Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • brb2
    10-06 03:21 PM

    I empathize with your position. I think when one door closes other windows open up. 10 years from now, you may feel that this was the best thing that happened to you - going to Canada. Your son is a USC, so he can come back anytime he wants. Best wishes in any case.

    well..I have been waiting for my labor certifcation to get certfied for too long. just after Sep 11 I applied both for US GC and Canadian PR. My wife also applied for her GC. meanwhile her GC moved to regional when suddenly DOL thought it was time to regroup and there it went into BPC. In the meantime we got canadian PR some 2 years ago but we did not move thinking that we have jobs here.Then she got pregnant and lot of complications ( premature labor) and during those complications her company got acquired by another bigger firm who thought they don't need her..and result was job loss plus GC into the trash....meanwhile my labor certification even after 5 years was still sleeping in EB3 category(PD Oct, 2001) when i still have Masters( god knows why my lawyer put into that category)..Now my canadian PR was set to expire in march, I thought i should decide fast..and i applied for jobs..and I got offer in vancouver with moving expenses paid from califronia..It has been the toughest decision because my employer is Indian here in california..and I have had good growth(10% average) but not the way I had wanted..I guess he also exploits..Indian exploiting another Indian..because they know I am not going we work hard.. I asked him to match what was being offered in vancouver..and he started converting CAD into is not fair..So I have decided to heck with US and the Employer..and move least I can come is not an easy move because my son being premature child had lot of free facilities in california..hopefully he will get the same in Vancouver until he gets to 3 years ..and then it stops..

    I have been in this country too long..and I guess one should settle down rather just wait for them to give GC...reading the other post about one lady whose EAD card got expired just tells me that how inconsistent this GC process can be and right until the end...

    Anyway that is all for now


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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-26 06:38 PM
    I would definetely be able to help in getting in touch with Ravi. My dad used to work as Information Officer in the NRI ministry.

    I will keep the group updated.

    Also to be really frank I don't see any help from Indian politians, but let's give it a try.
    They will not care for us at all! But, there is an outside chance that one of the retrogressed is related to one of them or somebody knows a politician... and our e-mail also reaches them at the perfect time! And, one of the concerned politician/minister happens to meet one-on-one with Karl Rove, or any such powerful figure in the Bush Team! And, they bring it up with the Bush Team, who assure them they will make Retrogression disappear!!!

    ;) Hey, if we were so lucky - one of us might have won $365 mil Powerball, and donated $200K or more to IV outright! I would have, I know that for sure!

    But, we have to keep trying every which way! Everything to gain- nothing ventured, nothing gained! Please, do not misunderstand me - I am not making light of somebody's ideas! Great things happen only if we keep trying!!!

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  • Houstonguy
    04-16 12:15 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Could any of you let me know the impact of multiple job changes on AC21, with approved I-140 and after 180 days of I-485 receipt, and with similar job code and description. I changed first on January 25 and now it will be 3 months after the first change. I have following concerns and seek your opinions soon for the decision.

    1- Will this quick change be a concern even though I will have same/similar job code as per O*NET and job description and there is no law against it?

    2- Should I have, in addition to H1B transfer, another Labor certification started with new employer as a back up?

    Thanks guys in advance!

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  • 140jibjab
    01-23 10:51 AM
    live in suburb of chicago!


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  • u.misc
    01-19 10:50 AM
    Really... Selling a house takes longer and in some places its six month - a year. When you are detained at the airport, you can not list your house and sit in the airport for a year. Think before what you post.

    I have sold a house in US while being physically in India. All you need to do is give a notarized affidavit to your Realtor and you don't need to be on the closing table. There is always a solution to worst case scenarios. Dude do some googling and you'll know what I am talking about.

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  • pm1010
    08-07 04:05 PM

    It purely depends on your personal circumstances and how much you are willing to stretch. Though the life in Canadian - US is pretty similar, in my experience we all are so attached to the US that moving to Canada may not work for all of us.

    I had Canadian PR in Year 2000 , i temporariliy moved to explore my option with longterm plans , but unfortunately it did not work out , i even tried windsor-detroit option, it too stressful and i personally feel it ani't worth !!

    My 2 cents!!!


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  • Buddha2009
    01-31 04:28 AM
    Does it make a difference ?
    - If you go to Canada are you really going to be working ? You are going to go to Law School and get your degree in Law and becoming a Lawyer. So you go to Canada and study and 3+ years later become a Canadian citizen come right back in US on TN visa. Unless you don't want to abandon your Chinese citizenship.

