. ( reply to svn's post)

    IMO, it might backfire as...'What da xxxx is in it for legal immigrants?'( depending upon ones mood at that time)

    I'm more for a lowered tone...request, that is.

    Thanks hsingh82! for the post and validating the site.


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  • pappu
    05-30 06:19 PM
    what a shame...
    how dumb must someone be to get banned from a free website..;-)

    You are also on the radar.
    Here are some of your sample messages to other members.
    IV has better things to do to help its members and this cause than tolerate members who are disrespectful to others and do not bother about this effort.

    Let other IV members judge for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

    cry baby!
    IV is a ripoff!

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  • anilsal
    09-05 11:20 PM
    with ur email address, name, phone number and GC PD.


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  • eb3_nepa
    11-28 04:20 PM
    If only it was that simple.....

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  • Jerrome
    03-24 01:39 PM
    i have come across a website It looks like it has lots of openings(esp for contract positions)

    Please understand that i am not a owner,operator or promoter of this website. So don't blame me if this is not good.

    If i am not supposed to provide any website links here, please delete this posting.


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  • WillIBLucky
    08-11 01:47 PM
    According to an IO i talked to recently the background check has 6 stages which includes name check.

    Sometimes for verifying the names and address they send it to local USCIS office for verification.

    So it may not be for interview. But you could be in the last stages of the background check and will be approved soon IF the dates are current for your PD.

    Good luck!

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  • bach007
    11-22 02:43 PM
    My 140 got approved yesterday! Just 7 days after they received the response to the RFE. :D

    Btw, someone asked abt 3 yr or 4 yr degree. Mine is 4 yr degree.

    lookin at the approvals i think it will take anywhere from 1-3 months


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  • Leo07
    05-29 12:09 PM

    You are correct to the 'could' part.

    Let me begin my explanation by stating my position on debt default:It is bad, it' NOT worth it and don't ever do it. With the explanation that I will be providing below, I don't want to sound like I'm encouraging debt defaulting, which I'm absolutely NOT. There are severe consequences for your credit, if you default a debt.

    So, with that accusation out of my way :), let me explain the logic behind why I think OP is ok. Only thing that is in OP's favor is statutory time-limits, he had dodged the debt bullet for 5 years,afaik, creditors including the collection agencies lose their right to take him to court for a debt older than 5 years from the first date of default. Unless, OP makes some kind of partial payment now, which will bring the debt to current. At this point it will be a mistake for OP to do that. Collection agencies force him to do that mistake with all kinds of scary tactics -- He got to have a thick skin to settle the debt with whatever he can afford once for all.
    Secondly, collection agencies buy debt in bulk, like 1000 defaults at a time. Collection agencies go through a rigorous screening processes, including threatening phone calls, attorney-letter-head notifications etc, for each debt, even before they can take it to court. When they could not talk to him or trace him or find any utility bills of him for 5 years, they would just consider him as MIA. Unless this guy is a rich dude with Hummers parked outside his mansion all the time Or has couple of rental properties on his name, they will not risk further investment on this particular debt.

    Like always, my 2 cents.

    I stand by my suggestion that OP must seek help from a Govt or a not-for-profit Debt Help or the best thing is to seek Attorney's help if you can afford. Don't go to the collection agency or to any of your debtors first.

    Your comment is factually incorrect.

    The creditor (or collection agency) can take you to court. If you don’t show up,the judge rules in favor of the creditor and against you. However, this judgment is just an acknowledgement that you owe the money.

    In order to collect another court date must be assigned to perform a ‘writ of execution’. If they summon you for this, and you don’t appear, they may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

    If the amount is small enough, the creditor may just write it off (with impact to your credit history). But if its big enough they could go down the legal route.

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  • ImmiUser
    07-12 11:40 PM
    I guess same might be true for me also


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  • immigrationmatters30
    07-12 09:26 AM
    I hope so too.But it is highly unrealistic that they will move beyond Dec,2006.
    GOD bless you dude for this news...

    I have been hoping for EAD at least and I can happly wait for 2-3 years for my GC

    if the dates are current I and my fellow non EAD holders at least can file for EAD...

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  • DudefromBombay
    06-30 01:24 PM
    HI Ivar,

    So in your case, did your older employer cancel or withdraw the I - 140 or it was active. Do you know if you can still port the priorty date if the I140 is withdrawn by the older employer. I have looked at most of the forums and haven't found a concrete answer to this question.

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  • bugsbunny
    05-05 12:43 PM
    BB: Mind pointing out what exactly is suspicious about me or my question?
    And Grrrrr why only for the benefit of "others"? And I thot we were "friends"..

    the suspicious part was the "utter rascals"

    lol u asked the question...i was politely restating it for others

    11-19 08:00 AM
    Hello Gurus,

    My I-140 was recently approved. 140-485 filed concurently in July 2007. I have a new job offer and plan to use AC21. However I am worried because the wages at new job would be significantly higher than the old job. There are two reasons for the big difference
    1-Desi employer v/s corporate employer
    2-Dallas v/s New York

    Any comments from people who have faced similar situation will be highly appreciated.


    I would suggest to get in touch with attorney.

    07-28 09:44 AM
    IL AT immigration DOT voice.

    You can then be added to the IL mailing list.

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