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  • nosightofgc
    10-07 01:17 PM
    No LUD Update (NSC) for the last 2 days after FP. But EAD card has been ordered. Its very difficult to predict how they operate.

    Yep. I agree. For me and my wife, I saw LUDs the next day of finger printing. Don't know what this is. I don't know why the hell in the world they cannot post this information on their web site. Of course it can be confidential information, but they can create a system with very good authentication for that. May be they just don't want to share information?

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  • jnicklo
    04-17 10:41 PM
    FIRST OFF: Using slang or whatever will NOT hinder you from getting a job in the design field. I love how people who most likely havent worked more than a week at a REAL design studio think they now how the whole system works.

    I will tell you all right now, IF your work is good and IF you can show your employer (most likely a smaller company if it'll be your first job) that you can get the job done, he's not going to care if you use the words "dawg" or "aight".

    I'll provide two THREE examples of this.

    1. I was the Art Director for a small, South Florida based web company called Citracom. We needed a flash developer who was GOOD and wasn't expensive. So we interviewed some people. One fellow by the name of Trevor (whom was & still is pretty darn good at flash) had the whole slang talk thing. But he got the job. He did it well.

    2. I worked as a Graphic Designer in the marketing department of a fitness company. We worked on some pretty large clients like Kathy Smith and Prevention magazine. There was a guy who was a little younger than me who did all of our tech support as well as graphics. The kid was great. Yet he listended to rap, said "yo" and to top it off his favorite greeting was "What Up?".

    3. And the final example is ME. I got my first web design job when I was in 11th grade. I interned for a company for $8.50 an hour doing HTML and layouts in Photoshop as well as making buttons. I used "slang" and I was young (16 1/2 I believe) and from there I've gone on to work at some pretty decent jobs. In fact this month makes it FIVE years since I started designing for a professional company.

    If you guys ever need any tips on picking up a design job, let me know. I'll be glad to help you out.

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  • hebbar77
    09-10 06:55 PM
    If I had one I would keep it in a bank locker... to make sure I dont loose it:mad:

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  • m306m
    03-31 12:17 PM


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  • qplearn
    10-23 07:26 PM
    Interesting, Murthy's report ( makes a different interpretation. qplearn, could you please clarify your sources or shed some more light on the issue?:confused:
    For the record, filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently (EB2) on June 21 at NSC. Got FP, my wife got EAD.
    My lawyer tells me so. Also, the bulletin you cite is very old. Most people stuck in name check, for which BTW there is a separate thread, will coroborrate what i've said.

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  • enqueued
    06-16 01:26 PM
    I have been owning for 7 years now. I bought the first one in 2000 and sold it in 2005 - though most of 2001 and 2002 were in recession, I still made 200% of what I invested. But do not see house as an investment. For me i want a place when I retire. If it appreciates its good.

    I have my mortgage with They have the best rate available. They are slow though - do not expect them to close within 30 days.

    Good luck.


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  • skynet2500
    07-13 07:53 PM
    Fourth Option seems to be the one that IV is pursuing. All the best to IV core in making this happen.

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  • desi3933
    03-18 12:45 PM
    I just waned to let others knows about that you have to give two weeks notice to your current employer and join the new employer which is not possible according to the new system....

    Why you think that is not possible?

    What do you mean by "new system"?

    If you want to wait until approval, file H-1B premium. If you have skills and its "bonafide job", not much risk for H-1B denial. Note, H-1B visa is not for speculative employment.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • addsf345
    07-01 01:19 PM
    Ron is a very good person and a very competitive attorney. RK's charge was (very high) for main applicant and (still high) extra for each of the dependents. (This was on his website. check with him before you blindly believe me. Murthy never replied to my email, most likely interested only in corp clients I guess.) This was way more than I could have afford. RG charged only (fraction of what RK charges) for entire family and he offers superior service. I am 200% satisfied. I recommended him to many of my close friends for AC-21.

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  • pappu
    08-31 09:17 AM
    if only we knew about this program in advance, we could've called. :mad:
    Yes. Even I did not know it. I was trying to find out if Cspan was showing the hearings in Dallas and found this. I immediately tried calling the lines but they all seemed busy. There were some callers who were criticizing foreign high skilled immigrants and that jobs were being taken away from them and wages were being lowered and they are being allowed to come and stay in the country.

    Lets see how the hearings go in Dallas. FYI IV has tried contacting the speakers in the hearing.


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  • number30
    03-18 10:12 AM
    I also don't think this is true. After you get your 3-year H1B extension beyound the 6-year limit and say your 485 gets denied while you are in 7th year, you can still stay and work for the rest of the 2 years on your H1B and use those 2 years to file for new LC etc.

    Gurus, please advise, with the slew of mistaken 485 denials this is an important point to clarify.

    He will have the H1 status until the expiry date. But only thing he may not be able to transfer H1 if there is no other case is pending.

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  • Honda
    08-19 08:26 PM
    Due to the economic downturn there aren't many companies sponsoring GCs for employees. I doubt it would be more than 20 to 30k per year from now. This leaves 100-110k visas available every year for retrogressed countries like india and china

    if there 300-400k pending GC applications in all categories then shouldn't all of us get our GC in next 3-4 years?

    There is no way to clean every thing with in 3 to 4 years, Why because like EB3 china and India had country limit per year.


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  • jsb
    12-17 02:35 PM
    Thank you very much for valuable answer. I appreciate LazyCIS, pmb76 and sam. Then I will wait till 180 days to go.