    - The July 2007 - 140 are showing signs of approval. So you get the 140 approval and then use AC21 to hang around the US and complete your Law degree in Boston. A few years later you get 485 approved and you are set in US. The complication comes is that you have a GC filed as EE and 485 might become questionable or maybe not (if you become a smart lawyer :) to defend your own)

    So from the options that you stand today, if in next couple of months 140 is approved, ask your lawyer can you use AC21 and go to Law school or will there be complications. If not, stick around here.

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  • gconmymind
    06-14 06:38 PM
    I�m bachelor. I�m planning to get married in another 6 months. Should I apply for I-485? If I should, can I add my spouse later to the I-485 application before I-485 is approved and priority date is not current. :confused:
    You will be able to file her 485 after marriage and before your approval only if your priority date is current. I am in the same situation and confused too.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. The views and opinions expressed here are my own. Please consult an immigration expert for professional advice.


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  • optimist578
    01-22 11:10 PM
    I also want to know the same...

    Please, anyone??

    As long as she is in status, she can apply for a visa change. What is her status on the day she files for H1 ? If it is legal (H4 has not expired et al) , things should be fine.

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  • rkumar28
    12-15 08:37 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I live in Chicago Suburbs.... replying to register myself.



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  • langagadu
    06-04 07:41 AM
    Why are you jealous. Seems like he is qualified for EB-2 and applied it.

    Buddy, I am in the same situation with an American company for which I am working since 2002. I applied in EB-3 (at that time per the job requirements). Company is ready to promote me but I am not accepting due to my EB-3. They decided to file labor for the future job which comes under EB-2. They filed it and waiting for approval.Once I get labor and 140, yes I will use EB-2 and take the promotion. How is this become an abuse, can you expalin? In my view if you get an offer for the future job in EB-2 category and not use that opportunity then that is called abusing yourself not the law.

    What's wrong there other than making some people jealous.

    Congrats on getting your green card. Your post and attitude is the exact reason why DOL has made it almost impossible to get EB2 certification especially in the software field and why people despice consultants like you and your desi employer.

    You said in your post "Appiled for EB3 labor in jan 2004, even though i am qualified for EB2" dear sir its not your qualification that determines whether you get to file in eb2 or not but it is what the job requirements are that determine whether it is eb2 or eb3.

    Another line from your post "After realizing that the dates will never become current for EB3, my desi employer files for EB2 labor" this and the previous line clearly show that you and your desi employer have no respect for the law. It is because of blatant abuse like this that DOL is cracking down on eb2 filings. Now thanks to people like you and your desi employer who have abused the law now even eb2 india might never become current because tons of people have already ported and spillover to eb2 is not happenning anymore like previous years. People have realized even eb2 india is never going to move beyond 2003 so "consultants" like you and desi companies have moved on to abusing eb1. Seems like you are proud of your achievement just like the L1 folks from desi companies who brag about getting green card in less than an year by abusing L1.

    To all the people who think they can pull a trick like mr salawrene by filing in eb2 again hard luck there are 120000 485 applications with USCIS with eb3 and eb2 having about 60000 each, because of abuse in Eb1 no more spillover of visa numbers to eb2 india wil occur so eb2 india will not move forward, on top of it dol is cracking down on eb2 filings. eb2 might start moving backward to 2003 or 2002 and will remain stagnant like eb3 because no visa spillover is happenning.

    because of desi consultants and desi employers abusing the system the whole EB community is suffering, high time we respected the law and stop this practise. for speaking the bitter reality if eb2 and eb1 abusers, consultants, desi employers want to give me a red go ahead and do it, but ask yourself have I said anything which is incorrect

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  • stevestamps
    07-13 06:21 PM
    Latest update on

