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  • kaisersose
    06-15 09:32 AM
    definitely not the right time to buy ..if your kids are not about to go to school then next fall would be even better.

    Not true for Texas. As the OP is in Houston, he is safe buying now.

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  • bomber
    08-17 10:04 AM
    I agree. Aware members need to inform ignorant members obsessed with notices on other threads and stop those therads NOW. We have tolerated such threads enough. I am not joking, you will see from today new threads of EAD and AP trackers for the next 6 months. So let us all nip this in the bud in the interest of this organization. What do you think?


    It's not a tracker and I'm not tracking or looking for my receipt notices to come from USCIS or my checks to be cashed or anything like that.
    My notices have already arrived and my lawyer and employer are refusing to give them to me. I have foreign travel planned in October and I might be looking to change employer soon. My question was whether I can invoke AC21 without having the physical receipt notices.

    Would be helpful if someone knows for sure.

    Again, please go back and see this is not a tracker thread.

    thanks for your valuable input.

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  • syzygy
    06-14 08:48 PM
    Divide & Rule -- did someone use this on us in past history and keep using it time and again?

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  • sbind_77
    08-31 01:05 PM
    My 485 got approved on Aug 6th 2010 and I received my Approval notice on Aug 14h. I haven't received the card yet.

    My 485 status changed from "Initial Review" to "Post Decision Activity".

    Anyone with similar situation? Does anyone know what to do now or do I need to wait for USCIS to mail the card?



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  • starfish
    05-24 01:21 PM
    sent webfax!

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  • Guidi
    August 24th, 2004, 10:18 AM
    Hello All,

    I own a D70 and have had major focus issues. I finally spent 3 hrs at the store where I purchased the camera until they finally agreed that it was defective. I just got a call today saying it was repaired. Hopfully it works. I recomend if somebody purchaces the D70, that you test it extensively before you take it out in the field. Out of 4 people I know with this camera, 3 have the focus problems.


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  • veereddy
    10-01 05:31 PM
    Did anybody fly recently in Lufthansa to India? I wanted to know whether you need transit visa.
    I have booked the tickets in Lufthansa to india in Dec.

    My travel agent says you dont need transit visa if you have AP.

    Since i have time now, i can apply nowif needed.

    Also please give me the details about the appln forms to apply for the transit visa.

    please advise.

    I came back via Frankfurt on Lufthansa last month, on AP no problems.

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  • venky08
    09-17 01:40 PM
    keep records of all the facts. create a file to gather all the facts to demonstrate that the job was eliminated due to the downturn of the business. you need to have good faith intentions to join the sponsoring employer. if you have those and then still couldnt work for that employer due to the things beyond your control, then there is nothing anybody can do about it. so enjoy your days and dont worry about the future. just be prepared with necessary documentation that you need to do for the citizenship...

    check with a good lawyer as i am not one. this is a personal opinion.

    Hi everyone, I have been approved on 9/6/7.
    only 92 days after AOS filing.
    My sponsor, I did work with them from 2002-2007. They agree to file i-485 in the hopes economy would get better. However house builders are doing very bad now and they cannot take me back after approval.
    The question is, does this spoiled my chances for citizenship?


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  • GCplease
    07-19 11:22 AM
    GCPlease - I am also in the same boat! RFE not yet received but looks like it could be for the photos. Its been over 8 days now. I did not get a notice for biometrics. It could be because we did our 485 biometrics just 8 months ago. Perhaps they will just use that.

    Should I just send the photos in and see what happens without waiting for the actual RFE? Where did you send the photos? Same address as the docs that you sent?



    wait for 15 days since USCIS said they sent you the rfe. After that you can call uscis at the # they have in the EAD Receipt they sent you, and you can open a Service Request for non delivery of the RFE. There is a 15 day rule. if you call earlier, they are not gonna entertain you. I got my RFE after 3 days I opened the SR.

