Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • rajabeta
    10-26 04:19 PM
    My AP updates in signature.

    Anybody got FP notice in this group (NSC to CSC)?

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  • sam_hoosier
    06-02 04:51 PM

    You are correct to the 'could' part.

    Let me begin my explanation by stating my position on debt default:It is bad, it' NOT worth it and don't ever do it. With the explanation that I will be providing below, I don't want to sound like I'm encouraging debt defaulting, which I'm absolutely NOT. There are severe consequences for your credit, if you default a debt.

    So, with that accusation out of my way :), let me explain the logic behind why I think OP is ok. Only thing that is in OP's favor is statutory time-limits, he had dodged the debt bullet for 5 years,afaik, creditors including the collection agencies lose their right to take him to court for a debt older than 5 years from the first date of default. Unless, OP makes some kind of partial payment now, which will bring the debt to current. At this point it will be a mistake for OP to do that. Collection agencies force him to do that mistake with all kinds of scary tactics -- He got to have a thick skin to settle the debt with whatever he can afford once for all.
    Secondly, collection agencies buy debt in bulk, like 1000 defaults at a time. Collection agencies go through a rigorous screening processes, including threatening phone calls, attorney-letter-head notifications etc, for each debt, even before they can take it to court. When they could not talk to him or trace him or find any utility bills of him for 5 years, they would just consider him as MIA. Unless this guy is a rich dude with Hummers parked outside his mansion all the time Or has couple of rental properties on his name, they will not risk further investment on this particular debt.

    Like always, my 2 cents.

    I stand by my suggestion that OP must seek help from a Govt or a not-for-profit Debt Help or the best thing is to seek Attorney's help if you can afford. Don't go to the collection agency or to any of your debtors first.


    Sorry to say, you have your facts wrong :cool:

    The SOL for WA on open ended accounts is 6 years, and credit card debt is considered open ended account. The collection agency definitely has the option to take him to court. Now they may not actually do it, but the OP was concerned about the risk of being taken to court and that risk is definitely there.

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  • number30
    04-09 05:54 PM
    You are right axp817, but small correction.
    Company A (old company) attorney filed I 485 based on the I-140 approval from
    company A.

    If there was offer letter from company A you can safely say that job was for future. If you did not include a letter from company A then all goes by the argument of future employment. But Finally it should be OK.

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  • abhijitp
    11-20 05:19 PM
    No. It is not from IV Core again. Once Core team makes their decision on this they will post it separately.

    This is confusing.

    In the meantime, IVMovies, please update your IV profile as Pappu requested in that thread.


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  • RenaissanceGirl
    01-02 02:40 PM
    I was really torn here as I love both pieces...

    ... but Soul's entry had little sheep in it.


    Don't worry Lost, you are still my main squeeze.

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  • WeldonSprings
    05-28 12:55 PM
    Is your application pending at TSC or NSC?

    e-filed on 19th April and got the confirmation receipt by post on 23nd April. After that no updates. Anyone facing this issue?


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  • ronhira
    09-23 04:14 PM
    Most of us are not eligible to vote in the Nov elections , so PLEASE STOP CAMPAIGNING for Obama unless u have something to say worthwhile abt immigration etc

    i'm not campaigning for obama...... simply trying to set the record straight.....

    the title of this thread implies that obama is not doing admin fix.... its not always about the campaign & votes, sometimes its about the truth and the truth is that republicans leaked the draft admin memo and wrote letters to oppose admin fix.... but now everyone here is blaming obama..... i'm simply defending the absent.....

    most people pass judgments based on incomplete or incorrect headlines...... i'm merely saying that there is more to the news than just the headlines.... & this is related to immigration.... unless u think that the only valid immigration question is - when will i get my gc......

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  • Marphad
    08-20 11:30 AM
    There is no way to clean every thing with in 3 to 4 years, Why because like EB3 china and India had country limit per year.

    Country limit is EXCLUDED for employment based visa spill over. Read USCIS policy.


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  • va_labor2002
    06-22 03:29 PM
    Mr. Vayalar Ravi , Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs,is coming to USA on June 27,2006. He is coming to Washington DC on July 4 to meet Indian Ambassador and Indian community. We should try to meet him personally and explain the problems we are facing. He can talk to US counterparts and do something for us.

    Let us organize an event to meet him on July 4. Since It is a holiday, lot of people can meet him and chat with him.