    07/13/2007: Agonizying Moments for DHS/USCIS Leaders

    There is no doubt that people from time to time go through a tense and agonizying moment while the noise of clock ticking is getting louder and lauder. Reportedly, that is what the leaders of the agencies have been going through to abate things going out of control politically. Rep. Zoe Lofgren is a powerful chairwomea of the Judiciary Committee Immigration Subcommitee of the House of Representatives. Day before yesterday, she served a request for information, record, documents, and evidence in the tone of a discovery in the court proceeding. The letter resembled the combination of request for admission and demand for records in the federal court proceeding. The Secretary of Homeland Security was given only three days to meet the demand. Apparently, the leaders of the DHS and USCIS have been struggling to work out some kind of solutions and thereby prevent thing going out of control as the records, emails, documents, etc. etc. can turn out to be very smelly and juicy depending on which side of the party politics one is involved. Under the circumstances, the leaders have been talking about various options with the departments and pending the discussions, everything has been on hold including the visa bulletin release schedules.
    Yesterday, we described potential four options for the DOS and the USCIS. Unconfirmed sources indicate that the last option appears to be "out." Obviously there are still under a tremendous pressure to work out a solution before the three-day deadline of the Congresswoman's investigatory demand. It is going to be a very tense and stressful weekend for these officials. For that matter, the immigrants may also go through a similar process emotionally during the weekend, not knowing when and what information will be released during the weekend or Monday. Eyes of the many immigrants will be glued to the computer monitors. May God Help the Poor Souls! Amen.


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  • sands_14
    10-06 12:35 PM
    But remember that this does NOT include 3 LARGE groups of potential EB's:
    1. Those who have NOTHING filed with USCIS yet, since their LC is still at the BEC==>THIS IS CORRECT

    2. Those whose I-140's have been approved, but can't file I-485 yet.==>I THINK THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN ACCOUNT OF BY USCIS.
    3. The dependants of (1) and (2).==>THIS IS CORRECT

    None of the above would be counted as having a 'pending' case with USCIS.==>nO.2 HAS BEEN ACCOUNTED FOR

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  • gcwanter
    06-15 11:39 AM
    Is it true that the reports for the medical check will take almost 4 weeks to come back?


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  • eb3_nepa
    11-24 12:06 AM
    some one gave me red and said that " where were u when all the EB2 guys were united together against EB3" my answer is that moron EB2 guys were wrong too they were jumping when bulletin moved forward in their favour, now see the bulletin every one is there where they were before... so we have to be united in all the situation and fight for retrogession

    I agree, STAY UNITED.

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  • nojoke
    10-14 07:44 PM
    I agree with sri1309. This would stop the bleeding of the economic crisis. Folks just wont stop by buying house alone, they all will be motivated to spend more money. guys, our folks most of them are well positioned with good paying jobs and pay and the only reason for not spending and not buy houses are because of the insecurity of the stay due to the h1b extension.
    We all to some extent know that this whole mess is due to the deregulation of the financial institiution and because of which high supply of houses ( SUPPLY and DEMAND. Now with the bailout government owns all these houses). By passing some legislation can control the deregulation but how do you sell the government owned houses quickly to the people? who will buy? Immigration is the best option. Here is my recommendation, regulate and tightenend the loans for the house constructing companies to control the supply side from the constructing compnay and issue green cards to all the legal immigrants to increase the demand side of the equation. Additionally bringing the ?? milliion illegal immigrants to legal will increase the tax revenue of the government. My 2cents says that whoever the next president, the comprehensive immigration reforms would be the best solutions for solving the current economic mess.
    There are a lot of US citizens wanting to buy house. The problem is they are not able to afford and sitting on the sidelines. The house values will drop to affordable levels for regular folks to buy. Nothing will stop it. Even if all immigrants buy today, you can only postpone the crash. The basic problem is affordability. You can reduce the supply, but who will be able to pay inflated house prices?


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  • Dhundhun
    07-09 01:30 PM
    For 3-9 years, it is a good news.

    For 10 and 10+ years, this is already laws in place in terms Social Security benefits. Hope that this does not worsen. Presently, retirement and some other benefits are available to foreign nationals such as India, if 40 points are accumulated.

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  • mpaiva
    07-17 10:30 AM
    Are these for real? It was 5 months a couple of days ago. Also the USCIS Processing Times ( page is offline since yesterday.

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  • voldemar
    03-03 09:03 PM
    Employer pays H1B and green card costs, Period.Prove it. I trust my lawyer. She says that only H1B expenses should be paid by employer. Period.

    05-12 10:18 AM
    how many numbers are available for EB1, EB2 and EB3 out of 140,000?

    Also does any one know how many numbers spilled over in 2008, 2009?

    11-15 03:21 PM
    The potential for misuse is too much. So I only support GC for someone with a PhD, even though I have a Masters.

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