    Just to clarify, Do I need to look / take jobs only permanent after 180 days?

    Thank you,

    As other members have advised, until 180 days+, maintain good relationship with your current employer as if you are going to be with them for ever (don't even give an inkling that you might be planning to leave). After 180 days you may leave, but you will have to find a new employer who is willing to hire you on permanent basis upon getting you GC for same/similar job as in the LC. What you do until your GC is approved (contract job with this employer or something else) is a different matter. Those employments can be on EAD, H1, temp/permanent, etc.

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  • thomachan72
    03-01 07:28 AM
    Very interesting. I thought affidavit from the mother or father along with a letter of non-availibility of birth certificate should be Ok.
    Ofcourse the non-availibility is usally given in a piece of paper and not any official letter head. There might / might not even be an official seal in many cases.
    Would be interesting to see what others think about your issue.


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  • andy garcia
    08-24 09:37 AM
    FP notice will come later.

    If you send photos for EAD(paper filed I765) no need to have FP taken.

    Only when you e-file I765, you will get a FP appointment.

    BTW, what purpose do the fingerprints do on an EAD?

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-15 09:40 PM
    Hi to all,

    MY I 485 RD is August 14, 2007, 180 days rule will end on 10 Feb 2008.
    I am planning to use AC21 on Jan 20th itself with three weeks vacation notice to current GC filing employer to go for Contract to Hire job.

    Is it safe to do?

    I do maintain good relationship with current employer.
    But not sure, what will be his reaction after three vacation notice ends and he comes to know I have switched job.

    Also my LC as Programmer Analyst, but the new job would be Database Administrator.
    Is this will be issue?

    Could you advise on these questions?

    Thanks to all.


    ** Sponsor of two IV members to attend DC rally.

    Keep in mind that employer can revoke I-140 before your 180 days are up. If its just a question of a few weeks, why are you taking a chance ?


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  • qplearn
    10-09 11:04 AM

    with AC21, you do not have to do the whole thing again......... that I am sure of!!

    Thanks for responding!!! Kisses (free beer if you are a guy):) :) :)

    I can actually move!!!!

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  • dba9ioracle
    09-19 01:20 PM
    The Process of giving Birthright citizenship is a law called Jus Soli(14th Amendment) which was implemented in 1900's . Numbersusa and others are fighting to change the Jus soli to jus sanguinis which gives citizenship based on the child's parents Status to reduce the "Numbers".India Abolished Jus Soli in 1987 and dosent offer Birthright citizenship. I think going this Route to discuss the possibility to fight for parents naturalisation based on child's status will make us no different from Illegal Immigrants.

    I agree.

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  • hopefulgc
    02-05 11:03 PM
    Take your company attorney & HR guy(al) out for a $250 lunch and first build a rapport with them. Tell them about what you need & do tell them politely that if they care about you as an employee, they need to get on with your immigration process.

    Nothing unethical, illegal or embarrassing about push your point forward.

    There are ppl who will tell you that sth like this would never work. time ot prove me wrong!

    Its your future. Take charge.

    Haha. That is an accurate assessment at a 50-foot level. I was pretty disillusioned after a couple of years of working. A mixture of what the fuck am I doing, but not really knowing what to do, and all confused because I was at probably the biggest firm around and and a feeling of even if I switch, what's the point? And not having the balls to switch jobs, for the fear of throwing away what I had, mixed with personal struggles with life and not having the social life that I wanted.

    In between all this, the desire to get the GC process kicked off came and went, esp. since I wanted to switch positions to a more people oriented role, and the feeling of gosh, do I want to stay in 6+ years in this job - maybe if I file, then I won't want to change jobs.

    As you can see, even I am not sure what was going on there. But my personal life and acclimatizing has sorted itself out rather well of late, and I do want to stay here now that I have a really interesting life (and partly out of fear of throwing everything away and moving somewhere new).

    Now, I know that IV is not a self-help trauma group, so I will cut short my story here, which has little to do with the raw facts of my immigration situation :)

    And yes, I did not participate or know much about the visa process, or IV till recently, and am a recent need based participant, but I hope that does not stop anyone from contributing their ideas to help me out.

    *** Also, to the previous poster (nojoke) who said that big companies usually hold off on perms, are you suggesting that I have a better chance at a smaller company then?

    UPDATE: My company attorney suggested talking about this in April, and I am nervous about waiting till then in limbo - things are only going bad to worse, I might as well find a job at a place which will sponsor a PERM sooner rather than later.

    I request you to PM me if you have any leads for such companies might still be a good bet for filing a PERM.

    uhh..damn immigration process..

    03-08 10:38 AM
    Most employers pretend as if they dont know anything about retro, whereas they have employees in their own company in that situation.
    Lot of people do not know what they are gettng into, a lot of new H1b applicants go look for employers promising Green Card carrots and switch jobs only to find out at a very later stage that they are retrogressed. Same with sub labor, lot of people switch companies as they get sub labor, just to find out later they cannot apply 485 due to retrogression.

    A lot of people still don't know what kind of mess they are in. I tried explaining this to a lot fo people who do not understand, and they never made an attempt to understand, thats the reason why IV still has only several thousands members where those affected by retro is in lacs.

    My only advice to you is "think positive", "put a lot of effort in your skill and job", "stay put with latest news", "Help IV" and be careful with employers or lawyers or body shoppers

    03-24 06:46 AM

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