    Any comments from IV Core Team ? Can we contact Indian Ambassador to arrange a meeting with the minister ? is it possible ?

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  • maddipati1
    08-14 05:10 AM
    possible reason for mysterious rejections :

    You are a mail room guy, you go home friday (06/29) and comeback on monday (06/02).
    You start the monkey business of timestamping incoming mail, but half an hours into the day (around 8 or 9:00 am), you realize "sshhttt: i did not change the date on my stamp, its still read 06-29-2007". In the classical govt. fashion, you do not bother to go back and restamp the applications with the correct datetime. Not because you are evil, but because you simply don't understand the ramifications of early stamping. You think u are doing the guy a favor, putting him/her early in line.. but guess what... the guy's application is gonna get rejected.

    Could this be the case with some apps mysteriously being rejected?



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  • abracadabra102
    08-14 10:16 AM
    you are telling me someone thought of this before me.. dang.. people are fast.. but i guess its hard to know because i don't really read all the forum topics.. too many. i think i will there at the dc rally. logistics in order. i m excited .. yay!

    allow me to indulge you with this rhyme

    member -> 50 posts
    senior member -> 100 posts
    administrator -> 5 gazillion posts
    one small card green in color -> PRICELESS

    peace of mind is something forum post can never bring.. for that you need green card !

    Well, I heard that THE CARD is not green anymore:D

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  • njboy
    07-11 03:15 PM
    "my in laws have visited 4 times from past 4 years,"

    my condolenses


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  • bugsbunny
    03-29 04:06 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I need your help on this. My cousin is running this small IT company in india and he mentioned that when US client sends their money to India via Pay Pal or some secure money transfer , they are charging them 4 % of transfer amount.

    He ask me that what could be the best way to avoid this fees , some of the option that we thought about,

    1) If they (cousin's company) open an bank account in USA and utilize this to transfer the money to indian bank account - Would they still need to pay US tax as money is being deposited into the US account?

    2) If I utlize my bank account - I think in this scenarion I have to pay the US tax for whatever money the client is depositing into my account in order to make this legal transfer

    3)If US client utilize remit2india, ICICI to transfer money which I highly doubt

    I appriciate your responce on this.

    lol you are complaining about 4% tax? :)
    1. not sure about this...normally you need a SSN or TaxID to open a back account here...however some banks dont require it...which is what illegal immigrants exploit.
    so if its done without a SSN or TAXID then you may get away without paying tax.
    However some companies wont pay you if you dont have a TaXID or SSN

    2. worst of the 3 ideas...cause u will be paying individual tax rate...of around 30% or more

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  • Michael chertoff
    07-10 09:43 AM
    Carl Shusterman says that State Department's Charles Oppenheimer indicating that there will big advances for EB2 China & India. Hopefully it is true

    Immigration Attorneys, Schedule a Legal Consultation with Former INS Trial Attorney Carl Shusterman (

    I hope it wiill move to Aug 2006 PD.


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  • number30
    04-09 05:54 PM
    You are right axp817, but small correction.
    Company A (old company) attorney filed I 485 based on the I-140 approval from
    company A.

    If there was offer letter from company A you can safely say that job was for future. If you did not include a letter from company A then all goes by the argument of future employment. But Finally it should be OK.

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  • new_horizon
    08-20 10:35 AM
    Does anyone in the IV core have any comment on this? Pls do express. Thanks.


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  • pappu
    03-31 10:49 AM
    For Press Distribution:

    Highly Skilled Professionals Call on Congress to Pass Green Card Reforms

    Immigration Voice Organizes Congressional Advocacy Days for Highly Skilled Legal Professionals

    Washington, D.C. – From April 4-5 2011, over 175 members of Immigration Voice from around the nation will descend onto the nation's capital to ask their congressmen and senators for reforms to the broken Green-Card process.

    “While K-Street, the Hi-Tech industry and Congress is distracted once again by H-1B visas, recycling the same old talking points one more time, Immigration Voice’s laser-like focus remains on the nearly 500,000 highly skilled immigrants who remain backlogged for 10-15 years waiting for their Green Cards,” said Aman Kapoor, president of Immigration Voice. “These highly-skilled professionals believe that the H-1B visa controversy sucks-up all the oxygen in the room whenever employment-based immigration policy is discussed. However, the real problem lies in the fact that there is a huge pool of talent untapped by American employers in the form of highly skilled legal professionals who have been living here on temporary visas as they patiently wait for their Green Cards. These law abiding, tax-paying, highly skilled future Americans, cannot start their own companies and immediately create jobs in America, change employers or accept promotions during the Green Card application process, which now spans 10-15 years. This creates serious quality of life issues and ultimately hurts the U.S. economy.