    But call immediately after the 15 days because the time limit for you to send the rfe is 33 days and this clock starts from the time they say they have sent you the rfe (which you may have recived in an email notification or the online status). They did not extend this time period for me due to non-delivey.

    The RFE they sent had the address we need to send the response. I think it was a different address.

    The above said information is based on my experience. It may be be different with each case. you know how uscis is. just use it as a guideline.

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  • minimalist
    11-07 03:31 PM

    One approach I can think is to meet officials and explain them to automatically disable the employers from doing so...An approved 140 should not be allowed to cancel, once 485 is filed and 180 days passed. This will stop the wastage of resources and help to improve efficiency for CIS. Is there a chance we can convince this??? more on the side of administrative fix???

    How about making an official AC21 form (like we've AR11 for address change)? CIS can charge a small fees to file for AC21, it will guarantee candidates that their AC21 application has reached to CIS.

    Employer has to show that he can support all the employees that have an 140 pending. It cannot be attributed to being sadistic alone.
    However, having an official AC21 process would be good.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-19 02:19 PM
    My employer has always provided me the receipt numbers. I'm talking about the physical receipt notice which I might need just in case i need to invoke AC21.

    IF you have used your personal checks the receipt is usually at the back of the checks. Esle just call the help desk and give all your information and if the guy is in good mood he can provide you the receipt number.

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  • gjoe
    08-14 09:05 AM
    I have a total of 15+ yrs exp in the IT industry out of which 8 yrs in USA. I am also an EB3 :) BTW I have a 4 yr engg degree from a small college in india :p

    Count me in too
    I am totally pissed off with this system. The only wrong step which i took was applying in EB3 when i had three years of experience. Now i have a total almost 10 years experience in IT and still waiting like an illegal immigrant for GC.

    PD : EB3 SEPT 2002.


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  • rbharol
    09-18 11:58 PM
    Although my H1 and my wife's H4 expires next year July, she got her DL renewed till 2011

    I am in CA.

    Received today.

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  • pappu
    02-23 10:10 AM
    If any continuing recurring IV contributor (Donor member) gets a 1 year EAD/AP document, let IV know. We will try to help you get a 2 year document from USCIS.


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  • gc_wow
    10-20 09:38 AM
    I am in a situation, my h1b is expiring next month. 485 filed,still working on h1b. What are my options for bringing my wife in case if I get married next year?

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  • nixstor
    01-23 01:50 PM
    Does she need her H4 approved to have her prospective employer file the I 129? (or) Can she just provide the notice of action she received for her H4 extension filing along with her I 129 to show that she is maintaining status?

    Any one??


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  • pointlesswait
    03-16 01:31 PM
    i ave been advocating that each section must be moderated... and ppl with incomplete info must not have access to
    a.) secure sectiono of the forum.
    b.) volunteer moderators must have limited deleting/disabling profiles or posts..

    i see too many bots and worms on this posts...
    act now..else RIP for ever..;)

    IMO, there could be unfortunate situations for anybody which may seem to be like one will go out-of-status. Best option is go to a good attorney. It is not cheap option but certainly it is best way to get things answered professionally within a specific time period. It will also prevent your case to be wide open on forums for any agency or anti-s to target you. You will also be protected by attorney client confidentiality agreements.

    I saw some questions like "I am not working on H1B though I have visa. Or things like "I am not paid on bench. Is that alright". Does it need anybody to confirm that you could be out of status? Quite naive to ask that on forum.

    Best option, do not violate any law intentionally. When we take so much care by not even jay-walking, we should be super careful about the immigration laws and statuses.

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  • glus
    01-15 09:37 AM
    Hey Everyone,

    My brother is a US citizen who has filed an I-130 for me and my family in May, 2008. We've traveled to the US on B1/B2 visas in February, 2009. The thing about it is that in the DS-156 form point "36. Has Anyone Ever Filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf?" we've answered "No". I've had no idea at that time that it was referring to the petition for alien relative. Anyways, we've returned back home in time. Also, I've had 3 visas before (2 tourist and 1 student) and never violated any immigration laws.