    “Immigration Voice aims to create awareness with members of Congress, congressional staff and policy makers about the Green Card backlog, which inhibits job creation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation for all Americans. These immigrants are waiting to showcase their innovation leadership with their U.S. work experience American education. Immigration Voice will insist that Congress focus on the Green Card backlog rather than on H-1B visas,” concluded Kapoor.

    Immigration Voice has arranged nearly 350 visits to congressional offices April 4-5 in both the House and Senate. You are invited to meet these activists at their Capitol Hill reception:

    What: Immigration Voice Congressional Reception
    When: 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
    Where: B-340 Rayburn House Office Building

    To learn more and to arrange an interview with Immigration Voice on the dates listed above, Contact: Immigration Voice (202) 386-6250 or

    Founded in December 2005, Immigration Voice is a rapidly growing, national grassroots, non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization with 57,000 highly-skilled legal immigrants as members. Immigration Voice is committed to commonsense reforms to the employment-based immigration and Green Card process.

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  • mrane1
    12-21 08:35 PM
    I was not bragging. I was just thinking out aloud, so to speak. Economic ups and downs like this this are a normal part of economic cycles in a capitalist economy. My observation is that IT industry is not as badly affected as other sectors. I have not seen people sitting without jobs for extended periods. I mean, some people do loose jobs but they get something else within a couple of weeks. That is pretty much normal functioning of markets.

    This is not your normal recession... Whats happening right now is once in a lifetime event... This is the kind of stuff you will be telling your grandkids about! This is payback time of the excesses of the past 25 years of loose monetary and fiscal policy under Greenspan... Your observation about IT industry not being as badly affected is true only till the month of October... Till then things were in sort of slow motion esp in IT sector... Not anymore!
    BTW here are a couple of my posts from 07
    Not bad for an economics hobbyist! To quote from Jeff Goldblums 'The Fly'', "Be afraid, be very afraid...". 2009, 2010 are going to be BAD! The other thing to watch out for is the crime rate... Americans to a large extent have not known what real poverty is... The social implications of this fall out are going to be awfull... Don't take things for granted... If you thought that cushy job of writing apps for Facebook is safe, boy you are wrong... The depressionary train has already left the station and all we can do now is sit tight and watch!

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  • samirpatel08
    08-03 11:19 PM
    I just started this thread to learn how other members are considering option to transfer EB3 case to EB2.

    - Please let us know,
    - Is it worth trying?
    - Is there any issue if you have tried? Success or failure.
    - If you got success, let everyone know.


    02-15 11:59 AM
    Any advise/comments?

    My wife worked as a full time employee and resigned after the delivery from Oct'08. She was paid the sick pay through a third party insurance and these wages are missing in the W-2. I tried contacting her employer and also wrote emails saying I would complain to IRS if they fail to provide a corrected W2. Today is 02/14 and we still didn't receive a new W2 for the sick pay or a corrected W2.

    1) What consequences the employer would have to face if they fail to report correct wages on W2?
    2) Does IRS is concerned about missing wages that are 1-2K?
    3) Do you think I should complain to IRS?

    I am planning to lodge an official complaint on Monday 02/16. I suppose it was a deadline date for all employers to provide W2 or a corrected one.

    03-10 02:10 PM
    Hey thanks for the reply. I see you mentioned one thing that caught my eye:

    -- They may want to file an AC-21 letter ( stating that they have permanently employed you for this position for this salary yada yada yada ... ) and definitely a G28 to change representation on your cases in case of any RFE and other communication by USCIS.

    company B is offering me a fulltime position with a 3 month introductory period in which they can fire me without having to provide any reason

    - how does this affect my AC-21 application?
    - Is there a period within which they have to file for this application?
    - Obviously i am assuming if they fire me then i will have to ask the next employer (company c in this case) to file for AC-21?
    - Also in this case does any of the 2 companies A and B have the right to revoke to I-140 or just company A?
    - do i need to worry about company B messing with my application in any sort?

    Thanks in advance and i would really appreciate if you could spent some time in responding to this asap

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