    Then in December, 2009 we've applied for F-1 visa and got denied. This time it was a DS-160 form that we filled out which replaced the old DS-156 form. It didn't have that question about the petition anymore. I think they've decided to exclude it because a lot of people were confused by it. Anyways, the consulate officer didn't like the fact that I haven't transferred my credits from 2 courses of University that I've completed in my home country. Plus my major differed from my previous education course.

    So my question is. Is it ok to apply for F-1 visa while I-130 is pending? I mean we've been issued B1/B2 visas before. Even though we've answered "No" to that question, they saw that I had a brother in the US who is a US citizen. I'm thinking of transferring my credits and using same major course this time or at least similar. This way in the eyes of the consulate officer it will look as I am going to the US to finish my education. The thing is, I am planning to attend community college first in order to finish general courses and then transfer to the university. My major in my home university was physics and this community college doesn't have it. I may go with "general education" course at the community college and explain to the consulate officer my situation.

    Is it even legal to apply for F-1 visa while I-130 is pending? I believe so. My another question is. Once I finish education. What's the next step would be? Will it be easy to transfer from F-1 to H1B visa while I-130 is pending? What about my wife and a baby who will be on F-2 status? Please share your thoughts. Thank you!


    Generally speaking, F-1 is a visa with pure non-immigrant intent. By filing I-130, your brother showed you intend to immigrate to the U.S. As such, most likely F-1 can't be approved. If you said NO when they asked if anyone ever filed an immigrant petition for you, you may be held accountable for committing fraud for immigration purposes. If USCIS realizes you lied on your non immigrant petition, you may become inadmissible and deportable. Consequently, I would consult with an attorney before applying for F-1. Hope this helps.

    Under current immigration law, one cannot be issued a non-immigrant visa which carries no dual intent, if one intends to immigrate to the U.S. If you had answered YES on your DS-156, the consular officer would have no legal basis to issue to you a tourist visa.

    Best Wishes,

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  • eager_immi
    01-25 07:30 AM
    Don't u think that if X has contributed $1,000 and I have contributed $20/$0 I might be temped to rethink that I need to contribute more. It is not comparing $100 vs $200.

    Think about it, any donation made by philanthropists are made public, i am not saying we are philanthropists here since we have a cause in mind. The reason is to prompt people to contribute. If this is not a key agenda IV then please ignore this post.

    02-15 02:12 PM
    What you are advising her/him to do is lie to USCIS that he/she is sick when she is not. This is on the same lines as doing what those guys behind bars did, brining people on H-1B from India to the US without actually having a job for them.

    Again, its people like you that is giving genuine legal immigrants a bad name, and putting us all (including yourself) in the LONG immigration queue!

    I see that you have written letters and participated in other campaigns. None of those will materialize if you're teaching others to missuse the H-1B system. How hard is it for you to understand that these are the kinds of loopholes because of which we are stuck with no visa numbers?

    Get a letter from your employer saying they are granting you a personal unpaid vacation as per your request(which can be done using a pre-dated letter to them). Make sure you are getting your medical coverage from them(if you have it through them). Provide that and an explanation that you are taking personal time off due to health etc/stress. Hopefully that flies with the USCIS.

    good luck

    11-08 02:05 PM
    Murthy's lawyer suggested Consular processing as an option.

    She explained that in Consular processing I still need continued Sponsorship from my firm, but it will revoke my 485 application. I will end up filling bunch of forms with USCI, including 824.

    This was my PD will remain intact and when it becomes current, I will have to go to Indian Consulate and get Immigrant Visa from there.

    IN this whole process My firm needs to continue sponsor my GC processing. Advantage is : I don't have to come and renew my EAD and AP every year.

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